Rules of Engagement
Season 5

s05e01 / Surro-gate

21st Sep '10 - 12:30am

Audrey and Jeff receive some startling news about their surrogate.

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s05e02 / The Bank

28th Sep '10 - 12:30am
The Bank

Jeff tells Adam and his secret for keeping track of Audrey's mistakes and how he uses that list to keep Audrey from getting too upset with him when Jeff makes mistakes. Russell hoping to get a girl sends a nasty e-mail to Timmy's love interest.

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s05e03 / Rug-Of-War

5th Oct '10 - 12:30am

Jeff wants to see if he can get Audrey to get the rug back after Jeff gets sentimental about the rug and reminds Audrey about all the good times they had on that rug.

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s05e04 / Handy Man

12th Oct '10 - 12:30am
Handy Man

Audrey tries to make sex more surprising with Jeff; Russell hopes to distract Timmy from his fear of flying by inviting him on a business trip.

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s05e05 / Play Ball

19th Oct '10 - 12:30am
Play Ball

When Audrey realizes how miserable her job is making her, she contemplates quitting. Meanwhile, Allison tells Timmy she wants to slow things down.

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s05e06 / Baked

26th Oct '10 - 12:30am

Audrey goes stir crazy after quitting her job and decides to start a cookie business. Meanwhile, Timmy tries to be one of the guys.

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s05e07 / Mannequin Head Ball

2nd Nov '10 - 12:30am
Mannequin Head Ball

When Jeff can't get out of the lease for a retail space he rented for Audrey's fleeting cookie business, he and Adam invent a new game involving the heads of mannequins. Meanwhile, Russell and Timmy go on a double date.

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s05e08 / Les-Bro

9th Nov '10 - 1:30am

Jeff and Audrey finally settle on a surrogate. Meanwhile, Russell's mother, Bunny, comes to town.

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s05e09 / The Big Picture

16th Nov '10 - 1:30am
The Big Picture

When Russell's trust fund is cut off by his mother, he gets a taste of how life will be after moving in with Timmy. Meanwhile, Audrey helps Jeff impress his boss in order to get a raise.

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s05e10 / Fun Run

23rd Nov '10 - 1:30am
Fun Run

Jeff has trouble asking people to donate to the 10k run Audrey to will be in for charity Jeff made the mistake of telling people and that he didn't want to be a part of fundraisers anymore. A girl Russell recently dated decides to turn the tables on him and give him a taste of his own medicine.

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s05e11 / Refusing to Budget

7th Dec '10 - 1:30am
Refusing to Budget

Timmy teaches Russell how to budget after all utilities are suddenly turned off. Audrey tells someone all about publishing and shows off her office.

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s05e12 / Litte Bummer Boy

14th Dec '10 - 1:30am
Litte Bummer Boy

Russell uses Adam's gift idea to give Adam and friends a surprise at work, Audrey wants to fun to Jeff's party.

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s05e13 / The Home Stretch

4th Jan '11 - 1:30am
The Home Stretch

When Jeff discovers that a guy is giving Audrey home pilates classes, he wants to make a change. Meanwhile, Adam tells Jennifer specifics about his football past.

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s05e14 / Uh-Oh It's Magic

18th Jan '11 - 1:30am
Uh-Oh It's Magic

When Russell takes his date to a magic show, the magician makes her disappear. Meanwhile, Audrey unknowingly slips up when she tells Brenda's girlfriend about the baby.

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s05e15 / Singing and Dancing

8th Feb '11 - 1:30am
Singing and Dancing

When Timmy joins an a cappella group, he wants to keep it a secret from Russell. Meanwhile, Jeff and Audrey discover they have a new annoying neighbor.

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s05e16 / Jeff Day

25th Feb '11 - 1:30am
Jeff Day

When Jeff proclaims it's 'Jeff Day', he gets his way until the cleaning lady arrives. Meanwhile, Adam has to figure out why his eye is twitching.

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s05e17 / Zygote

4th Mar '11 - 1:30am

When Jeff and Audrey see a fertility specialist with their surrogate, they discover a zygote. Meanwhile, Russell and Timmy go on double dates again.

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s05e18 / Anniversary Chicken

11th Mar '11 - 1:30am
Anniversary Chicken

When Jeff decides to surprise Audrey by remembering their anniversary, he's the one who ends up being surprised. Meanwhile, Timmy is forced to be Russell's interpreter on a date.

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s05e19 / The Set Up

1st Apr '11 - 12:30am
The Set Up

Russell finds Timmy has a sister and wants to date her. Audrey and Jeff play match maker for their neighbor Liz.

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s05e20 / Beating The System

8th Apr '11 - 12:30am
Beating The System

When Jeff and Audrey learn their surrogate is pregnant, both of their lives change. Meanwhile, Timmy takes on the responsibility of wedding planner for Adam and Jennifer.

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s05e21 / The Jeff Photo

29th Apr '11 - 12:30am
The Jeff Photo

When an old photo of Jeff appears in an art gallery, he decides it's time to make some changes in his life. Meanwhile, Russell experiences a slump with women until he sees a familiar face.

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s05e22 / Double Down

6th May '11 - 12:30am
Double Down

Jeff and Audrey panic when they are told they might be having twins. Meanwhile, Russell throws a citizenship party for Timmy to impress a girl.

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s05e23 / The Power Couple

13th May '11 - 12:30am
The Power Couple

Russell gets Timmy and to see if he can figure out why to Liz is attracted to the other man and not Russell. Jeff doesn't like the idea that Audrey is making almost the same amount of money as he does.

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s05e24 / The Last of the Red Hat Lovers

20th May '11 - 12:30am
The Last of the Red Hat Lovers

Russell gets a surprise while on a cruise; Timmy may not be of any help to Jennifer and Adam who are having a fight.

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