Swamp People
Season 14

s14e01 / Gator War

6th Jan '23 - 2:00am
Gator War Summary

It is an all-out Gator War as hunters battle head-to-head in a competition to win 350 new alligator tags at the end of the season. Troy aims to get an early lead. While Ronnie sets his sights on dethroning the King of the Swamp. Willie and Little Willie chase nothing but monsters. Ashley steps up to captain her own boat. Leron and Porkchop go all out but struggle to put their treble hook to good use.

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s14e02 / The Big 10

13th Jan '23 - 2:00am
The Big 10 Summary

The Landry's target the legendary beasts of Cow Island. Daniel sets an ambitious goal to catch 10 alligators over 10 feet long. Ashley gambles on a new hunting ground. Willie and his son aim to keep their treble streak alive.

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s14e03 / Pig Head

20th Jan '23 - 2:00am
Pig Head Summary

Ronnie faces a challenge in his own territory; Joey and Zak use pig heads to lure in giants; Leron and Porkchop battle a poacher who is stealing their catch; Troy places a big bet on Spearhead Lake; Jacob welcomes a new deckhand.

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s14e04 / Swamp Of The Giants

27th Jan '23 - 2:00am
Swamp Of The Giants Summary

Ashley and Anna try to knock Troy off his throne in his own backyard. Daniel's strategy falls to pieces. Leron and Porkchop call in reinforcements. Troy and Pickle risk their lives to hunt in Deadwood.

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s14e05 / Pickle's Secret Weapon

3rd Feb '23 - 2:00am
Pickle's Secret Weapon Summary

Anna takes aim at swamp monsters with her bow and arrow; Pickle surprises Troy with her secret weapon; Black Rambo hunts for a legendary antique rifle; Little Willie breaks news to his dad that transforms their season; Joey and Zak chase a beast.

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s14e06 / Pirate Cursed Gators

10th Feb '23 - 2:00am
Pirate Cursed Gators Summary

Jacob and Don venture into a cursed pirate swamp; Willie fishes solo after Little Willie takes a land job; Ronnie and Timmy battle poachers; Troy gambles on Pickle's new hot spot; Leron and Porkchop step up their game.

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s14e07 / Flying Gators

17th Feb '23 - 2:00am
Flying Gators Summary

Daniel and Dorien call in air support; Ronnie and Ashley compete in a battle of the sexes; Black Rambo hunts for a legendary payday; Bruce tries to save his season.

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s14e08 / Gators From the Grave

24th Feb '23 - 2:00am
Gators From the Grave Summary

Troy attempts to run a record-breaking 100 lines alone; Ashley and Anna venture into a notoriously haunted swamp known as the Cemetery; Black Rambo searches for a legendary vampire hugging kit; Joey and Zak try to save a lost dog.

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s14e09 / Cannibal Gator

3rd Mar '23 - 2:00am
Cannibal Gator Summary

Troy and Pickle hunt the deepest waters of the swamp; Ronnie wrestles a cannibal Gator that's destroying his chances to move up in the rankings; Leron and Porkchop go after monsters threatening their community; Daniel chases infertile bull gators.

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s14e10 / Pickle's Holiday

10th Mar '23 - 2:00am
Pickle's Holiday Summary

Pickle teams up with Jacob and it's almost like being on vacation; Zak tries to make up for a crucial mistake; Bruce ventures into uncharted territory; Ashley sets her sights on monstrous land gators; Daniel gambles on crab traps to lure giants.

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s14e11 / Gator Lightning

17th Mar '23 - 1:00am
Gator Lightning Summary

A storm is headed for the swamp; Daniel faces the tempest head-on; Ronnie braves dangerous lightning; Ashley tries to outrun the rain while Leron and Porkchop wade right in; Bruce gambles on heading south away from the rains.

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s14e12 / Flash Frozen Gators

31st Mar '23 - 1:00am
Flash Frozen Gators Summary

An unexpected cold front threatens to freeze up gator season; Troy looks for warm waters to save the day; Don mixes up a special juice to lure big gators; Willie beats the cold with a radical new strategy.

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s14e13 / Zombie Pirate Gators

7th Apr '23 - 1:00am
Zombie Pirate Gators Summary

Troy runs into big trouble in his favourite honey hole; Daniel chases a legendary gator known as The Pirate; Leron and Porkchop battle a Voodoo cursed and confront a zombie gator; Black Rambo answers a call for help from his grandpa.

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s14e14 / The Marina Monster

14th Apr '23 - 1:00am
The Marina Monster Summary

Willie gets an unexpected boost at the perfect time; Ronnie and Timmy target a monster terrorizing a local marina; Don hustles to impress the "King of the Swamp" as Leron and Porkchop take on their most ambitious day ever.

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s14e15 / Big Gators or Bust

21st Apr '23 - 1:00am
Big Gators or Bust Summary

As gator season comes down to the wire, Ashley and Anna try to evade poachers; Troy calls upon his decades of swamp wisdom to reclaim the lead in the competition; Bruce battles a voodoo curse; Jacob and Don save their best hunting spots for last.

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s14e16 / Who Will Be King?

28th Apr '23 - 1:00am
Who Will Be King? Summary

It's the final day of gator season and teams are all within striking distance of winning the competition for 350 new tags; Ronnie and Ashley fight to hang onto their lead while Troy battles to keep his title as "King of the Swamp".

27 have watched this episode
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