Season 2

s02e01 / Ancient Death Ray, Skunk Cleaning, What Is Bulletproof?

30th Sep '04 - 1:00am
Ancient Death Ray, Skunk Cleaning, What Is Bulletproof?

Did the ancient Greek scientist Archimedes destroy a Roman fleet by building a heat ray that used only mirrors and sunlight? What is the best way of getting rid of a Skunk's odor? Can a bullet proofshield really stop a bullet?

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s02e02 / Elevator of Death, Levitation Machine

7th Oct '04 - 1:00am
Elevator of Death, Levitation Machine

If you are in an elevator when it falls, can you save yourself by jumping up just before it hits the bottom? Is it possible to create a home-made levitation machine from a leafblower?

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s02e03 / Beat the Radar Detector

14th Oct '04 - 1:00am
Beat the Radar Detector

Did a construction worker survive a fall off a building by holding plywood? Can you beat the radar gun using different materials on your car LEGALLY?

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s02e04 / Quicksand, Bathtub Electrocution, MRI Rays and Tattoos

21st Oct '04 - 1:00am
Quicksand, Bathtub Electrocution, MRI Rays and Tattoos

Can quicksand really pull you under? Is it really possible to hug someone by dropping an electrical appliance into a bathtub? Can an MRI explode a tattoo that has traces of metal within it?

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s02e05 / Pingpong Rescue

4th Nov '04 - 2:00am
Pingpong Rescue

Can a sunken ship be lifted from the ocean floor using only ping-pong balls? How many balloons does it take to lift a three-year-old off the ground.

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s02e06 / Boom-Lift Catapult

11th Nov '04 - 2:00am
Boom-Lift Catapult

Buster lends a hand as the MythBusters explore the myth of the boom-lift catapult. Will Buster overcome the raw power of a 30,000-pound piece of machinery, or will the boom-lift turn into the ultimate medieval catapult? Then, worried about the price of gas? Tune in to Jamie and Adam's investigation into the most fuel-efficient way to keep cool in the car: turning on the air conditioning or opening the windows.

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s02e07 / Exploding House

17th Nov '04 - 2:00am
Exploding House

Just how hard is it to find a needle in a haystack? Can you really blow up a house through misusing a bug bomb? Does talking to your plants actually help?

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s02e08 / Exploding Jawbreaker

19th Nov '04 - 2:00am
Exploding Jawbreaker

Is it possible to throw a regular playing card fast enough to inflict bodily harm? Jamie and Adam put the "hugger card" myth under the microscope, then look into whether a heated jawbreaker can explode in your mouth. Finally, the guys invent their own static cannon to learn if an unfortunate construction worker really died from sandblasting a PVC pipe on the job.

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s02e09 / Ming Dynasty Astronaut

6th Dec '04 - 2:00am
Ming Dynasty Astronaut

Buster makes the ultimate sacrifice as he's chosen to test the myth of a Ming Dynasty astronomer who strapped rockets to his chair in a bid to launch into space. Then, Adam and Jamie try to corner the energy market as they test out various free energy devices. And finally, the build team nearly lose their lunch testing out whether or not a common household ceiling fan really is a heads-up death trap.

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