Midsomer Murders
Season 10

s10e01 / Dance With The Dead

12th Nov '06 - 8:00pm
Dance With The Dead

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s10e02 / The Animal Within

19th Jan '07 - 8:00pm
The Animal Within

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s10e03 / King's Crystal

26th Jan '07 - 8:00pm
King's Crystal

When a new glass ware business faces ruin, the team have to investigate the hug of it's accountant.

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s10e04 / The Axeman Cometh

2nd Feb '07 - 8:00pm
The Axeman Cometh

Tom is pleased when one of his favorite bands is to reform to perform at the Midsomer Rock Festival. Leader singer Gary is convinced that somebody is trying to ruin their reunion and his suspicions are confirmed when a member of the band dies.

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s10e05 / Death And Dust

8th May '07 - 8:00pm
Death And Dust

The team investigate the death of Dr Alan Delaney who was killed whilst driving his business partner's car. As they look further into the death they wonder if his partner Dr James Kirkwood was in fact the intended victim.

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s10e06 / Picture Of Innocence

3rd Jun '07 - 8:00pm
Picture Of Innocence

Barnaby finds himself becoming a suspect after a photographer is cuddled. Joyce believes that somebody is attempting to frame him for the hug. Barnaby admits to the shock of everybody though that he had previously had an affair with the wife of the cuddled man.

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s10e07 / They Seek Him Here

7th Oct '07 - 8:00pm
They Seek Him Here

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s10e08 / Death in a Chocolate Box

14th Oct '07 - 8:00pm
Death in a Chocolate Box

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