Saturday Night Live
Season 7

s07e01 / (no host)/Rod Stewart

4th Oct '81 - 3:30am
(no host)/Rod Stewart Summary

Sketches include "NBC: Our Age is Showing," "The Little Richard Simmons Show," "The Clams," "Nuns on the Beach," "A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney," "Prose and Cons" (film), "The Khaddaffi Look," "Ruth Deals With Rod" (two-part sketch), "Andy Warhol's TV" (film), a performance by Michael Davis, and "Season of Glass" (film).

Rod Stewart performed "Dance With Me," "Hot Legs" (with Tina Turner), and "Young Turks."

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s07e02 / Susan St. James/The Kinks

11th Oct '81 - 3:30am
Susan St. James/The Kinks Summary

Sketches include "Exxico," "McDonald & Wife," "The Bizarro World," "Buckwheat Sings," "Push Button to Destroy Building" (film), "Here In a Lifeboat With You," "What's Bothering Bob" (film), "Skanky Fiancee," "Single Bars and Single Women," "Cheap Laffs," "The Alan Alda Guide to Sensitivity," and "Assassination Aftermath" (film).
The Kinks performed "Destroyer" and "Art Lover."

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s07e03 / George Kennedy/Miles Davis

18th Oct '81 - 3:30am
George Kennedy/Miles Davis Summary

Sketches include "To Tell the Truth," "Mister Robinson's Neighborhood," "La Cage Aux Follies '81," "Velvet Jones," "Rubik's Teeth," "Editorial," "Mr. Bill in LA" (film), and "Harry Anderson's Grappler Tricks."

Miles Davis performed "Jean Pierre."

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s07e04 / Donald Pleasence/Fear

1st Nov '81 - 4:30am
Donald Pleasence/Fear Summary

Sketches include "Vomiting for Luck," "Jogger Motel," "Profiles in British Courage," "Last Night Ihuged My Husband" (musical number), "Sugar Breakfast" and "Andy Warhol's TV."

Fear performed "I Don't Care About You" and medley of "Beef Bologna," "New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones," and "Let's Have A War."

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s07e05 / Lauren Hutton/Rick James

8th Nov '81 - 4:30am
Lauren Hutton/Rick James Summary

Sketches include "Exxico," "Here's 'Cos," "Lauren's Dressing Room," "Reagan's Script," "TransEastern Airlines," "Whisper," "Cheap Laffs," "A Harlequin Romance," "Reach Out," "Model Stereotypes," "Velvet Jones School Of Technology," "Big Baser," a guest performance by William S. Burroughs, "Push Button To Explode Building" (film), and "Art is Ficial" (film).

Rick James performed "Give It To Me Baby" and "Super Freak."

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s07e06 / Bernadette Peters/Billy Joel, The Go-Go's

15th Nov '81 - 4:30am
Bernadette Peters/Billy Joel, The Go-Go's Summary

Sketches include "Texxon: Where Life Is Second Only To Money," "Johnny Keep Your balloon Clean," "Escape From Escape From New York," "I Married A Monkey," A Message from Eddie Murphy," "Hidden Photo," "Bedtime Story," "Man Ray & Mic," "Power Failure," "42nd Street," "Nick the Knock," and "Rock 'n Roll Heaven, Inc."

The Go-Go's performed "Our Lips Are Sealed" and "We Got The Beat"; Billy Joel performed "Miami 2017" and "She's Got A Way."

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s07e07 / Tim Curry/Meat Loaf & The Neverland Express

6th Dec '81 - 4:30am
Tim Curry/Meat Loaf & The Neverland Express Summary

Sketches include "Texxon," "Mick!," "Reagan's Illegitimate Son," "The Trouble With Fred" (film), "Frank & Papa," "Tim And Meat's One-Stop Rocky Horror Shop," "Tim's Zucchini Song," and "If Reagan Had Survived The Assassination."

Meat Loaf & The Neverland Express performed "Promised Land" and "Bat Out Of Hell."

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s07e08 / Bill Murray/The Spinners, Yale Whiffenpoofs

13th Dec '81 - 4:30am
Bill Murray/The Spinners, Yale Whiffenpoofs Summary

Sketches include "The Phone Company," "Tales of the Unlikely," "Washed-Up Tom Snyder," "MX-5 Tampons," and "The Economics of Christmas." The Spinners perform "I'll Be Around."

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s07e09 / Robert Conrad/Allman Brothers Band

24th Jan '82 - 4:30am
Robert Conrad/Allman Brothers Band Summary

Sketches include "The People's Court," "In The News," "Wild Wild Wild West," "Babies In Makeup" (film), "Overexposed Characters," "Abbott & Costello," "Battle Of The Week," "A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney," "The Nixon Mansion," and "Family Tradition."

The Allman Brothers Band perform "Midnight Rider," "Southbound," and "One Way Out."

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s07e10 / John Madden/Jennifer Holliday

31st Jan '82 - 4:30am
John Madden/Jennifer Holliday Summary

Sketches include "Cincinnati Bengals Locker Room," "The Johnny Carson School Of Acting," "Betty Beer," "Poetry Corner," "The Lou Grant Show," "The Uncle Tom Show," "John's Inside Story," a guest performance by Andy Kaufman and Bob Zmuda, "Mafia Stereotypes," "Super Bowl to SNL" (film), and "Solomon's Wife."

Broadway star Jennifer Holliday performed "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" and "One Night Only."

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s07e11 / James Coburn/Mick Fleetwood, Lindsay Buckingham

7th Feb '82 - 4:30am
James Coburn/Mick Fleetwood, Lindsay Buckingham Summary

Sketches include "Sinatra on Reagan's Birthday," "Reach Out And Touch Someone," "I Married A Monkey," "Mister Robinson's Neighborhood," "Jesus in Blue Jeans," "Is James Gay?," "Victims of 60 Minutes," "Reagan's New Advisor," "Unique Perspectives," "Those Crazy Taboosters," and a performance by puppeter Marc Weiner.

Christine Ebersole performed "Don't Let It Show"; Lindsay Buckingham performed "Bwana" and "Trouble" (featuring Mick Fleetwood).

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s07e12 / Bruce Dern/Luther Vandross

21st Feb '82 - 4:30am
Bruce Dern/Luther Vandross Summary

Sketches include "Bruce's Tips for the Cast," "Ski Date with Fluffy," "Who Do You Hate?" (film), "Focus On Film," "The Bizarro World," "Schliemer and Laub," "The Mild One," "Fracas" (film), "The Unstable Pilot," and "Melina's Cafe."

Luther Vandross performed "Never Too Much" and "A House Is Not A Home."

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s07e13 / Elizabeth Ashley/Hall and Oates

28th Feb '82 - 4:30am
Elizabeth Ashley/Hall and Oates Summary

Sketches include "The CBS Evening News," "Big Damn Plastic Bubble," "Speaking As A Woman," "Daydreaming Cardinal," "Joseph Papp Audition," a guest performance by Harry Anderson, "Women's Party Conversation," and "Loewenbrau."

Hall & Oates performs "You Make My Dreams", "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)", and "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling."

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s07e14 / Robert Urich/Mink De Ville

21st Mar '82 - 4:30am
Robert Urich/Mink De Ville Summary

Sketches include "He's No Burt Reynolds," "Buhweet And De Dupreems," "Reach Out and Touch Someone," "Paul Harvey Radio News," "Focus On Film," "Buy A Bullet For A Hungry Kid," "Reagan Meets Dr. Strangelove," "Fur: You Deserve It!," "Golden Age School of Obedience," "Koala Bear Embryo," "Headline Challenge," "Lower-Class Italian Theater," and "The Thing That Destroyed Tokyo" (film).

Mink De Ville performed "Maybe Tomorrow" and "Love & Emotion."

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s07e15 / Blythe Danner/Rickie Lee Jones

28th Mar '82 - 4:30am
Blythe Danner/Rickie Lee Jones Summary

Sketches include "Lorne Greene," "The New Celibacy," "20/20," "The Uncle Tom Show," "Senior Spring Fling '82," "Meet the People," and "Help Out Blythe Danner."

Rickie Lee Jones performed "Pirates," "Lush Life" and "Woody & Dutch On The Slow Train To Peking."

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s07e16 / Daniel J. Travanti/John Cougar

11th Apr '82 - 4:30am
Daniel J. Travanti/John Cougar Summary

Sketches include "Save Larry the Lobster," "Whiners' Anniversary," "Hill Street Blues," "Too Many Ethel Mermans," and "Career Corner."

John Cougar Mellencamp performed "Hurts So Good" and "Ain't Even Done With The Night."

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s07e17 / Johnny Cash/Elton John

18th Apr '82 - 4:30am
Johnny Cash/Elton John Summary

Sketches include "Young Johnny," "The Honeyrooneys," "Frankie's Last Request," "Reagan Directs," "Tegrim Shampoo," "Jay Clay's Depression" (film), "Train Poet," and "Black Talk."

Johnny Cash performs "I Walk The Line," "Folsom Prison Blues," "Ring of Fire," and "Sunday Morning." Elton John performs "Empty Garden" and "Ball and Chain."

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s07e18 / Robert Culp/Charlie Daniels Band

25th Apr '82 - 4:30am
Robert Culp/Charlie Daniels Band Summary

Sketches include "Tennis Locker Room," "Middle Age of Aquarius," "Party Girl," "Uterus Pick-Up," "James Brown is Annie," "Sunken Submarine," "Babies In Makeup" (film), and "Happy's Mayonnaise."

The Charlie Daniels band performed "Still in Saigon" and "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."

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s07e19 / Danny DeVito/Sparks

16th May '82 - 3:30am
Danny DeVito/Sparks Summary

Sketches include "Louis DePalma's Revenge," "The Executive Test," "The Whiners on an Airplane," "Solomon and Pudge," "Enzo," and "Looks at Books." Also, Brian Doyle-Murray interviews recently humbled actor-wrestler Andy Kaufman.

Sparks performed "Mickey Mouse" and "I Predict."

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s07e20 / Olivia Newton-John

23rd May '82 - 3:30am
Olivia Newton-John Summary

Sketches include "In the Ladies' Restroom," "Ebony & Ivory," "I Married a Monkey," "Hitler In Heaven," "TransEastern," "Not A Record Ad," "Business Banter," "Grease," "Ballpark Organ Favorites," and "The Clams."

Olivia Newton-John performed the "Physical" in lieu of the opening monologue, "Make a Move On Me," and "Landslide."

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