Red Dwarf
Season 9

s09e01 / Back to Earth (1)

10th Apr '09 - 9:00pm
Back to Earth (1) Summary

Kochanski is gone, Holly is on the fritz, a bath's been running for nine years, and Lister's busy day of annoying Rimmer is interrupted by a monstrous attack, it's pretty much business as usual - until a shock development throws Rimmer, Lister, Cat and Kryten back to planet Earth.

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s09e02 / Back to Earth (2)

11th Apr '09 - 9:00pm
Back to Earth (2) Summary

The shock revelation their dimension is invalid catapults the entire Red Dwarf crew to present day Earth, where they find they are little more than fictional characters from a world renowned television series. With their passings immanent, The 'Dwarfers" enlist the aid of fanboys, coustume designers, and their own actors to track down their creator...

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s09e03 / Back to Earth (3)

12th Apr '09 - 9:00pm
Back to Earth (3) Summary

The 'Dwarfers travel to the home of their creator, where they are given the grim details of their immenent passings. Faced with a final choice, Lister does the unthinkable... and gets away with it, prompting Lister to think even more dangerously than usual . As all is finally revealed, a final, lingering need for absolution threatens to separate the 'Dwarfers from Lister forever...

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s09e04 / Red Dwarf Unplugged

13th Apr '09 - 9:00pm
Red Dwarf Unplugged Summary

Coming soon...

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