Modern Family
Season 11

s11e01 / New Kids on the Block

26th Sep '19 - 1:00am
New Kids on the Block

Haley is determined to follow the advice in her parenting books with the twins, but Phil and Claire think their old methods are better. Meanwhile, Manny is set to direct Jay's dog bed commercial in the hopes of winning his ex-girlfriend back.

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s11e02 / Snapped

3rd Oct '19 - 1:00am

Claire needs to get everyone out of the house before they make her look bad in front of a reporter from an important women's business magazine. Jay invites Manny to a little wine tasting in an attempt to spend some quality time together.

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s11e03 / Perfect Pairs

10th Oct '19 - 1:00am
Perfect Pairs

Phil, Claire, Alex and Luke love having the twins around, but taking care of them is exhausting! However, when they realize the babies might help them with a few things on their to-do lists, they offer to give Haley the day off.

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s11e04 / Pool Party

17th Oct '19 - 1:00am
Pool Party

Mitch and Cam help Lily overcome her insecurities about wearing a bathing suit to a pool party but discover their own. Meanwhile, now that Gloria's new internship is taking up so much of her time, Jay is feeling particularly neglected.

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s11e05 / The Last Halloween

31st Oct '19 - 1:00am
The Last Halloween

Phil is determined to finally scare Claire on Halloween. Meanwhile, for the first time, Gloria is feeling self-conscious about her age when someone correctly assumes she is Jay's wife; and Mitch and Cam head to the WeHo Halloween Carnival after Lily decides to go to her first Halloween party alone.

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s11e06 / A Game of Chicken

7th Nov '19 - 2:00am
A Game of Chicken

Gloria is using her alone time with the twins as an opportunity to secretly baptize them before Haley and Dylan get home. Claire is still dealing with the fallout from the smart closet fiasco. Cam is at war with his school's mascot who is threatening his chance at securing a new college coaching job.

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s11e07 / The Last Thanksgiving

21st Nov '19 - 2:00am
The Last Thanksgiving

Cameron and Mitchell's friends mistakenly assume they have split up and have definitely chosen a side. Haley attempts to cook Thanksgiving dinner as a thank you for Claire and Phil's support with the twins. Jay invites Phil and Dylan out to fly his model plane, and Phil thinks this is his chance to reclaim his dignity after their first outing 10 years ago went so wrong.

s11e08 / Tree's a Crowd

5th Dec '19 - 2:00am

s11e09 / The Last Christmas

12th Dec '19 - 2:00am
The Last Christmas

Cameron is hoping to keep everyone happy for their annual Christmas dinner as he hides and prepares for his big interview for a head coaching position out-of-state. Meanwhile, Haley is excited to be finally be reunited with wine and Mitchell is suspicious of Cam's holiday trip to visit his family in Missouri.

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