Stargate Atlantis
Season 3

s03e01 / No Man's Land (2)

15th Jul '06 - 1:00am
No Man's Land (2)

Two Wraith Hive ships have captured Dr. McKay and Ronon and are on their way to Earth. It is up to Colonel Sheppard to rescue them and figure out a way to stop the Wraith from reaching a "new feeding ground".

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s03e02 / Misbegotten (3)

22nd Jul '06 - 1:00am
Misbegotten (3)

After turning a Wraith hive ship crew into humans, the Atlantis team must decide on their fate. Meanwhile, Dr. Weir finds herself under the scrutiny of Richard Woolsey and the I.O.A.

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s03e03 / Irresistible

29th Jul '06 - 1:00am

A man from another world has an unusual effect on the Atlantis team, causing them to behave strangely. The few unaffected team members must uncover the cause.

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s03e04 / Sateda

5th Aug '06 - 1:00am

Sheppard, Teyla and Ronon come under attack on a forested world. Ronon, realizing that he has been on the planet before, learns that his earlier visit came with harsh consequences.

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s03e05 / Progeny

12th Aug '06 - 1:00am

Dr. Weir accompanies Sheppard's team on a mission to an advanced civilization with a past history with Atlantis. They uncover a connection to an earlier discovery in the city.

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s03e06 / The Real World

19th Aug '06 - 1:00am
The Real World

Dr. Weir awakes in a sanitarium outside Washington, D.C., and is told that Atlantis and the Stargate program exist only in her mind.

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s03e07 / Common Ground

26th Aug '06 - 1:00am
Common Ground

John Sheppard is captured by the evil Kolya of the Genii and imprisoned in a cell adjacent to a Wraith as Dr. Weir negotiates for his release.

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s03e08 / McKay and Mrs. Miller

9th Sep '06 - 1:00am
McKay and Mrs. Miller

When his sister Jeannie comes up with a vital mathematical proof, Rodney returns to Earth to take her back with him to Atlantis. But things become complicated when another Rodney McKay from a parallel universe arrives.

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s03e09 / Phantoms

16th Sep '06 - 1:00am

Sheppard and Ronon find themselves under the influence of a Wraith mind-altering device that threatens to force the entire team to hug--each other!

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s03e10 / The Return (1)

23rd Sep '06 - 1:00am
The Return (1)

While testing a chain of Stargates that will allow travel from Atlantis to Earth in about 30 minutes (the "McKay-Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge"), McKay, Sheppard and the team discover an Ancient ship traveling at almost the speed of light.
When Dr. Weir talks to the travelers, she is surprised by their request that the expedition members vacate the city of Atlantis.

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s03e11 / The Return (2)

14th Apr '07 - 1:00am
The Return (2)

Major General Jack O'Neill's mission to defend Atlantis fails as he and Richard Woolsey are taken prisoner during a Replicator assault on the city. Sheppard's team, Dr. Weir and Dr. Carson steal a Jumper from Stargate Command on Earth and come back to Pegasus galaxy with a plan to retake Atlantis.

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s03e12 / Echoes

21st Apr '07 - 1:00am

The whales of Lantea congregate around the city and the inhabitants of Atlantis begin to suffer ill effects. Are they there to communicate or attack?

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s03e13 / Irresponsible

28th Apr '07 - 1:00am

While investigating reports of a "superhero" on another planet, Colonel Sheppard's team comes across two old acquaintances.

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s03e14 / Tao of Rodney

5th May '07 - 1:00am
Tao of Rodney

While shutting down unnecessary systems in Atlantis, McKay is zapped by a strange Ancient machine. He begins to have superpowers, but things are never as they seem, and Rodney and the team must race against his mutations to save his life.

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s03e15 / The Game

12th May '07 - 1:00am
The Game

To while away the hours, Sheppard and McKay have been secretly competing against one another in a real-time strategy game they discovered on Atlantis. To their surprise, they discover that this is more than just a game....

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s03e16 / The Ark

19th May '07 - 1:00am
The Ark

The Atlantis team uncovers the last survivors of a civilization who have been placed in suspended animation aboard a space station. As some of the people awaken, problems from the past threaten to destroy everyone on the station, including Sheppard.

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s03e17 / Sunday

2nd Jun '07 - 1:00am

The team tries to relax during a mandatory day off until the city and the Expedition are devastated by explosions.

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s03e18 / Submersion

9th Jun '07 - 1:00am

The team goes searching for an alternate power source beneath the surface of the Lantean ocean. When arriving at the power plant, Teyla senses a Wraith nearby.

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s03e19 / Vengeance

16th Jun '07 - 1:00am

When Atlantis loses contact with the Taranian settlement Sheppard's team goes to investigate and finds that Michael has been doing experiments on them involving the Iratus bug.

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s03e20 / First Strike (1)

23rd Jun '07 - 1:00am
First Strike (1)

Colonel Abe Ellis arrives at Atlantis with a new Earth ship, The Apollo and a new mission. Dr. Weir has misgivings about that mission, one that could start a war with a very powerful enemy. When his mission goes wrong, Weir must take radical action to save Atlantis.

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