Steven Universe
Season 3

s03e01 / Super Watermelon Island

12th May '16 - 11:00pm
Super Watermelon Island

Steven discovers what happened to his sentient watermelons.

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s03e02 / Gem Drill

12th May '16 - 11:15pm
Gem Drill

Steven travels deep underground to stop the Cluster.

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s03e03 / Same Old World

19th May '16 - 11:00pm
Same Old World

Lapis wakes up, but doesn't know where to go.

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s03e04 / Barn Mates

21st May '16 - 11:00pm
Barn Mates

Steven helps two friends get along at the barn.

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s03e05 / Hit the Diamond

21st May '16 - 11:15pm
Hit the Diamond

Steven and the Gems engage in an old-fashioned game of baseball.

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s03e06 / Steven Floats

22nd May '16 - 11:00pm
Steven Floats

Steven discovers that he has the power to float. However, he becomes stuck in the sky and has a series of misadventures in attempting to get back on the ground.

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s03e07 / Drop Beat Dad

18th Jul '16 - 11:00pm
Drop Beat Dad

Steven helps Sour Cream put on a show, even though Sour Cream's stepdad doesn't approve of him being a DJ.

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s03e08 / Mr. Greg

19th Jul '16 - 11:00pm
Mr. Greg

Steven visits Empire City with Greg and Pearl.

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s03e09 / Too Short to Ride

20th Jul '16 - 11:00pm
Too Short to Ride

Steven and Amethyst take a trip to Funland but run into trouble when their friend is too short to ride the rollercoasters.

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s03e10 / The New Lars

21st Jul '16 - 11:00pm
The New Lars

Steven analyzes Lars' life.

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s03e11 / Beach City Drift

22nd Jul '16 - 11:00pm
Beach City Drift

Steven and Connie face their biggest foe in a car race.

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s03e12 / Restaurant Wars

25th Jul '16 - 11:00pm
Restaurant Wars

Steven settles a rivalry between restaurant owners.

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s03e13 / Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service

26th Jul '16 - 11:00pm
Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service

Kiki has nightmares and Steven intervenes.

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s03e14 / Monster Reunion

27th Jul '16 - 11:00pm
Monster Reunion

An old friend returns.

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s03e15 / Alone at Sea

28th Jul '16 - 11:00pm
Alone at Sea

Steven and Greg take Lapis Lazuli on a boating trip.

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s03e16 / Greg the Babysitter

29th Jul '16 - 11:00pm
Greg the Babysitter

Greg tells Steven another story.

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s03e17 / Gem Hunt

1st Aug '16 - 11:00pm
Gem Hunt

Steven, Connie and Pearl go on their first mission together.

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s03e18 / Crack the Whip

2nd Aug '16 - 11:00pm
Crack the Whip

Amethyst is left to look after Steven and Connie while the other Gems are off hunting for Jasper. A fun day on the beach is had by all.

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s03e19 / Steven vs. Amethyst

3rd Aug '16 - 11:00pm
Steven vs. Amethyst

Steven and Amethyst compete against each other while training with Pearl.

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s03e20 / Bismuth

4th Aug '16 - 11:00pm

An item from the Gems' past is discovered inside of Lion's mane.

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s03e21 / Beta

8th Aug '16 - 11:00pm

To cheer Amethyst up after her fight with Jasper, Peridot takes her and Steven to Jasper's birthplace - a heavily rushed and poorly made Kindergarten in the middle of a desert.

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s03e22 / Earthlings

9th Aug '16 - 11:00pm

Steven, Amethyst and Peridot encounter Jasper at the Beta Kindergarten. To fight off her and a corrupted Gem monster, Steven and Amethyst fuse into Smoky Quartz and Peridot attempts to use her metal powers.

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s03e23 / Back to the Moon

10th Aug '16 - 11:00pm
Back to the Moon

The dispatch team of Rubies return to the barn still searching for Jasper. To try and get them to go away, Amethyst shapeshifts into her. However, things get awry when the Rubies want her to contact Yellow Diamond at the Moon Base, with Steven, Garnet and Pearl as her "prisoners".

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s03e24 / Bubbled

11th Aug '16 - 11:00pm

After being sucked out of the Moon Base's airlock, Steven and the Rubies are stuck floating in the middle of space. To stay safe, Steven puts himself in a bubble and runs into one of the Rubies in the process.

934 have watched this episode
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