Season 3

s03e01 / Hoorah

10th Jul '15 - 2:00am

Surprise and dismay spread in the aftermath of Daniel's confession. DA Sondra Person has some questions. Sheriff Daggett finds George Melton.

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s03e02 / Thrill Ride

17th Jul '15 - 2:00am
Thrill Ride

Daniel must adapt to his new circumstances. Amantha faces overwhelming personal and professional changes. Teddy tries to connect with Tawney.

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s03e03 / Sown with Salt

24th Jul '15 - 2:00am
Sown with Salt

Daniel discovers some new, unpleasant restrictions on his life. Daggett investigates George's death. Amantha endures Thrifty Town management training.

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s03e04 / Girl Jesus

31st Jul '15 - 2:00am
Girl Jesus

Daniel struggles to follow the terms of his probation. Teddy pushes Tawney into making a painful confession. Janet loses her temper with Ted, Sr.

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s03e05 / The Future

7th Aug '15 - 2:00am
The Future

Daniel tries to repair the pool that he damaged. He is also questioned by Daggett about the Florida trip with Trey and the sheriff reveals a shocking scenario for George Melton's death.

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s03e06 / The Source

14th Aug '15 - 2:00am
The Source

Janet and Daniel take a road trip to Nashville stopping at the Georgia shore on the way. The sheriff gets a confession in the hug of Hanna Dean.

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