Naked and Afraid
Season 11

s11e01 / Alone: Man Up or Bow Out

6th Jan '20 - 1:00am
Alone: Man Up or Bow Out Summary

Trying to survive 21 days completely solo, All-Star survivalist Luke McLaughlin takes on the dangerous badlands of South Africa. Stalked by ferocious lions and hyenas, Luke must get ahug if he has a chance to finish the challenge.

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s11e02 / Alone: Gary of the Jungle

13th Jan '20 - 1:00am
Alone: Gary of the Jungle Summary

All-star survivalist and wildcard Gary Golding takes on a jungle for the first time completely alone in Belize. Without a partner, Gary forms a bond with a turtle he names Timmy but a deep cut and dangerous infection threaten Gary's challenge.

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s11e03 / Alone: Hunted and Haunted

20th Jan '20 - 1:00am
Alone: Hunted and Haunted Summary

Immediately circled by lions and hyenas, all-star survivalist Lacey Jones is isolated, vulnerable and sleep-deprived as she takes on the African bush; completely alone, Lacey is pushed to a breaking point where madness awaits on the other side.

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s11e04 / Alone: Blazed and Confused

27th Jan '20 - 1:00am
Alone: Blazed and Confused Summary

Desperate for ahug on the African savannah, all-star survivalist Ryan Holt risks his safety to get in position for a better shot; a fire in his shelter could take Ryan out of the challenge.

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s11e05 / Alone: Max Pushed to the Max

10th Feb '20 - 1:00am
Alone: Max Pushed to the Max Summary

Constantly on the run to avoid territorial rhinos, elephants and lions, survivalist Max takes on the punishing African savannah; Max gets ahug, but it puts his challenge at greater risk; predators close in to take his hard-earned win.

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s11e06 / Alone: Lonely Like the Wolf

17th Feb '20 - 1:00am
Alone: Lonely Like the Wolf Summary

In the frigid Bulgarian mountains, packs of wolves and territorial boars, stalk all-star survivalist EJ Snyder; without a partner to protect him and struggling to make fire, EJ becomes a target for the deadly predators.

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s11e07 / Twinning

24th Feb '20 - 1:00am
Twinning Summary

In an unprecedented Naked and Afraid challenge, identical twin sisters Amber and Serena, as well as brothers Warren and Thomas, are dropped in the African savannah. They take on rhinos, hyenas and a territorial leopard stalking their camp.

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s11e08 / Survive or Ky Tryin

24th Feb '20 - 2:00am
Survive or Ky Tryin Summary

The Amazon rainforest pushed All-star survivalist Ky to the edge with swarms of mosquitos, blood-thirsty piranhas, and aggressive pumas. Hunger and desperation lead to a risky night hunt in caiman-filled waters.

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s11e09 / Little Person, Big Challenge

2nd Mar '20 - 1:00am
Little Person, Big Challenge Summary

Underestimated his whole life, a survivalist with dwarfism tries to prove himself in the Amazon but struggles against predators and his partner.

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s11e10 / Fan Edition: Daren and Morgan

2nd Mar '20 - 2:00am
Fan Edition: Daren and Morgan Summary

Superfans Daren and Morgan must survive 14 days in Andros Island, in the Bahamas.

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s11e11 / Alone: Bugging Out

2nd Mar '20 - 1:00am
Alone: Bugging Out Summary

In the darkness of the Belize jungle, all-star survivalist Kim Kelly is hammered by torrential downpours, relentless ticks, and terrifying howler monkeys; Kim quickly spirals into sleep deprivation which puts her at risk in the unrelenting jungle.

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s11e12 / Two Tarzans, One Jane

9th Mar '20 - 12:00am
Two Tarzans, One Jane Summary

When a third survivalist is added to the mix, romantic complications make surviving the Colombian jungle's poisonous dart frogs and deadly jaguars much more complicated. Feeling left out, a survivalist's emotional breakdown puts his challenge at risk.

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s11e13 / Naked and Ghosted

16th Mar '20 - 12:00am
Naked and Ghosted Summary

In a brutal Mexican jungle known to be haunted by Mayan spirits, All-star survivalists Sarah and Trent are tormented by rain, predators and spirits of the rainforest.

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s11e14 / Close Encounters

16th Mar '20 - 1:00am
Close Encounters Summary

Two strangers are dropped in one of the most dangerous African locations in the dead heat of Summer. Faced with aggressive hippos and charging elephants they quickly learn their place, but must mark their territory if they want to make it 21 Days.

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s11e15 / In Too Deep

23rd Mar '20 - 12:00am
In Too Deep Summary

On the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, an Army veteran dive master and a Cajun boat captain take on relentless thunderstorms and battle dehydration as they try navigate more than 20 miles of open ocean in the ultimate test of sink or swim.

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s11e16 / Double Down in the Jungle

30th Mar '20 - 12:00am
Double Down in the Jungle Summary

Two survivalists gets frustrated while trying to navigate the flooded jungles of Belize; the man-and-woman team faces a maze of poisonous snakes and rabid bat infested caves, all in the name of conquering their fears.

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s11e17 / Trying To Deal With The Devil

30th Mar '20 - 1:00am
Trying To Deal With The Devil Summary

Deep in Mexico's Baja desert lies the scorching wasteland of the Devil's Canyon. A Canadian mountain man teams up with an experienced homesteader to take on the canyon's triple-digit heat, scarce water, and venomous predators

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s11e18 / Biting Back at Africa

6th Apr '20 - 12:00am
Biting Back at Africa Summary

In a unique four-person challenge, a lion attack survivor returns to Africa to face her fears. Surrounded by lions, crocodiles and cape buffalo, the tribe of four struggles against constant threats and each other as they try to survive in ahug zone

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s11e19 / Shaken and Very Stirred

13th Apr '20 - 12:00am
Shaken and Very Stirred Summary

A powerful earthquake in the Philippine jungle rattles a thrill-seeking chef and a competitive hockey mom, but the territorial monkeys, rainstorms, lack of food, and dehydration lead to a disastrous face-first fall.

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s11e20 / Amazoned Out

13th Apr '20 - 12:00am
Amazoned Out Summary

Superfans Molly and Nate are dropped deep in the Amazon rainforest, a place that's taken down the best of the best; they lean on lessons learned from their couches to push through torrential rain, relentless bugs, and extreme sleep deprivation.

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s11e21 / Ring of Fire

20th Apr '20 - 12:00am
Ring of Fire Summary

In the frigid mountains of Bulgaria, wolves circle a successful fan survivalist trying to conquer the 21-day challenge. Large fires are their defense against predators and hypothermia until the flames fan out of control and become the biggest threat.

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s11e22 / 21 Miles, 21 Days

27th Apr '20 - 12:00am
21 Miles, 21 Days Summary

In a lethal African hunting ground, a biker chick and a taxidermist have to stay on the move to survive. The pair must push across 21 miles of savannah to find food and water while avoiding a pride of lions that's tracking them every step of the way.

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s11e23 / Honeymoon From Hell

4th May '20 - 12:00am
Honeymoon From Hell Summary

A married couple goes from watching the challenge from their couch in Idaho to taking it on in the perilous Philippine jungle. Torrential rain, relentless bugs and deadly boars put their survival skills - and their marriage to the ultimate test.

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s11e24 / Don't Cave In

11th May '20 - 12:00am
Don't Cave In Summary

In the relentless Colombian jungle, a mom and National Guard vet teams with a firefighter. Violent storms and hypothermic conditions force them to huddle in bat-infested caves. A special bond develops between a survivalist and a wild monkey.

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s11e25 / Snow Daze

18th May '20 - 12:00am
Snow Daze Summary

In the frozen American Rockies, snow storms and freezing temperatures force the survivalists to make risky choices with their fire and food sources. An out of control blaze and toxic mushrooms put their challenge and safety at risk.

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