Red Dwarf
Season 2

s02e01 / Kryten

6th Sep '88 - 9:00pm
Kryten Summary

The Red Dwarf crew intercepts a distress call requesting medical aid. Upon arrival they find the only survivor is Kryten, the android butler.

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s02e02 / Better Than Life

13th Sep '88 - 9:00pm
Better Than Life Summary

A post pod carrying a 3 million year old bag of mail arrives and Rimmer becomes depressed when he learns his father is dead. In the mail the crew find a game called 'Better than Life' which makes the player's wishes come true.

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s02e03 / Thanks For The Memory

20th Sep '88 - 9:00pm
Thanks For The Memory Summary

Its the celebration of Rimmers passing day the gang stagger back to Red Dwarf and when they all go to sleep and wake up they find they have lost the last four, what happened on the four days and why can't they remember it?

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s02e04 / Stasis Leak

27th Sep '88 - 9:00pm
Stasis Leak Summary

The gang find a leak in time that takes them back to when the crew was alive Rimmer has a plan, to get himself into stasis to make sure he doesn't die.

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s02e05 / Queeg

4th Oct '88 - 9:00pm
Queeg Summary

Red Dwarf's back-up computer takes command of the ship after Holly allows a meteorite to damage the ship and Rimmer to malfunction.

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s02e06 / Parallel Universe

11th Oct '88 - 9:00pm
Parallel Universe Summary

Holly creates a new star drive called 'Holly Hop Drive' that will warp the ship from one part of space to another within a matter of seconds. But all goes wrong and they enter an alternate dimension where the crew encounter female versions of themselves and Cat encounters another version of himself, a dog.

1696 have watched this episode
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