Season 13

s13e01 / I Can Forgive Her But I Don't Have to Because She Screwed With My Chickens

15th Sep '06 - 12:00am
I Can Forgive Her But I Don't Have to Because She Screwed With My Chickens

"Survivor: Cook Islands" begins with the four tribes all having their own opinions on the fact that the tribes were decided by race. Soon they all get to their camp and start building shelter and get settled in and start getting to know each other. Raro (the Caucasian tribe) end up losing one of their chickens and a possible romance begins. While Aitu (the Hispanic tribe) seem eager to work together and on Puka (the Asian-American tribe) Cao Boi is able to get rid of Brad's headache with his hands. At the Reward and Immunity Challenge, three tribes win Immunity and Hiki (the African-American tribe) lose. However, they are then able to decide which member of a winning tribe gets sent to Exile Island. At Tribal Council, Hiki vote out their first tribemate.

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s13e02 / Dire Straights and Dead Weight

22nd Sep '06 - 12:00am
Dire Straights and Dead Weight

The Hiki tribe return from Tribal Council and right away feel the extra pressure, but celebrate when they finally get fire. At the other tribes, chickens seem to all be on the menu as tribes are able to catch and cook chickens. On Aitu, the other tribemates feel Billy is not pulling his own weight and decide maybe to throw the challenge to get someone out. Meanwhile on Puka, Cao-Boi once again cures the headaches of his tribemates. At the Reward/Immunity Challenge, Raro, Hiki and Puka all win immunity. When Aitu returns to camp, Ozzy reveals they lost on purpose to get Billy out. On Exile Island, Yul is able to find the hidden Immunity Idol after reading the clues. At Tribal Council, Billy confesses his love for Candice but also argues with J.P., in the end Billy can't save himself from the vote.

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s13e03 / Flirting and Frustration

29th Sep '06 - 12:00am
Flirting and Frustration

Aitu are back from Tribal Council and comment about Billy and what he said about Candice. At the Puka tribe, Yul is starting to get annoyed by Cao-Boi. The tribes meet up with Jeff who announces that they are about to integrate into new tribes. They now have gone from four tribes to two, Raro and Aitu with have both males and females from each of the four tribes. The tribes get to their beach and all feel happy and excited with the new change. At the Aitu camp, Candice is confronted about Billy's comments and she reveals he just took it out of context. Also, right away the castaway try to start new alliances and Yul confesses to Becky that he found the idol. On Raro, Parvati feels she'll be able to flirt as much as she can with guys on the tribe.
After the Aitu tribe lose the Immunity Challenge, everyone scrambles trying to be safe and questioning who to vote for and who they can trust. Before Tribal Council, Cecilia seems to be the front-runner and after the votes are tallied she is indeed voted out.

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s13e04 / Ruling the Roost

6th Oct '06 - 12:00am
Ruling the Roost

After Aitu wins the Reward Challenge, Ozzy successfully finds a fish each for everyone on the tribe. But a climb up a tree searching for bird eggs, ends in the nest falling down with a baby bird inside.
The spirit on Raro is not as high as Parvati doesn't like how J.P. acts around camp, while she flirts a little with Nate.
After the Immunity Challenge, Raro heads to Tribal Council.

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s13e05 / Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus

13th Oct '06 - 12:00am
Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus

Cao-Boi doesn't think the girls on his tribe do enough, while on Raro, with J.P. gone the other men seem to be pulling their weight a lot more than before.
At the Reward Challenge, Raro wins the reward of more fishing gear, spices and wine. The tribe is able to catch an octopus but Cristina spills it into the water, angering a few of her tribemates.
On Aitu, while a few of the other tribemates are away exploring, Yul reveals to the others who he can't trust. As Cao-Boi and Ozzy are on their adventure they just happen to come across the Raro tribe on their beach.
Aitu then wins the Immunity Challenge, someone from Raro is going home.

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s13e06 / Plan Voodoo

20th Oct '06 - 12:00am
Plan Voodoo

Cao Boi wakes up from a nap in the tent. Yul is there and Cao Boi starts telling him about a dream he had. He says that the dream told him how to weasel out the hidden immunity idol by voting for two of the three people who have been to Exile Island. He says that if the tribe splits the votes for Candice and John, then they will know who has the idol.
Also, both tribes go to Tribal Council to vote someone out.

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s13e07 / A Closer Look

27th Oct '06 - 12:00am
A Closer Look

A recap of the events that have occurred in the season so far, with new footage.

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s13e08 / Why Aren't You Swimming?!

3rd Nov '06 - 1:00am
Why Aren't You Swimming?!

Nate was kidnapped at the last Tribal Council and spends the night on the Aitu tribe, while Yul seems to have his booting order all planned out with Ozzy being the first on the list.
The two tribes meet up to compete in the Reward Challenge, where they are given a Survivor Catalogue full of rewards to choose from. Aitu wins the reward and Nate goes back to Raro.
Adam spends an awful night on Exile Island and Aitu discuss the challenge and their other tribemates.
At the Immunity Challenge, Aitu lose and face the vote at Tribal Council.

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s13e09 / Mutiny

10th Nov '06 - 1:00am

Before the Reward Challenge, members of the Aitu and Raro tribes are both offered a chance at mutiny and to switch tribes. From Aitu, Candice and Jonathan took advantage and went over to Raro.
Now a tribe of four, Aitu managed to win the Reward Challenge of a breakfast and a chance to look at pictures and letters from home, strengthening the tribe.
Aitu then wins the Immunity Challenge sending Raro to Tribal Council. Nate questions the trust of Jonathan, but Brad admits to not trusting any of his other tribemates and was voted out.

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s13e10 / People That You Like Want to See You Suffer

17th Nov '06 - 1:00am
People That You Like Want to See You Suffer

Aitu enjoys a traditional tribal dance and meal after winning the Reward Challenge and send Candice to Exile Island again as a result of her mutiny.
On Raro, Jonathan supplies many fishes for the tribe in hopes to show them he pulls his weight on the tribe, while others feel Rebecca will need to step up at challenges.
Aitu win the Immunity Challenge and Raro is sent to Tribal Council once again with a mysterious note in a bottle and are told to open it after the vote.

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s13e11 / Why Would You Trust Me?

24th Nov '06 - 1:00am
Why Would You Trust Me?

On Raro, some people aren't very happy with Jonathan's directions at camp. Later, the five Raro members and the four Aitu members merge into one tribe called Aitutonga.
The Aitu members feel vulnerable, so Yul creates a plan to get Jonathan to flip sides. Jonathan later becomes the swing vote at Tribal Council. He decides to betray the Raro tribe and join the Aitu alliance to vote out Nate.

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s13e12 / You're a Rat

1st Dec '06 - 1:00am
You're a Rat

During the Survivor Auction, Yul reveals to the other castaways that he has the Hidden Immunity Idol.
Jonathan takes the heat from Candice, Adam and Parvati for voting out Nate. The Aitu alliance (which now includes Jonathan) does not share their food with the 3 Raros which leads to an argument with Candice.

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s13e13 / Arranging a Hit

8th Dec '06 - 1:00am
Arranging a Hit

Returning from Tribal Council, Jonathan is still amazed at the words that were spoken about him. At camp, Parvati slices her finger with a machete. For the Reward challenge, the remaining castaways get a visit from their loved ones and family members. After Ozzy wins immunity, Jonathan tries to make sure he is safe from the vote and believes Adam will be voted out.

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s13e14 / I Have the Advantage...For Once

15th Dec '06 - 1:00am
I Have the Advantage...For Once

The castaways get news about their reward challenge and Parvati and Adam know they need to win it or Adam is going to Exile Island since the remaining 4 members of Aitu are still tight.
Ozzy, Yul and Parvati win a spa reward and Ozzy sends Adam to Exile Island. Back at camp, Becky realizes Ozzy is a real threat in the game. After returning from the reward, Becky confronts Yul about voting out Ozzy earlier than they had planned. Yul isn't entirely sure about doing that but mentions how Parvati and her flirting is also a threat.
At the Immunity Challenge, Ozzy wins once again and Parvati is voted out as the former Aitu tribe remains dominant.

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s13e15 / This Tribe Will Self-Destruct in 5, 4, 3... (Finale)

18th Dec '06 - 1:00am
This Tribe Will Self-Destruct in 5, 4, 3... (Finale)

As the number of remaining tribemates dwindles down, Aitu's members are forced to think about turning on each other. Will this strong alliance finally crumble? At the first Immunity Challenge, the Survivors must complete an obstacle course that ends with the most difficult puzzle in Survivor history. Later, endurance is a key factor in the final challenge for Immunity. Who will be the last one standing to secure a chance at ,000,000? In the end, the final Survivors battle it out to convince the Jury that they are the most deserving of the ,000,000 prize. Who will walk away with the money and the title of Sole Survivor?.

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s13e16 / Survivor: Cook Islands Reunion

18th Dec '06 - 2:00am
Survivor: Cook Islands Reunion

Jeff Probst asks the castaways some tough questions after the winner of SURVIVOR: COOK ISLANDS is crowned. Did Ozzy believe he had the votes to win? How does Yul feel now that it's all over? And did Billy mean it when he declared his love for Candice? Find out now in this town hall forum, show live after the season finale.

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