Playing for Keeps
Season 1

s01e01 / Season 1, Episode 1

19th Sep '18 - 12:30pm
Season 1, Episode 1

Teacher Paige Dunkeley moves to Melbourne to be with her boyfriend Daniel Fletcher, a footballer and the newest member of the Southern Jets Football Club. At a barbecue for the team, Paige meets the wives and girlfriends of the players; Kath, Tahlia, Maddy and Jessie. After a poor start to the pre-season, the team's coach, Brian Rickards announces that the players are returning to training camp the following day. Tahlia and the team's captain Connor Marrello also announce their engagement, while Kath and Brian later go into the city to continue their respective affairs. During a team bonding exercise at the camp, Jessie's husband Jack Davies dies while kayaking.

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s01e02 / Season 1, Episode 2

26th Sep '18 - 12:30pm
Season 1, Episode 2

Jack's funeral is held. Brian tells Kath that Jack's head injury was unlikely to have occurred from falling out of the kayak. Paige recalls seeing Jessie and Rusty having an intimate talk at the barbecue. Paige starts her first day teaching at the school. Tahlia confronts Connor after learning he is adopted, while Travis tells Maddy that he has signed on to play for another year. The Southern Jets win their first game, thanks to Daniel kicking the winning goal. Daniel later admits to Paige that Jack was alive after falling out of the kayak, but Connor told him to move on, leaving Jack and Rusty alone together.

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s01e03 / Season 1, Episode 3

3rd Oct '18 - 12:30pm
Season 1, Episode 3

Rusty breaks up with his girlfriend Karlie, who gets drunk and tells Paige that Rusty and Jessie were having an affair. Karlie posts about the break up on social media, prompting Kath to ask Paige to speak with her. Paige is later blamed when someone talks to the press about Jessie and Rusty's suspected affair. Maddy learns Jessie is pregnant, while Tahlia clashes with Connor's mother, Diane. Kath ends her affair with her escort, and she later has sex with Connor. Rusty is called to speak at the inquest into Jack's death. He tells the coroner that he and Jack had an argument, before Jack fell out of the kayak. Rusty lies that no one else was there.

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s01e04 / Season 1, Episode 4

10th Oct '18 - 12:30pm
Season 1, Episode 4

After Lauren tells Brian that Rusty knows about their relationship, he ends it and decides to close his and Kath's open marriage. But Kath has sex with Connor again. Jessie learns that Karlie told the press about her supposed affair with Rusty, leading to the women coming together to apologise to Paige, who invites them and Lauren for a girls night out. Meanwhile, Rusty and Travis have a fight in the changing room, and Jack's death is ruled an accident. Travis later reveals to Maddy that he gave Jack Xanex, which he took before he died. Jessie meets with her boyfriend Nate, while Rusty contacts journalist Neil Murray to inform him that he is not having an affair with Jessie because he is gay.

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s01e05 / Season 1, Episode 5

17th Oct '18 - 12:30pm
Season 1, Episode 5

Tahlia encourages Paige to make some extra money by setting up a social media brand. Paige is later fired for filming one of her students without permission at a bar the previous night, while Connor refuses to take part in the shoot for Tahlia's new men's fragrance. Nate asks Jessie to move to Queensland to be with him. Brian and Connor express their support for Rusty at a press conference, but Andrew makes an insensitive joke and later tells Rusty that he would not be playing if it was up to him. Meanwhile, Paige makes a supportive social media post which goes viral, but it leads to a fight with Daniel. Maddy and Travis lose their nanny, after she tells them she has fallen in love.

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s01e06 / Season 1, Episode 6

24th Oct '18 - 12:30pm
Season 1, Episode 6

Paige cannot find work, so her colleague Brody offers to speak to their boss on her behalf. Paige also meets up with one of her social media followers, who she thinks is trolling her, which leads to an argument with Daniel about their careers. Tahlia plans an elaborate engagement party and Connor tells her about his affair with Kath. Tahlia forces him to marry her during the party, and she ends her friendship with Kath. Meanwhile, Maddy and Travis struggle to find time to have sex, and they lose another nanny after he walks in on Travis masturbating. A paparazzo threatens to reveal Jessie's pregnancy to the press. Jessie invites Nate to the engagement party, but he is not ready to make their relationship public, so she goes alone. Rusty admits to Kath that he and Jack were in love.

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s01e07 / Season 1, Episode 7

31st Oct '18 - 12:30pm
Season 1, Episode 7

Tahlia and Connor attend counselling, but later realise their relationship is over. Andrew plans to start a foundation in Jack's name to benefit Jessie and the baby. He also employs Maddy in his divorce, and the women soon learn that he is dating Karlie. Travis passes a fitness test following an injury, but Brian tells him that there is no room for him on the team. Paige goes to a recruitment meeting, and Daniel invites Toni and Brody to the president's lunch for her. Jessie meets with Nate, who is reluctant to let everyone know that he is the baby's father. She later learns she is having a daughter. Tahlia tells Brian about Kath and Connor's affair, while Rusty tells Travis about his relationship with Jack.

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s01e08 / Season 1, Episode 8

7th Nov '18 - 12:30pm
Season 1, Episode 8

Paige stays with Tahlia following the break up. She turns down a job offer from Toni, and tells Daniel that she is going to go back home. Brian confronts Connor about the affair with Kath. While their teenage daughter Ella comes home and reveals she is getting married. Maddy sees Joanna and learns that she actually quit because she felt uncomfortable hearing Maddy and Travis having sex. Tahlia meets with Connor's mother to discuss their separation, and she goes ahead with her fragrance launch. Connor tells Jessie about leaving Jack in the water the day he died. Jessie, Maddy and Kath think Andrew had something to do with Jack's death, as he was against his relationship with Rusty. However, Brian explains that he pushed Jack during a fight, causing him to hit his head on a rock. He then walked away and Jack died. Andrew resigns from the club. Daniel and Paige say goodbye at the train station.

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