Robin Hood
Season 3

s03e01 / Total Eclipse

28th Mar '09 - 6:50pm
Total Eclipse

Robin fights with Gisborne determined to avenge Marian's death after he returns from the Holy Land. Tuck shows up looking for Robin wanting his help in uniting the country against the Sheriff of Nottingham, Gisborne and Prince John.

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s03e02 / Cause and Effect

4th Apr '09 - 6:25pm
Cause and Effect

When the Sheriff of Nottingham decides to sell all the local men to Finn, the rightful King of Ireland (who seeks to liberate Ireland), a young village girl named Kate does everything she can to save her brother from conscription- which involves betraying Robin...

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s03e03 / Lost in Translation

11th Apr '09 - 6:50pm
Lost in Translation

The Sheriff realises that the Abbot is guilty of an act of heresy and sees the possibility for a spot of blackmail- forcing the Abbot to help him bring down Robin. Tuck is arrested and tortured then sent to persuade the Abbot to betray Robin. The Abbot's answer, and the reason for his heresy, could change the world...

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s03e04 / The Sins Of The Father

18th Apr '09 - 6:10pm
The Sins Of The Father

Rufus arrives in town and he is out for revenge. Robin snatches his son after Rufus hold Kate and Allan captive. Robin and his gang try and find Allan and Kate before it is too late.

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s03e05 / Let the Games Commence

25th Apr '09 - 6:15pm
Let the Games Commence

Robin and his gang rescue the beautiful Isabella and Guy returns from the court of Prince John with a mission - to hug Robin Hood.

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s03e06 / Do You Love Me?

2nd May '09 - 6:20pm
Do You Love Me?

Gisborne has returned with Prince John's Elite Guards and a secret new weapon, but Robin's attention is drawn by another arrival, a beautiful and mysterious woman pursued by sinister men on horseback. Meanwhile, Little John finds himself separated from the others and ends up in a traveling circus of gladiators run by the kindly Bertha of Bath.

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s03e07 / Too Hot to Handle

9th May '09 - 6:15pm
Too Hot to Handle

Prince John has all the local wells blocked when a heat wave hits the area leaving the outlaws forced to take desperate measures to save those at risk. Robin and Isabella's secret relationship is discovered by Prince John and he orders Gisborne to get rid of them. Robin finds himself having to make a difficult decision.

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s03e08 / The King is Dead, Long Live the King

23rd May '09 - 6:35pm
The King is Dead, Long Live the King

Isabella is determined to prove herself as loyal to Prince John and be named as the next Sheriff. After news arrives that King Richard is dead, Robin finds himself battling against a former enemy as he attempts to stop Prince John's early coronation.

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s03e09 / A Dangerous Deal

30th May '09 - 7:25pm
A Dangerous Deal

Gisborne talks to another prisoner who has a profound effect upon him as he awaits to be killed. Robin attempts to make a deal with Sheriff Isabella. When somebody from his past shows up wanting revenge Robin finds his plans in danger.

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s03e10 / Bad Blood

6th Jun '09 - 6:45pm
Bad Blood

Robin and Gisborne are forced to listen to stories of their past where the truth about their parents is revealed. As the mystery person reveals who they are Robin and Gisborne realise that their lives will never be the same again.

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s03e11 / The Enemy of My Enemy

13th Jun '09 - 6:45pm
The Enemy of My Enemy

When Robin tells the rest of the gang that Gisbourne is joining their fight against Isabella they are surprised. Robin and Gisbourne attempt to save their half-brother Archer from execution in York.

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s03e12 / Something Worth Fighting For (1)

20th Jun '09 - 6:45pm
Something Worth Fighting For (1)

Robin and his men battle against Isabella as she rounds up men to send to Prince John. Archer works with his sister and attempts to catch Robin and Gisborne.

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s03e13 / Something Worth Fighting For (2)

27th Jun '09 - 6:45pm
Something Worth Fighting For (2)

Robin and his men are forced to retreat after trying to defend the castle. A final battle sees everyone fighting for their lives.

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