Rules of Engagement
Season 3

s03e01 / Russell's Secret

3rd Mar '09 - 2:30am
Russell's Secret

Russell is a big fan of musicals Can Audrey get free tickets by keeping the secret? Adam and Jennifer learn how to dance before the wedding.

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s03e02 / Voluntary Commitment

10th Mar '09 - 2:30am
Voluntary Commitment

Audrey has to keep her bet to Jeff by finishing what she starts. We meet Russell's new assistant.

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s03e03 / Jeff's New Friend

17th Mar '09 - 2:30am
Jeff's New Friend

Jeff learns a secret about his friend he just met and Russell could be dating a soon to be family member.

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s03e04 / Dad's Visit

24th Mar '09 - 2:30am
Dad's Visit

Jeff's dad drops by hoping to be treated like a king by Audrey. His visit hits a snag due an accident. Russell can't get his date to leave.

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s03e05 / Lyin' King

31st Mar '09 - 1:30am
Lyin' King

Jeff and Audrey don't want to go to Jennifer and Adam's party because the party they are going to has a special guest. Timmy has to keep an eye on Russell.

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s03e06 / Poaching Timmy

14th Apr '09 - 1:30am
Poaching Timmy

Timmy quickly grows tired of Russell's orders. Audrey hopes to get Timmy from Russell and get results. Jeff tries to create how the Giants won a game.

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s03e07 / Old Timer's Day

21st Apr '09 - 1:30am
Old Timer's Day

Jeff wants to show Audrey that he young but after going to sleep at a movie and sneezing while playing baseball you can't stop getting older.

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s03e08 / Twice

28th Apr '09 - 1:30am

Audrey tells everyone at work she is pregnant but will the idea work or backfire for her?

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s03e09 / May Divorce Be with You

30th Apr '09 - 1:30am
May Divorce Be with You

Audrey makes a bad mistake after a friend, whose marriage is falling a part is doing something bad when he hugs people.

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s03e10 / The Challenge

5th May '09 - 1:30am
The Challenge

Is it easier to have a woman Single, Married, or Engaged? Russell tests Jeff and Adam to find out.

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s03e11 / Family Style

12th May '09 - 1:30am
Family Style

Jeff doesn't get any dinner after someone else eats it before Jeff does now he has to keep quiet about it.

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s03e12 / Sex Toy Story

19th May '09 - 1:00am
Sex Toy Story

Jeff and Audrey try to spice up their life in the bedroom after going to a party.

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s03e13 / House Money

19th May '09 - 1:30am
House Money

Coming soon...

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