West's Ford Fairlane Summary

Ride Owner: West. 19 Year Old Male.

Owner's Ride: 1963 Ford Fairlane.

Owner's New Ride: 2005 Toyota 4runner.
West's 41-year-old ride is over twice his age, but no one is sure how much longer this Ford Fairlane is going to ride on. With nothing but tape holding it together in places, West may have to begin to look for a new whip, unless the guys at West Coast Customs get on the job, and quick.
When Xzibit rolls on into the garage with the Fairlane, the boys can't believe their eyes. This ride is definitely a classic, but not exactly practical for a 19-year-old guy about to start college. Seeing that West wants to go to college to become a mechanic, the WCC guys decide to leave the Fairlane just as it is for him to one day fix up himself with his future mechanic skills.
West still needs a ride though, and no one leaves West Coast Customs without a smile on their face, and an ultra-hot ride. X gets on the horn, and before we can say "pimped out ride," a brand new, 2005 Toyota 4Runner pulls into the garage. Now the WCC boys have something they can work with. Xzibit is about to pimp his new ride.
Additions & Improvements:

-Paint, 2 Tone, silver on the bottom, factory black on top with green flame graphics done by Steve Van Demon

-22" chrome rims

-Drivesoft 2.0 includes GPS, video player, mp3 player, in car camera, internet, and 13,000 preset stations from all over the country

-KVH TracVision A5 mobile satellite system with DIRECTV

-2 15" Directed flip down monitors

-Black leather with green inserts with flames

-Flames on the headliner

-10" monitor under the car facing down for viewing how to videos

-Anti theft system, security camera takes a picture every 10 seconds when someone tries to steal the truck

-Auto motive diagnostic tool

-Precision power woofers and 10" monitor in clear plexiglas box in the back

-Complete set of mac tools in tool draw that slides right out the back of the vehicle

-Gift from X, brand new sony vaio laptop
West has officially been pimped.
Final Look

-Norrin Radd

Episode Viewers and Ratings

Season 2 Episode 8 of Pimp My Ride resulted in a 0.00 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

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Pimp My Ride Show Summary

With the help of celebrity car enthusiast, Xzibit, and world famous aftermarket shop West Coast Customs, who has pimped out cars for Shaquille O'Neal, 50 Cent and Ludacris. Now using the customisation skills of Gas, Pimp My Ride takes a fan whose car is in serious need of an automotive makeover and transforms their bucket into a masterpiece. From custom rims and paint, to plush interiors and lowered suspensions, to the latest in lighting, car audio and video accessories - one lucky fan is getting hooked up!

The pimping begins when hip-hop impresario and host, Xzibit, pays a surprise visit to a fan and takes the viewer on an amusing tour of the fan's "diamond in the rough", pointing out some of the "problem areas". Then, it's off to Galpin Auto Sports (GAS), where the team strips the bad from the good and pimps their ride. In a matter of days, the pimping is complete and the new ride will be officially unveiled!

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