Steven Universe
Season 5

s05e01 / Stuck Together

29th May '17 - 11:00pm
Stuck Together

Steven and Lars, stuck inside Topaz, try to look for a way to escape the Homeworld-bound ship. Their heartfelt conversation commiserating over their plight earns them Topaz's sympathy.

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s05e02 / The Trial

29th May '17 - 11:15pm
The Trial

Steven is put on trial before Blue and Yellow Diamond for Rose Quartz's assassination of Pink Diamond. During the trial, Steven's attorney, a Zircon, analyses the evidence and argues that the public account of Pink Diamond's death doesn't make sense, and suggests that the true facts of the case have been covered up.

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s05e03 / Off Colors

29th May '17 - 11:30pm
Off Colors

After escaping from the Diamonds, Steven and Lars encounter and befriend the "off-colors", a group of "defective" Gems who live in hiding from Gem society.

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s05e04 / Lars' Head

29th May '17 - 11:45pm
Lars' Head

Steven's tears accidentally bring Lars back to life, but with unintentional side effects.

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s05e05 / Dewey Wins

11th Nov '17 - 12:00am
Dewey Wins

Steven helps Mayor Dewey run a difficult campaign.

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s05e06 / Gemcation

12th Nov '17 - 12:00am

As Steven remains depressed over Connie's silence, Greg and the Gems misinterpret his sadness and take him to a ranch house for a vacation to cheer him up. The vacation just puts Steven more on edge, until he eventually tells Greg what it is he's upset about.

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s05e07 / Raising the Barn

13th Nov '17 - 12:00am
Raising the Barn

When Lapis and Peridot learn what happened to Steven on Homeworld, Lapis wants to flee Earth to avoid getting caught up in another Gem war. However, Peridot wants to stay on Earth to protect it, and has a hard time telling Lapis.

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s05e08 / Back to the Kindergarten

14th Nov '17 - 12:00am
Back to the Kindergarten

With Peridot upset over Lapis leaving Earth, Steven and Amethyst decide to help her cheer up by planting flowers at the Kindergarten.

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s05e09 / Sadie Killer

15th Nov '17 - 12:00am
Sadie Killer

Steven and the Cool Kids start a band, but they have trouble finding their sound. They decide to recruit Sadie, who writes a dark song about her frustrating job at the Big Donut; but that same job keeps her from actually participating in the band.

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s05e10 / Kevin Party

16th Nov '17 - 12:00am
Kevin Party

Kevin is throwing a party, and invites Steven only so he can show up as Stevonnie. Steven doesn't want to go at first, but changes his mind when Kevin reveals that Connie will be there. When they see each other, Kevin decides to help Steven get his "ex" back so they can fuse.

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s05e11 / Lars of the Stars

6th Jan '18 - 12:00am
Lars of the Stars

Steven and Connie travel through Lion's mane to visit Lars. When they reach the other side, they discover that Lars and the Off-Color Gems have stolen a spaceship from Emerald and are now on the run from their pursuers.

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s05e12 / Jungle Moon

6th Jan '18 - 12:15am
Jungle Moon

Stevonnie crash-lands in a jungle on an alien moon and, unable to contact Lars, must fend for themself. They discover that the moon houses an abandoned Gem base and orbits a former Gem colony, and have a strange dream involving the Diamonds.

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s05e13 / Your Mother and Mine

9th Apr '18 - 11:00pm
Your Mother and Mine

Steven brings Garnet to meet Lars and his off-color crew. The Off-Colors' beliefs about Rose Quartz have been skewed by Homeworld propaganda, so Garnet tells them the history of Rose's rebellion from the Crystal Gems' perspective.

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s05e14 / The Big Show

16th Apr '18 - 11:00pm
The Big Show

In this documentary-style episode, Steven records the rise of Sadie's new band, Sadie Killer and the Suspects. The band hires Greg as their manager, who hooks them up with producer Sunshine Justice for a performance in Empire City, though Sadie worries about her mother getting in the way.

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s05e15 / Pool Hopping

23rd Apr '18 - 11:00pm
Pool Hopping

Garnet spends a day trying to behave unpredictably, attempting to train her future vision to account for the unexpected. When she and Steven eventually discover some homeless kittens, Garnet admits how lost and stressed she feels when she doesn't know what the future holds.

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s05e16 / Letters to Lars

30th Apr '18 - 11:00pm
Letters to Lars

Lars receives a letter from Steven updating him about the current goings-on in Beach City. While the town and its population are changing, the now-former mayor Bill Dewey is having trouble trying to find his place in the new status quo.

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s05e17 / Can't Go Back

7th May '18 - 11:00pm
Can't Go Back

After Ronaldo sees the barn on the moon, Steven goes up there and finds Lapis Lazuli using the moon base to spy on Steven and the Gems on Earth. While the two reconnect, Lapis is unsure about returning to Earth, but another vision from Steven prompts her decision.

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s05e18 / A Single Pale Rose

7th May '18 - 11:15pm
A Single Pale Rose

Steven confronts Pearl about the shattering of Pink Diamond, but instead has to venture inside of Pearl's pearl to retrieve her cell phone. While in there, Steven discovers the shocking truth about Rose Quartz and the secret she swore Pearl to keep many years ago.

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s05e19 / Now We're Only Falling Apart

2nd Jul '18 - 11:00pm
Now We're Only Falling Apart

After finding out that Rose Quartz was actually Pink Diamond, Garnet unfuses and Sapphire runs off, devastated. To try and calm her down, Steven and Pearl go after her and tell her the story of how Pink Diamond became Rose Quartz.

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s05e20 / What's Your Problem?

3rd Jul '18 - 11:00pm
What's Your Problem?

With Ruby missing, Steven and Amethyst go looking for her. Steven takes the search seriously while Amethyst goofs off, but her reasons behind it soon become clear.

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s05e21 / The Question

4th Jul '18 - 11:00pm
The Question

Ruby decides to explore her own life separate from Sapphire, and has a Wild West adventure as a lonesome cowboy with the help of Steven, Amethyst, and Greg. Although she has fun, she still misses Sapphire, and she returns to her with an important question to ask.

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s05e22 / Made of Honor

5th Jul '18 - 11:00pm
Made of Honor

As Ruby and Sapphire plan their wedding, Sapphire wishes that their friends from the war could be there to see it. Steven releases Bismuth, catches her up on everything, and tries to convince her to go to the wedding.

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s05e23 / Reunited

6th Jul '18 - 11:00pm

The wedding of Ruby and Sapphire, with the Gems and several Beach City citizens in attendance, goes without a hitch and Garnet reforms. However, during the reception, Blue and Yellow Diamond arrive and awaken the Cluster. While the Crystal Gems, with the Cluster's support, fight the Diamonds, Steven tries to get them to listen to the truth about Pink Diamond.

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s05e24 / Legs From Here to Homeworld

18th Dec '18 - 12:15am
Legs From Here to Homeworld

Steven tells Blue and Yellow Diamond that their final attack on the Earth corrupted the remaining Gems on the planet, instead of destroying them outright as intended. The three together attempt to cure Centipeetle's corruption, and almost succeed. To try to finish the job and cure all the corrupted Gems, Blue, Yellow, and the Crystal Gems travel to Homeworld to seek White Diamond's help.

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s05e25 / Familiar

25th Dec '18 - 12:00am

Steven struggles to adapt to life as a Diamond. With the help of Pearl, Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond, he hopes to find out more about Pink Diamond to familiarize himself with his new life on Homeworld. Along with that, he tries to find a way to get all four Diamonds together to finally heal the corrupted Gems.

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s05e26 / Together Alone

1st Jan '19 - 12:00am
Together Alone

Steven and the gang plan a ball for all of Homeworld in order to get all four Diamonds together in one room and possibly discuss curing Gem corruption. However, things don't go as planned at the ball when Connie and Steven fuse, causing outrage from the other Diamonds.

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s05e27 / Escapism

8th Jan '19 - 12:00am

With Steven and Connie trapped in a chamber, and all of the other Crystal Gems poofed, Steven uses his astral projection ability to try and contact Bismuth for backup. However, things get complicated when he is put inside the body of a Watermelon Steven on Mask Island, and has to find a way to Beach City.

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s05e28 / Change Your Mind

22nd Jan '19 - 12:00am
Change Your Mind

For their biggest mission yet, Steven, Connie, and the rest of the Crystal Gems attempt to change the way the Diamonds see Steven, other Gems, and themselves.

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