Season 10

s10e01 / This Has Never Happened Before!

18th Feb '05 - 1:00am
This Has Never Happened Before! Summary

The 20 new Survivors competing for a million dollars, forced to brave the wild islands of Palau (in the series' tenth installment, titled Survivor: Palau), begin their journey unlike any other season of Survivor - with no answers concerning tribes, camp locations, or what the heck is going on! Two of the competitors win the first immunity of the game when host Jeff Probst tells the contestants that the first two people who make it to shore, one man and one woman, will be awarded with individual immunity. This immunity proves vital, as the next day, the two immunity bearers (Jolanda Jones and Ian Rosenberger) start off a schoolyard pick as "team captains," each picking a person of the opposite sex to join their tribe. This continues until only two (Jonathan Libby and Wanda Shirk) are left, and both of them, without a tribe, are sent home. Upon Jonathan and Wanda's departure, Probst hands out the buffs to the remaining 18 castaways. Jolanda's tribe is Ulong (wearing blue), and joining her are Bobby Jon Drinkard, Stephenie LaGrossa, Jeff Wilson, Kim Mullen, James Miller, Ashlee Ashby, Ibrehem Rahman and Angie Jakusz. Ian's tribe is Koror (wearing brown), and joining him are Katie Gallagher, Tom Westman, Janu Tornell, Gregg Carey, Jenn Lyon, Coby Archa, Caryn Groedel and Willard Smith. At the first challenge, Ulong loses their best chance to make fire, flint, to Koror, and is also sentenced to attend Tribal Council, where Jolanda, apparently too strong of a woman, is voted out of the tribe.

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s10e02 / Love Is in the Air, Rats Are Everywhere

25th Feb '05 - 1:00am
Love Is in the Air, Rats Are Everywhere Summary

The Koror tribe is overrun with unwelcome little rats. After the reward challenge, they attempt to recover their lost flint. The entire tribe is thrilled when they are successful in creating fire.

The castaways of Ulong share a meal of giant clam, but Ashlee kept to herself and refused to eat. Later after losing the Immunity Challenge, Ashlee becomes the second castaway to be voted off.

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s10e03 / Dangerous Creatures and Horrible Setbacks

4th Mar '05 - 1:00am
Dangerous Creatures and Horrible Setbacks Summary

At Koror, a war of words erupts between Caryn and Katie as Caryn labels Katie as being bossy. Meanwhile, Ian and Tom take it upon themselves to confront snakes and sharks on the island.
Ulong relaxes after winning the Reward Challenge, which annoys Bobby John as he's frustrated with the lack of a work ethic. Although, the tribe make themselves new clothes from their newly awarded sewing box.
Just as the Immunity Challenge is set to begin, Ulong faces a setback when Jeff suffers an injury. Ultimately, they lose the challenge which results in Jeff telling the tribe he should be voted out. In the end, Jeff becomes the 5th castaway out of Palau.

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s10e04 / Sumo at Sea

11th Mar '05 - 1:00am
Sumo at Sea Summary

Ulong arrived back to their camp, some still thinking about Jeff's departure. Ulong was really starting to get frustrated about losing all the time.

When both tribes collected tree mail, they were told they would have to pick a member of their tribe as a representative. Coby volunteered, but it wasn't enough, as Koror voted Ian to represent them. Over at Ulong, they couldn't choose one so they decided to wait to find out what it was for. Jeff then arrived in a Home Depot boat and said Ian would get to select only a few tools to build a bathroom. The winning tribe for the best bathroom would have a construction crew come buy and build a shelter. Ian picked his tools and went to work. Meanwhile at Ulong, who still hadn't picked a representative yet, Jeffs tells them to hurry and choose. After quickly thinking, they decided to pick James. Jeff told them the challenge and reward and they went to work. Then Jeff arrived back with a production designer. After observing both tribes bathrooms, he selected Koror as the Reward winners and they built a new shelter for the tribe.

After assembling for the Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst explained that the tribes would face off in a series of one-on-one sumo-style battles. The Survivors would use padded duffle bags to knock their adversaries out of a ring and into the sea. The first tribe to win six bouts would take immunity. The woman of Ulong were doing pretty well. The men on the other hand weren't. But after Koror reached 5-2, Ulong started to catch up. It all came down to James and Coby. Coby had won their previous match. After facing in a long battle for immunity, Coby finally knocked James off the platform and won the 4th straight immunity win for Koror. Sending Ulong back to tribal council for the fourth time.

Before Tribal, Steph and Angie felt like the woman were stronger than the men and were thinking about their 2 choices. Make the woman alliance and keep Kim around to weaken them, or vote off Kim and keep the men, who might weaken the tribe as well. But at Tribal Council, it was no surprise as Kim was voted off with a 5-1 vote.

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s10e05 / The Best and Worst Reward Ever

17th Mar '05 - 1:00am
The Best and Worst Reward Ever Summary

Ulong return from Tribal Council and attempt to seek shelter from a huge rainstorm in a cave. The only problem is that they get lost, so they decide to return to camp and suffer through the pouring rain.

Over at Koror, Gregg and Jennifer get comfortable while the other tribemates take notice of this possible two-person alliance. Meanwhile, the rest of the tribe get annoyed at Willard for not helping with fire duty.

At the Reward Challenge, Jeff tells both tribes they will both be going to Tribal Council and each tribe will vote out one person. The tribes also learn that the winning tribe will be able to enjoy a feast at Tribal Council while the losing tribe is forced to sit and watch. After Ibrehem loses for Ulong, the tribe feels he should go.

At their first Tribal Council, Koror votes out Willard and then enjoy their feast while Ulong and Jeff talk. Jeff then announces that Koror will vote to decide one member of Ulong to have immunity. After Ibrehem is awarded Immunity, Koror leaves as Ulong votes. The results of the vote ends in a tie between Angie and Bobby Jon. Ulong then votes again, where Angie becomes the sixth castaway voted out of Palau.

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s10e06 / Jellyfish 'N Chips

24th Mar '05 - 1:00am
Jellyfish 'N Chips Summary

After returning from Tribal Council, James accuses Ibrehem of losing the challenge for the team. But spirits are high when Ulong wins the reward challenge, a safe swim among a school of jellyfish with all the Pringles they can eat. While at Koror, Janu faces an emotional and physical breakdown after a rough stormy night. Alliances on Ulong come into question when they lose the Imunity Challenge once again and are forced to vote someone out of the tribe.

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s10e07 / The Great White Shark Hunter

1st Apr '05 - 1:00am
The Great White Shark Hunter Summary

At Koror, Ian brings a large clam to the tribe, while Tom brings in a shark. Tom becomes suspicious of a potential alliance between Gregg and Jenn who are getting very friendly.

Meanwhile, Ulong is down to a tribe of three. Bobby Jon scores food with a fish for the tribe. But at the Immunity Challenge, Stephenie must take over giving directions after Bobby Jon struggles.

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s10e08 / Neanderthal Man

8th Apr '05 - 12:00am
Neanderthal Man Summary

As a tribe of two, Stephenie must live at camp with Bobby Jon. After losing yet another Immunity Challenge, the two remaining members of Ulong go to Tribal Council in order to determine who would be the last Ulong member standing.

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s10e09 / I Will Not Give Up

15th Apr '05 - 12:00am
I Will Not Give Up Summary

Stephenie returns to the Ulong camp alone, stating how she's excited but scared all at the same time. She has to try to catch fish, get coconuts and keep the fire going all on her own.

But on Koror, various tribemates begin to get on each other's nerves, especially Coby who tries to control his temper over his tribe.

Then, Stephenie gets tree mail allowing her to live with the members of Koror on their beach. When she arrives, she officially merges with the tribemates of Koror. The tribe then get Palauian visitors to help teach the tribe to catch fish.

Before the first Individual Immunity Challenge of the season, Coby takes Stephenie aside and reveals all the alliances and details of the tribe to her. Afterward, Stephenie talks to the girls about Coby's words. Right after the challenge, the tribe heads over to Tribal Council and vote out Coby of the newly merged tribe.

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s10e10 / Exile Island

22nd Apr '05 - 12:00am
Exile Island Summary

Janu has issues with Katie after she hears her talking behind her back, leaving everyone feeling uncomfortable and leaving her feeling alienated. Despite this, Janu is able to help in her team's victory at the Reward Challenge. Tom, Caryn, Gregg, and Janu win the first reward challenge of the new merge, but afterwards Janu can't seem to stomach the reward feast. Then, after being the first to lose the Immunity Challenge, Janu is forced to live on a beach on her own for one night. Despite feeling alienated by her tribe throughout the game, she comes back to Koror the next morning feeling happier. At Tribal Council, Stephenie knows she is next to go and makes a heartfelt and tearful plea not to be voted off. After thinking it over, Janu decides to leave the game, stating that it's better for her and in doing so, saves Stephenie from the vote. Janu becomes the 11th contestant to leave Palau.

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s10e11 / I'll Show You How Threatening I Am

29th Apr '05 - 12:00am
I'll Show You How Threatening I Am Summary

Thankful to still be in the game, Stephenie addresses the members of Koror. The next day she tries to turn the tables on Tom and Ian by starting up an alliance of all women to take out Tom. Everyone realizes how strong Tom is, including Tom himself, and speculate how much longer he should stay around.

For reward, the survivors participate in the Survivor Auction which include various meals and even letters from home which bring emotion to everyone. After the challenge, Caryn is told about the possiblity of this new alliance. Right away, she tells Tom about it, which leaves Caryn wondering if it now puts her in danger. At the Immunity Challenge, Ian is able to successfully win leaving everyone else vulernable to a vote. At Tribal Council, the all-female alliance fails to appear as all the remaining members of the Koror tribe vote Stephenie out.

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s10e12 / We'll Make You Pay

6th May '05 - 12:00am
We'll Make You Pay Summary

After winning the Reward Challenge, Gregg chose Katie and Jennifer to join him on the reward, a night spent on a yacht with a hot shower, a feast and a massage. To their surprise, the three are overwhelmed by a visit from their loved ones. Afterwards, they are treated to a swim with dolphins.

While they're away, Ian, Caryn and Tom come up with a plan. Try to force a tie and have Caryn pretend to know and feel she is being voted out. But afterwards, Ian took Katie aside and revealed the plan to her. In the end though, Katie did not force the tie, voting Gregg out leaving Jenn very vulnerable.

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s10e13 / It Could All Backfire

13th May '05 - 12:00am
It Could All Backfire Summary

With five members remaining in Koror, Jennifer tries to team with Ian to get rid of Tom, which leaves Ian scared of an all female alliance. At the Reward Challenge, Ian wins a car and takes Tom with him on his Reward trip, which completely shocks Katie. When Ian returns to camp he realizes how betrayed Katie feels.

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s10e14 / The Ultimate Shock

16th May '05 - 12:00am
The Ultimate Shock Summary

The Two-Hour Sunday Night Finale Will Be Followed By A LIVE Reveal Of The Winner And A One Hour Reunion Show, Hosted By Jeff Probst
The 20 Castaways Will Reunite For The First Time Since Being In Palau.
After 39 days on the island, the Ultimate Survivor is revealed. The final four castaways begin to rethink their strategies when a once solid alliance unravels with the slip of a tongue. In the aftermath of an emotional Tribal Council, arguments abound, feelings are hurt and friendships are questioned. A shocking development during the final Immunity Challenge promises to go down in SURVIVOR history. Tears and harsh words fuel a tense session between the jury and the final two castaways. Who will win and become the Ultimate Survivor?

After the Ultimate Survivor of SURVIVOR: PALAU is revealed, Jeff Probst will officially announce the location of the next SURVIVOR, set to premiere in Fall, 2005.

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s10e15 / Survivor: Palau Reunion

16th May '05 - 1:00am
Survivor: Palau Reunion Summary

In front of a live studio audience and the entire cast of PALAU, Jeff Probst reveals the results of the Jury vote and announces the Sole Survivor and winner of million.

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