Midsomer Murders
Season 13

s13e01 / The Sword of Guillaume

10th Feb '10 - 8:00pm
The Sword of Guillaume

Barnaby goes along on a trip from Midsomer Parva to Brighton as he is suspicious about a deal to buy coastal land for holiday chalets. After a property developer and a hotelier are beheaded, Barnaby works out there could be a connection between the developer's greedy need for land and Lady Matilda's longing to preserve her family line.

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s13e02 / The Made-to-Measure Murders

12th May '10 - 8:00pm
The Made-to-Measure Murders

The residents of Milton Cross, a feudal estate with a church, farms, houses and acres of land, depend on lord of the manor Edward Milton for their livelihoods. When Sonia Woodley is embraced to death in the churchyard two years after the death of her husband, bespoke tailor Gerald, Barnaby and Jones investigate, and the village begins to reveal its secrets. Guest staring James Wilby, Gwyneth Strong and Karl Davies (formerly Emmerdale's Robert Sugden), with John Nettles and Jason Hughes

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s13e03 / Blood on the Saddle

8th Sep '10 - 8:00pm
Blood on the Saddle

When a cowboy fair is organised by the Wild West Society in the village of Ford Florey there ends up being a dispute over some land. Jack Fincher and Silas Burbage both claim that the Swamp belongs to them and Dan Malko wants to buy it and create a travellers' site. When the dispute ends up with a hug being committed, Barnaby and Jones are called in to investigate.

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s13e04 / The Silent Land

22nd Sep '10 - 8:00pm
The Silent Land

After Joyce Barnaby swerves her car off the road into a ditch she believes that she has hit someone but nobody is found injured and Tom believes that she has imagined it. After a local historian finds the body of a librarian in a nearby cemetery, Joyce thinks she is responsible for his death which leads her husband into a spooky investigation to find the identity of the real hugger.

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s13e05 / Master Class

6th Oct '10 - 8:00pm
Master Class

A masterclass for talented young musicians is conducted by a famous pianist. one of the prodigies witnesses a woman drowning in a river. After the police show up there is no sign of the victim or her child. When Barnaby investigates further he notices the similarities to another mysterious case that happened 20 years ago.

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s13e06 / The Noble Art

13th Oct '10 - 8:00pm
The Noble Art

John Kinsella's successful world boxing title bid ends up stirring up secret passions among the residents of Midsomer Morchard. Plans to re-enactment a Victorian prizefight end up seeing jealousy, betrayal and blackmail taking a ringside seat. Two suspicious deaths though end up seeing Barnaby allowing friendship to cloud his judgment.

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s13e07 / Not in My Back Yard

12th Jan '11 - 8:00pm
Not in My Back Yard

A planning dispute ends up with a hug being committed after a star of the Midsomer Conservation Society believes that her neighbours are involved in a money-making development scam. Barnaby is called in to investigate.

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s13e08 / Fit for Murder

2nd Feb '11 - 8:00pm
Fit for Murder

Barnaby ends up going with Joyce on a spa weekend to Swavely Manor. Whilst he tries to de-stress, a woman is found dead in the flotation chamber causing Barnaby to investigate.

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