Season 2

s02e01 / Running with the Bull

20th Jun '14 - 1:00am
Running with the Bull

Daniel's family fears he won't recover from his injuries and his attackers will escape justice. Judy Dean shows Bobby some unexpected affection. Ted, Jr. hides a shameful secret from his wife. Sheriff Daggett investigates Daniel's beating.

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s02e02 / Sleeping Giants

27th Jun '14 - 1:00am
Sleeping Giants

Amantha dreads the worst as she prepares for Daniel to awaken from his induced coma. Teddy's business plans are thwarted by his dad, and he gets some unwelcome news from Tawney. Jared learns more about his older brother and the late Hanna Dean.

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s02e03 / Charlie Darwin

4th Jul '14 - 1:00am
Charlie Darwin

Still recovering from his injuries, Daniel makes a startling decision. Amantha is outraged by Daniel's choice and hurt when Janet takes his side.Teddy asks Janet for help and ends up forced into an awkward situation with Tawney. Bobby Dean has an unexpected conversation with Sheriff Daggett. Jon Stern gains a valuable, but disturbing insight into a client's case and Daniel bends a few rules.

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s02e04 / Donald the Normal

11th Jul '14 - 1:00am
Donald the Normal

A recovered Daniel embarks on a day trip to explore Atlanta and enjoy a taste of big-city anonymity, but even in a crowd, Daniel draws attention. He returns to Paulie, troubled by the way his past follows him. Taking her mother's advice, Amantha begins packing up her apartment, in anticipation of moving back to Atlanta. On a quest for moving supplies, Amantha confronts the depressing realities of a small town and realizes that she needs more in her life than just her brother's legal troubles. Tawney and Ted, Jr. enjoy a fun and somewhat boozy afternoon entertaining their friends Kent and Joon Benny. After their guests leave, Teddy tries to reconnect with his wife, only to be pushed away by a frustrated and overwhelmed Tawney. Stung and humiliated, Ted, Jr. seeks understanding from an unexpected quarter.

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s02e05 / Act as If

18th Jul '14 - 1:00am
Act as If

Daniel meets Lezley, an unusual local entrepreneur who makes Daniel an unlikely offer. Amantha struggles to adapt to a challenging new environment. Ted, Jr. bonds with Tawney, only to learn she's made a surprising decision. Ted, Sr'.s patience is tested as he copes with the aftermath of Daniel's disastrous new project, but when he tries to address the situation, Janet curtly shoots him down. Daniel explores a little-known side of Paulie while Amantha reconnects with Jon Stern.

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s02e06 / Mazel Tov

25th Jul '14 - 1:00am
Mazel Tov

Daniel disappears on an unusual errand; Janet's family surprises her some unexpected birthday gifts.

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s02e07 / Weird As You

1st Aug '14 - 1:00am
Weird As You

Daniel continues to seek answers. Stern meets with the DA. Sen. Foulkes undertakes a disreputable task, and Amantha and a coworker bond.

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s02e08 / The Great Destroyer

8th Aug '14 - 1:00am
The Great Destroyer

Daniel reluctantly asks for help; startling news leads to a heated debate in the Talbot house.

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s02e09 / Until You're Blue

15th Aug '14 - 1:00am
Until You're Blue

Amantha lets off some steam; Ted, Jr. becomes frustrated; Daniel must make a difficult decision.

1816 have watched this episode

s02e10 / Unhinged

22nd Aug '14 - 1:00am

Daniel has concerns about Jon Stern's advice; Tawney reconsiders her choices; Ted, Jr. asks a favor.

1803 have watched this episode
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