Stargate Atlantis
Season 1

s01e01 / Rising (1)

17th Jul '04 - 1:00am
Rising (1)

The discovery of an outpost, left behind by the Ancients in the most unlikely of places, leads a new Stargate team to the distant Pegasus galaxy. Once there, they discover a planet of humans being decimated by a terrible alien race know as the Wraith.

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s01e02 / Rising (2)

17th Jul '04 - 1:00am
Rising (2)

Sheppard tries to convince Weir to mount a rescue mission to free Colonel Sumner, Teyla and the others captured by the Wraith. Meanwhile, Sumner faces the Wraith themselves.

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s01e03 / Hide and Seek

24th Jul '04 - 1:00am
Hide and Seek

An alien intruder has found its way into the city, threatening the security of the base. Dr. McKay's experiments with alien technology land him in trouble.

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s01e04 / Thirty Eight Minutes

31st Jul '04 - 1:00am
Thirty Eight Minutes

The Puddle Jumper has been damaged and is stuck part way through an Orbital Space Gate. The team have only 38 minutes to find a way to dislodge themselves before the Stargate shuts down, cutting the Jumper in half. To make matters worse, John Sheppard has an alien creature attached to his neck that is sucking the life from him.

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s01e05 / Suspicion

7th Aug '04 - 1:00am

After another dangerous encounter with the Wraith, the Earth team begins to suspect they have a traitor in their midst. Suspicion falls on the Athosians, and Teyla finds herself caught in the middle.

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s01e06 / Childhood's End

14th Aug '04 - 1:00am
Childhood's End

The team crash lands on a planet where the locals, in fear of the Wraith, practice ritual suicide when they reach the age of twenty-five.

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s01e07 / Poisoning the Well

21st Aug '04 - 1:00am
Poisoning the Well

The team investigates a drug being developed on another world that has the potential to repel the Wraith's feeding on humans.

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s01e08 / Underground

28th Aug '04 - 1:00am

Gating to the planet Genii to trade for food, the team discovers what appears to be a simple, farming population. But they are preparing a deadly weapon to attack the Wraith, and when Sheppard and McKay are interrogated it appears the Genii may not make the best of allies.

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s01e09 / Home

11th Sep '04 - 1:00am

The Atlantis team plans to use a planet's unique atmospheric fog to acquire the power they need to gate back to Earth.

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s01e10 / The Storm (1)

18th Sep '04 - 1:00am
The Storm (1)

The inhabitants of the city and the mainland are forced to evacuate when a huge hurricane bears down on them. But things get even worse when the city is then captured by the Genii, forcing Sheppard to try and stay one step ahead when they capture Weir and McKay.

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s01e11 / The Eye (2)

22nd Jan '05 - 2:00am
The Eye (2)

Sheppard attempts to rescue Weir and McKay and retake the city. Meanwhile Beckett, Teyla, and Ford try to navigate the storm and lend assistance.

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s01e12 / The Defiant One

29th Jan '05 - 2:00am
The Defiant One

Sheppard's team investigates a downed Wraith ship, and find themselves stuck on a planet dealing with a lone Wraith survivor.

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s01e13 / Hot Zone

5th Feb '05 - 2:00am
Hot Zone

Several residents of Atlantis are infected with a deadly nanite virus, forcing a lockdown of the entire city.

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s01e14 / Sanctuary

12th Feb '05 - 2:00am

The Atlantis team encounters a pre-technological world strangely untouched by the Wraith. They hope to negotiate with the local population to provide a home for the refugees of Wraith attacks, currently living in Atlantis.

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s01e15 / Before I Sleep

19th Feb '05 - 2:00am
Before I Sleep

A very old woman is found in suspended animation in Atlantis, and the team is shocked to see that it is Dr. Weir herself, who tells them of her trip 10,000 years into the city's past.

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s01e16 / The Brotherhood

26th Feb '05 - 2:00am
The Brotherhood

The planet Dagan may be home to a vitally important ZPM, capable of restoring Atlantis' shield and protecting the city from the Wraith, but a mysterious 'Brotherhood' on the planet - and their knowledge of the Genii - suggest that the planet may not be what it seems.

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s01e17 / Letters from Pegasus

5th Mar '05 - 2:00am
Letters from Pegasus

With a brief opportunity to send a data transmission to Earth, members of the Atlantis expedition compose video messages home to their loved ones. Meanwhile, Sheppard and Teyla use the Stargate to take a Jumper to do some reconnaissance on the approaching Wraith fleet.

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s01e18 / The Gift

12th Mar '05 - 2:00am
The Gift

Plagued by terrifying nightmares, Teyla investigates and discovers with the help of an older friend that she is a descendant of humans who were subjected to genetic experiments by the Wraith.

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s01e19 / The Siege (1)

19th Mar '05 - 2:00am
The Siege (1)

With a group of Wraith Hive ships on the way to Atlantis, the team searches for a place to flee and a way to destroy the city. McKay leads a team to try and activate the Ancients' orbital weapons platform.

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s01e20 / The Siege (2)

26th Mar '05 - 2:00am
The Siege (2)

A new military contingent from Earth is sent through the Stargate to take command of Atlantis and defend it from the impending Wraith attack.

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