Naked and Afraid
Season 13

s13e01 / Baskets and Bullet Ants

2nd Aug '21 - 12:00am
Baskets and Bullet Ants Summary

All-stars Fernando and Dani land in a forbidding rainforest in Ecuador for their third challenge where jaguars, caimen, anacondas and bullet ants are on the prowl. But their divergent approaches to primitive survival might do them in first.

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s13e02 / Two is a Crowd

9th Aug '21 - 12:00am
Two is a Crowd Summary

Lynsey, a survivalist who thrives in partnerships, finds herself at odds with her partner Darvil, whose lone-wolf tendencies become destructive in the grueling landscape of Lapalala, South Africa.

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s13e03 / The Death Ledge

16th Aug '21 - 12:00am
The Death Ledge Summary

Three young survivalists test their skills in the coastal rainforest of Ecuador, where they risk their lives scaling a massive rock cliff to forage for food.

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s13e04 / USA vs. World

23rd Aug '21 - 12:00am
USA vs. World Summary

Southern good ol' boy Justin and a California hippie named Dani test their survival skills.

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s13e05 / Gag Me with a Turtle

30th Aug '21 - 12:00am
Gag Me with a Turtle Summary

Two fan survivalists are in over their head in brutal South Africa.

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s13e06 / Buffalo Bait

6th Sep '21 - 12:00am
Buffalo Bait Summary

Two fans face a challenge surrounded by herds of territorial cape buffalo.

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