Mr. Mayor
Season 2

s02e00 / Mr. Mayor's Magical L.A. Christmas

16th Dec '21 - 1:00am
Mr. Mayor's Magical L.A. Christmas

Neil serves his love of gift-giving by forcing his disgruntled staff to work on "L.A. Christmas Eve" as they wait for his "perfect gift" to arrive.

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s02e01 / Move Fast and Break Things

16th Mar '22 - 12:00am
Move Fast and Break Things

Neil is excited to work with his new Innovation Team but gets sidetracked when he has to take Orly (and Arpi) to the DMV for her permit test. Tommy and Mikaela become increasingly concerned about the I-Team's new presence and fight to keep Jayden off the chopping block.

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s02e02 / Mayor Daddy

23rd Mar '22 - 12:00am
Mayor Daddy

Mikaela learns that her award for flattening the homelessness curve is based on a lie, and, with James and Arpi's help, grows determined to make a change for real. Neil realizes that his excitement about the I-Team has caused his original staff to act out like children, so he attempts to appease them.

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s02e03 / Trampage

30th Mar '22 - 12:00am

In the midst of a heat wave, Neil has a fling with Angelica, a prominent commercial actress. Tommy accidentally ruins the joy of Arpi's scratch-off lottery habit, but helps her by revealing a secret hobby of his own.

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s02e04 / The Illusion of Choice

6th Apr '22 - 12:00am
The Illusion of Choice

Mikaela and Tommy help Jayden transform into a Scorpio after he learns that his dream apartment has astrological sign requirements. Neil's attempt to raise mayoral awareness takes a turn when James nudges him to put his face on trash cans all over the city.

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s02e05 / Sister Cities

13th Apr '22 - 12:00am
Sister Cities

Neil can't wait to show off his deal-making skills with the visiting mayors of L.A'.s sister cities, but chaos ensues when he mistakes a group of film extras for the real mayors. Mikaela, with Arpi's encouragement, decides to finally ask out James.

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s02e06 / Venus on the Moon

20th Apr '22 - 12:00am
Venus on the Moon

Neil is forced to burst Orly's bubble about her "perfect mother". Arpi uses the office's high school interns to help get a bill passed. A freshly rejected Mikaela tries to prove that she has plenty of time in her life for things besides work.

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s02e07 / Murder in the Old West

27th Apr '22 - 12:00am
Murder in the Old West

Jayden hosts a Western-themed hug mystery party where Mikaela tries to figure out what's going on between her and James. Arpi and Neil clash over how to spend the city's newly acquired budget surplus.

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s02e08 / Titi B.

4th May '22 - 12:00am
Titi B.

Neil accidentally angers mega-influencer Titi B. and must apologize or deal with the wrath of her followers. Jayden coaches Arpi on how to be less abrasive at personal appearances.

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s02e09 / The Recall

11th May '22 - 12:00am
The Recall

Tensions rise as Titi B'.s petition to recall Mayor Bremer gains traction. Jayden panics over having to side with Arpi against Neil. Mikaela and James' first kiss leaves something to be desired.

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s02e10 / The Debate

18th May '22 - 12:00am
The Debate

Arpi and Neil square off in the televised mayoral recall debate. James reveals information that may change the course of his and Mikaela's relationship.

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