Season 13

s13e01 / Star Wars: Revenge of the Myth

5th Jan '14 - 1:00am
Star Wars: Revenge of the Myth

In this Star Wars special, the MythBusters test if Luke really could swing himself and Leia across a chasm with only his belt-rigged grappling hook, could an Ewok log swing crush an Imperial "Chicken Walker", and could Luke survive in a tauntaun's belly?.

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s13e02 / Moonshiner Myths

12th Jan '14 - 1:00am
Moonshiner Myths

In this moonshiner-inspired episode, the MythBusters find out if an exploding still really could blow your house down and if you really could use hooch to fuel an unmodified car on a "moonshine run".

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s13e03 / Hollywood Car Crash Cliches

19th Jan '14 - 1:00am
Hollywood Car Crash Cliches

It's wall-to-wall automotive mayhem, as the MythBusters drive through glass, plough through traffic, and fire an RPG at an SUV to take aim at classic Hollywood crash clich├ęs.

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s13e04 / Car Chase Chaos / Animal Antics

26th Jan '14 - 1:00am
Car Chase Chaos / Animal Antics

The MythBusters test car chase cliches: Can you really share driving, change places, or dump the driver while moving at speed? Also, from the message boards, the team tests some fan-suggested deterrents for driving away cats, bears, and snakes?.

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s13e05 / Do Try This At Home

2nd Feb '14 - 1:00am
Do Try This At Home

After more than 10 years of testing impossible, dangerous and downright crazy myths that you shouldn't or couldn't try at home, the MythBusters investigate a host of myths that maybe you can!.

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s13e06 / Mythssion Impossible

16th Feb '14 - 1:00am
Mythssion Impossible

The MythBusters test three impossible idioms: Can you herd cats? Can you catch a greased pig? And, most importantly, can you cram 10 pounds of poop into a 5-pound bag?

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s13e07 / Bullet Baloney

23rd Feb '14 - 1:00am
Bullet Baloney

The team joins forces and takes aim at a whole host of gun myths as suggested by fans, firearms officers and more.

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s13e08 / Supersonic Ping Pong; Ice Cannon

2nd Mar '14 - 1:00am
Supersonic Ping Pong; Ice Cannon

Kari, Grant, Tory, Adam and Jamie look back at some of their favorite explosions from the series.

1984 have watched this episode
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