Season 1

s01e01 / Let's Do This Thing

19th Jun '21 - 12:00am
Let's Do This Thing

Sheila discovers aerobics as a new outlet for her body anxiety. Danny, her husband, pursues a calling in politics after bad news about his job.

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s01e02 / Let's Get Political

19th Jun '21 - 1:00am
Let's Get Political

Desperate for more aerobics, Sheila struggles to get back to Bunny's studio while also helping Danny lock down a much-needed endorsement.

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s01e03 / Let's Get Down to Business

19th Jun '21 - 2:00am
Let's Get Down to Business

Debt mounting, Sheila decides to teach a class-but is tasked with recruiting new students. Danny hunts for enough signatures to get on the ballot.

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s01e04 / Let's Get This Party Started

26th Jun '21 - 12:00am
Let's Get This Party Started

Danny hires a campaign manager from their past who causes friction with Sheila. Greta opens up about a nagging suspicion in her marriage.

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s01e05 / Let's Agree to Disagree

3rd Jul '21 - 12:00am
Let's Agree to Disagree

Sheila teams up with Tyler to show her newfound vision-and unearths a disturbing secret. Danny participates in a debate and Bunny has a visitor.

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s01e06 / Let's Get It on Tape

10th Jul '21 - 12:00am
Let's Get It on Tape

Sheila films two videos-one for aerobics and one for Danny's campaign-plunging herself deeper into debt and deception.

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s01e07 / Let's Take This Show on the Road

17th Jul '21 - 12:00am
Let's Take This Show on the Road

The Rubins head to Los Angeles, where they visit the Logans in hopes of fundraising at a party. Breem's demons surface.

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s01e08 / Let's Not and Say We Did

24th Jul '21 - 12:00am
Let's Not and Say We Did

In need of money, Sheila pays an unexpected visit to her parents-and her past. Greta finally confronts Ernie.

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s01e09 / Let's Face the Facts

31st Jul '21 - 12:00am
Let's Face the Facts

Sheila is determined to put aerobics behind her but finds the pull too strong. Tyler contends with an unexpected health condition.

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s01e10 / Let's Get Together

7th Aug '21 - 12:00am
Let's Get Together

With election day looming, Sheila entertains an intriguing proposition. Bunny's finances and Tyler's health come to a head. Season finale.

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