Star Trek: Voyager
Season 3

s03e01 / Basics, Part II

5th Sep '96 - 12:00am
Basics, Part II

Finding themselves stranded on a barren planet by the Kazon, who have captured and taken Voyage, the crew must find shelter and food, and fight off the carnivorous creators there.

Back on Voyager, the Doctor finds an unlikely ally; the murdering sociopath, Ensign Suder. Working reluctantly together, they are the crews' only hope of rescue. However, can just the two of them overcome the Kazon, and more importantly, Seska?

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s03e02 / Flashback

12th Sep '96 - 12:00am

Tuvok's recent unexplained bout of flashbacks appears to coincide with Voyager's passing of a nearby nebula rich in sirillium. Unfortunatley, flashbacks are known to destroy brain tissue in Vulcans, leading to death. While there is nothing the doctor can do, a mind meld can help Tuvok to find where the flashback is coming from and stop it. Janeway agrees to help Tuvok, and their meld takes them back in time 80 years when Tuvok had served aboard the USS Excelsior, then being captained by Hikaru Sulu.

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s03e03 / The Chute

19th Sep '96 - 12:00am
The Chute

Lt. Paris and Ensign Kim are arrested and convicted of being part of a terrorist bombing. They are sent to an unusual prison located at the bottom of a long chute. To make matters worse, the prisoners are forced to wear a neck collar that affects their nervous systems.

Janeway, knowing Paris and Kim are innocent, set out to find the real bombers and free the two. Janeway is shocked to find, that when they capture the true bombers, this will not help her imprisoned crewmen. She then decides to take matters into her own hands.

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s03e04 / The Swarm

26th Sep '96 - 12:00am
The Swarm

A xenophobic alien race attack Paris and Torres while they are on a shuttle mission. This alien race is known for attacking intruders entering what they consider their territory. The aliens surprise Torres and Paris by beaming aboard the shuttle and knocking them unconscious with a strange weapon. The Aliens leave and Torres awakens and gets the still unconscious Paris back to Voyager.

Janeway decides to proceed ahead as no one in the system knows the boundary of the alien's space. The Doctor can't determine how to help Paris recover from the strange weapons effect. The Doctor is also feeling the effects his program being run beyond its design. The crew must fight the aliens through their space, while restoring the Doctor's program in order to save Paris from death.

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s03e05 / False Profits

3rd Oct '96 - 12:00am
False Profits

Stardate: 50074.3 The crew makes a remarkable discovery while investigating what appears to be an unstable wormhole. They find readings that technology from the Alpha Quadrant is on the planet. Beaming down, Chakotay and Paris find two Ferengi performing the role as Gods as written down in the planet's history.

Janeway is in a quandary about what to do; don't interfere in the society, or fix a problem from their Alpha Quadrant troublemakers.

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s03e06 / Remember

10th Oct '96 - 12:00am

Stardate: 50203.1 Torres begins having vivid dreams about people and persons she has never seen before. They also appear to continuing in a sequence, and she is living it out as the same woman each time. Soon, Torres begins to have waking dreams while on duty.

The Doctor determines these are not dreams, but memories that are being implanted by someone. He suspects it's someone in the group of Enarans Voyager is escorting back to their home world, as they are telepaths.

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s03e07 / Sacred Ground

31st Oct '96 - 1:00am
Sacred Ground

While Kes is wondering around the Nechisti home world, she enters a sacred shrine and is struck by a mysterious beam, rendering her unconscious. The Nechisti tells Janeway, that Kes went where only monks who have been purified can go.

Neelix uncovers the fact that the Nechisti council can be petitioned to allow another to go through the purification process and save the unconscious violator. Janeway petitions the council, and is reluctantly given permission to try.

However, Janeway is impatient with the slowness of the purification process, and do to this may fail the process. Worse, the process may be life threatening to Janeway herself.

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s03e08 / Future's End, Part I

7th Nov '96 - 1:00am
Future's End, Part I

Stardate: 50132.5 Voyager is unexpectedly attacked by a ship from the future. The 29th century Federation "Timeship" has been sent to destroy Voyager and its crew, as they are told their ship will be responsible for a temporal explosion that will destroy Earth's solar system in the 29th century.

Voyager disables the timeship as it is attacked, but is then sucked into a temporal vortex created by the timeship, which brings them to 1996 Earth.

The crew must find a way back to their own time, find out how they may have caused the temporal explosion in the future, while at the same time not affecting the events of the past they are currently stuck in.

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s03e09 / Future's End, Part II

14th Nov '96 - 1:00am
Future's End, Part II

Stardate: 40132.5 With Voyager stuck in 1996, the crew tries to find out how their presence there causes a temporal explosion in the 29th Century. Their investigation leads to an "entrepreneur" working out of Los Angeles who has found and exploited parts from the timeship that drew Voyager to this time. Computer mogul Henry Starling has built an empire on this future technology, and now he wants to travel to the future to bring more technology back with him.

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s03e10 / Warlord

21st Nov '96 - 1:00am

Stardate: 50348.1 A ship carrying three passengers is on the verge of explosion. Acting quickly, Voyager is able to beam the three crew to sickbay. Sadly, only two survive. Not long after, Kes begins to act weird to those closest to her. When an envoy from the crew's planet arrives, Kes grabs a phaser and shoots the envoy. Then, along with the two survivors, Kes, who has been taken over by the consciousness of the passenger who had died, confiscates a shuttle and heads to for the three crewmate's homeworld. Their goal: To seize control of the government and put the person inhabiting Kes' body back in authority.

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s03e11 / The Q and the Grey

28th Nov '96 - 1:00am
The Q and the Grey

Stardate: 50384.2 The crew of Voyager watches a once in a lifetime event of a supernova. With the conclusion of the explosion, a tired Janeway returns to her quarters to find Q waiting for her with a request to have a child with him. Janeway refuses, but Q will not go away. Fortunately, the matter of a Q-human child is put on hold when Q's significant other arrives on the scene. Moments later, several more supernovae are witnessed.

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s03e12 / Macrocosm

12th Dec '96 - 1:00am

Stardate: 50425.1 Janeway and Neelix return from a trade mission only to find Voyager adrift in space and strange life forms prowling the ship. Neelix is attacked and soon also can't be found by Janeway. The Captain, now also infected, must find out what happened to her crew and stop the alien infection on her ship.

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s03e13 / Fair Trade

9th Jan '97 - 1:00am
Fair Trade

Neelix, worried about his usefulness to Voyager's crew now that they are reaching areas of space he is unfamiliar with, decides to do a little illegal trading for star charts. He meets up with an old criminal friend of his, and arranges a deal. However, things go south with deal and some of the crew are charged with a hug they know nothing about.

It's up to Neelix now to come clean with Janeway and get the crew released.

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s03e14 / Alter Ego

16th Jan '97 - 1:00am
Alter Ego

Stardate: 50460.3 Ensign Kim asks for Tuvok's help in suppressing his strange desire for a holodeck woman he feels strongly about. Kim is incensed when he see Tuvok talking to the holodeck woman on more than one occasion. However, unusual spatial events lead Tuvok to wonder if there is more going on here. What he finds puts the entire crew in jeopardy.

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s03e15 / Coda

30th Jan '97 - 1:00am

Stardate: 50518.6 After Janeway and Chakotay's shuttlecraft is hit by a lightning strike while entering a planet's atmosphere and crash lands, they are attacked by Vidiians, who hug the Captain. However, moments later, Chakotay and Janeway find themselves back on the shuttle, still in space.

After several more bizarre occurrences and deaths and revivals, Janeway realizes it is up to her to piece together this mystery if she is to survive.

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s03e16 / Blood Fever

6th Feb '97 - 1:00am
Blood Fever

Stardate: 50537.2 Arrivng at a planet that contains a rare mineral that will greatly help with Voyager's warp coils, Torres begins to come up with an away team to examine the area. One of her engineers, the Vulcan Vorik, offers to go beyond the call of duty and join the mission, which Torres accepts.

Vorik then asks Torres to mate with him, as he is experiencing the pon farr. When Torres refuses him, Vorik must seek other means to quench his sexual desires.

Beaming down to the planet, for the long haul underground to retrieve the mineral, Torres begins to act aggressively, and then, in a tense moment, bites Paris. With the mission in jeopardy, the situation is further complicated when Chakotay, Tuvok, Paris, and Torres discover that they are not alone on the planet.

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s03e17 / Unity

13th Feb '97 - 1:00am

Stardate: 50614.2 While in a shuttlecraft, Commander Chakotay and Ensign Kaplan receive a Federation distress signal. However, being in the Nekrit Expanse, pinpointing the signal is difficult enough, let alone trying to communicate with the person on the other end. The two manage to find the planet where the signal originated from, but are attacked when they land their shuttlecraft on the surface.

In another part of the Expanse, Voyager's sensors pick up a ship directly ahead of them. With sensors limited in range, it turns out Voyager and the unidentified ship are only a few thousand kilometers apart. Moving into visual range, the crew gazes out upon a Borg cube adrift in space.

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s03e18 / The Darkling

20th Feb '97 - 1:00am
The Darkling

Stardate: 50693.2 The Doctor's attempt at adding additional personality traits from famous past figures goes seriously wrong, leaving Kes in peril.

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s03e19 / Rise

27th Feb '97 - 1:00am

Stardate: Unknown With an asteroid about to enter a planet's atmosphere, Voyager, at the request of the planet's inhabitants, attempts to destroy the asteroid. A perfect hit, however, sends two smaller parts of the asteroid crashing down onto the planet. With a sparsely populated part of the planet shaken by the asteroids' landing, a scientist there, one of the planet's best minds, finds information that is vital to destroying the asteroids. However, the scientist is only willing to talk to the planet's ambassador, who is on Voyager. Taking several shuttlecraft down to the surface, one, containing Tuvok and Neelix, crash lands in an area closest to the scientist's position. With scant time left until a much larger asteroid enters the area, Neelix and Tuvok must work together to bring the scientist back to Voyager.

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s03e20 / Favorite Son

20th Mar '97 - 1:00am
Favorite Son

Stardate: 50732.4 During a meeting with a Nasari ship, Ensign Kim, on his own, opens fire on the vessel, claiming he felt the Nasari were about to fire on Voyager. Their investigation into Kim's actions lead Voyager to the planet Taresia, and the stunning discovery that Kim was conceived on Taresia and his embryo implanted in a human on Earth.

The Taresians tell the crew that Kim and other Taresians are instinctively drawn back to the planet as adults. This adds to the race's genetic material, insuring their survival.

However, after spending some time with the Taresians, Kim begins to suspect there is some hidden agenda going on, and his life may be in danger.

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s03e21 / Before and After

10th Apr '97 - 12:00am
Before and After

Stardate: Unknown Kes finds herself in her own apparent future after the Doctor puts her in a bio-temporal chamber as she nears death. However, she then finds herself jumping back in time to earlier and earlier periods of time in her life.

Can she discover a way to get back to her own time, and a way to cure whatever had put her near death?

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s03e22 / Real Life

24th Apr '97 - 12:00am
Real Life

Stardate: 50836.2 While Voyager tracks a spatial anomaly that cause the destruction of a space station they were headed to, the Doctor develops a holodeck program designed to expand his programming, where he is the father of a typical normal family.

As Paris risks his life to sample a part of the spatial anomaly, Torres tinkers with the Doctor's too perfect holodeck family, and shows him what a real family's life is like.

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s03e23 / Distant Origin

1st May '97 - 12:00am
Distant Origin

Stardate: Unknown A displaced race of spacefarers, known as the Voth, discovers the remains of a human left on a planet. The remains, that of Ensign Hogan ("Basics, Part II"), contain genetic markers that match the spacefaring race in such a way that the two races can be considered distant relations.

The scientists who find Hogan's remains try to convince the elder of their link to humans, but the elder accuses them of heresy. Before they are brought on trial, the scientists leave in their vessel to search for the link to their past that appears to be aboard a ship called Voyager.

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s03e24 / Displaced

8th May '97 - 12:00am

Stardate: 50912.4 Out of nowhere, a strange frightened individual appears on Voyager and begins asking why he has been abducted. As Voyager was not responsible for the stranger's presence onboard the ship, they start investigating what is going on. They find that one member of the crew, Kes, has mysteriously disappeared about the time Dammar, as the stranger is called, appeared.

Worse, more strangers from Dammar's planet Nyrian start appearing on the ship. This matched by an equal number of Voyager's crew begins to disappear from the ship. Soon, half of Voyager's crew is gone.

As Janeway and Chakotay discern what is really happening, it is too late, as they too disappear.

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s03e25 / Worst Case Scenario

15th May '97 - 12:00am
Worst Case Scenario

Stardate: 50953.4 Torres finds a holodeck program, created by an unknown author, which shows the former Maquis crew members taking over Voyager. Later Tuvok admits he was the real author of the program, and the crew becomes fascinated with the possible scenario.

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s03e26 / Scorpion (1)

22nd May '97 - 12:00am
Scorpion (1)

Stardate: 50984.3 Voyager's crew finds they have entered Borg space. Scanning the areas ahead, the crew realizes that there is a route that seems to be free of Borg cubes. Upon taking the path, however, Voyager encounters a multitude of Borg ships... who are not interested in them. Save for a cursory scan, the Borg move away from Voyager at transwarp. Voyager follows and meets up with the destroyed Borg fleet and an entity that is capable of defeating the Borg.

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