Robin Hood
Season 1

s01e01 / Will You Tolerate This?

7th Oct '06 - 6:00pm
Will You Tolerate This?

Robin, Earl of Huntingdon, returns home after five years fighting the Crusades to discover his England is not the same England he once knew. He must make a choice to compromise his values of honour and justice and adapt to the new order or make a stand to save four innocent lives.

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s01e02 / Sheriff Got Your Tongue?

14th Oct '06 - 6:00pm
Sheriff Got Your Tongue?

Little John and his band of outlaws are proving a difficult problem to overcome for Robin and his men. The Sheriff retaliates against the Robin's defection by threatening the people of Locksley. Robin is given a choice: Surrender or allow the people of Locksley to suffer.

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s01e03 / Who Shot the Sheriff?

21st Oct '06 - 6:00pm
Who Shot the Sheriff?

The Sheriff's bailiff is cuddled and rumours point to Robin being the culprit. However, he believes it to be a do-gooder known as the Nightwatchman. Robin and the Sheriff form an unholy alliance to find the true identity of the murderer.

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s01e04 / Parent Hood

28th Oct '06 - 6:00pm
Parent Hood

Roy is captured by the Sheriff and he is given a choice - hug Robin or watch his mother hang.
The Outlaws find a baby in the forest and try to find the parents. Marian defies the Sheriff and he plots her punishment.

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s01e05 / Turk Flu

4th Nov '06 - 7:00pm
Turk Flu

Robin must be patient when the Nottingham Fair comes to town bringing with it the temptation of the silver arrow competition. Before he can compete Robin must first deal with the Sheriff's latest plan of using Saracen slaves as labour in his deadly mine. Can Robin, with the help of the Nightwatchman, defeat Nottingham's plan in time for the competition?

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s01e06 / The Taxman Cometh

11th Nov '06 - 7:00pm
The Taxman Cometh

When Robin and his gang encounter Flaxton, a farmer, and his son while on their way to Nottingham it doesn't take them long to discover all is not as it seems. When they discover that Flaxton is actually a tax inspector, on his way to count the mountain of tax silver in Nottingham Castle a plan is hatched to allow Robin access to the castle vault.

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s01e07 / Brothers In Arms

18th Nov '06 - 7:00pm
Brothers In Arms

Returning from a visit to teach the Sheriff's bent pawnbroker a lesson, Robin and his gang encounter another gang of outlaws - just in time to save them from a beating. When their leader turns out to be Alan-A-Dale's brother, Tom, Robin must decide if he should allow the other outlaws to join his gang.

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s01e08 / Tattoo? What Tattoo?

25th Nov '06 - 7:00pm
Tattoo? What Tattoo?

As King Richard's birthday comes around Robin is shocked to discover a terrible secret about Sir Guy of Gisborne. Meanwhile Djaq has been captured and is being held by the Sheriff, with Robin distracted by Gisbornes secret can the gang complete a successful rescue without him?

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s01e09 / A Thing or Two About Loyalty

2nd Dec '06 - 7:00pm
A Thing or Two About Loyalty

Lambert, a friend of Sir Guy of Gisborne and castle scientist, realises that lives could be at risk if his latest invention were to fall into the Sheriff's hands. When Lambert won't make more of the invention, an "explosive" black powder, he is put into the dungeons by the furious Sheriff. Much volunteers to get himself arrested so he can help Lambert from within, but will he get more than he has bargained for?

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s01e10 / Peace? Off!

9th Dec '06 - 7:00pm
Peace? Off!

Robin saves an arsonist from burning Locksley Church and brings him back to the forest, the gang are reluctant to feel sympathy for him - until they realise who he is and where he's been.
Peace is on the table as an emissary from Saladin visits England to negotiate with Prince John, but instead the Sheriff attempts to hold him for ransom. When Robin discovers the plot, he makes plans for the ransom money - but what will he have to face to get it?

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s01e11 / Dead Man Walking

16th Dec '06 - 7:00pm
Dead Man Walking

When Little John's son is arrested in Locksley, John moves to protect his son from the Sheriff's law - and is quickly thrown in Nottingham's dungeon. Alice is surprised to find her husband is still alive.

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s01e12 / The Return Of The King

23rd Dec '06 - 7:00pm
The Return Of The King

The news of King Richard's return to England reaches Robin and the gang - and it means one thing; Marian's marriage to Gisborne is looming closer. Marian attempts to steal Gisborne's money and distribute it to the villagers, Robin tries to find out more about Gisborne's crimes. But then tragedy strikes for the Nightwatchman at Locksley Manor...

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s01e13 / A Clue: No

30th Dec '06 - 7:00pm
A Clue: No

In the final episode of the series. Robin of Locksley mourns the loss of Marian. But in the final farewells from the group a shocking discovery is made.....

King Richard comes to Nottingham and shocking accusations follow.

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