Swamp People
Season 7

s07e01 / High Water Hell

9th Feb '16 - 1:00am
High Water Hell

As the season opens, the King of the Swamp, Troy Landry, finds himself going head-to-head with Mother Nature. The water in the basin is higher than it's ever been, pushing the monsters into inaccessible back ponds and woods. On top of that, a cold front has moved into Louisiana making conditions even worse. As he and his family brace for what could be their worse season ever, the King discovers more bad news; R.J. and Jay Paul have invaded his area, using their airboat to get to the gators that are out of his reach. Over in Hammond, Bruce Mitchell prepares to start his second season without his beloved hunting dog Tyler. His partner, Ron Methvin thinks he has a great surprise for Bruce, but when they meet up, the plan blows up and puts their partnership to the test. And, at the end of the first day of gator hunting, Troy makes an announcement that rattles his family to the bone.

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s07e02 / The Code of the Swamp

16th Feb '16 - 1:00am
The Code of the Swamp

After a horrible start to the season, Troy is desperate and does the unthinkable by bringing in outside help, despite objections from his sons and brother. Meanwhile, Ron is determined to turn his puppy into a gator dog; and an unorthodox duo known as "Salt and Pepper" enter the fray and hope to get their piece of the action.

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s07e03 / All Hands on Deck

23rd Feb '16 - 1:00am
All Hands on Deck

Troy's bad start continues, but he's determined to fill his 500-plus tags with help from fellow swamper Daniel Edgar's family. Meanwhile, Frenchy Crochet and Gee Singleton's best laid plans hit a snag; and R.J. and Jay Paul's fast start to the season continues and they reveal a family secret.

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s07e04 / Home Turf

1st Mar '16 - 1:00am
Home Turf

Despite help from The Edgar family, The King of the Swamp, Troy Landry is still behind on his tag count. The Edgars have headed home and now Troy must dig deep to rally his troops if he hopes to tag out this season. Back on their home turf, Daniel, Joey and Dorian Edgar are ready to fill their boats with gators but unforeseen forces complicate their mission. And Glenn Guist is always right at home in the swamp, putting food on the table in surprising and "Guisty" ways.

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s07e05 / Monster Men

8th Mar '16 - 1:00am
Monster Men

Willie Edwards is blind-sided by the largest monster he's ever taken on; Daniel Edgar attempts to take down a foe that has haunted him for years; an injury could end R.J'.s season.

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s07e06 / The Party's Over

15th Mar '16 - 12:00am
The Party's Over

When Daniel Edgar's boys show up late and hung-over, the party quickly comes to an end. Troy does battle with a poacher, as Willie risks it all to get the biggest gator he's ever hooked. Over in Hammond, Ron pushes to get the puppy a second chance with Bruce.

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s07e07 / Sweet Revenge

22nd Mar '16 - 12:00am
Sweet Revenge

Troy uses an old family secret to change his luck. R.J. and Jay Paul square off with the Edgar family as they hunt the same territory, and Glen Guist practices "Swamp Medicine" and pays tribute to his brother, Mitch.

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s07e08 / Gamblin' Man

29th Mar '16 - 12:00am
Gamblin' Man

Troy and his family push their season to the limit when they gamble on a new territory. R.J. goes solo and comes face to face with the truth. Bruce puts Ron's puppy to the test and Frenchy and Gee head to hog heaven.

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s07e09 / Better Late Than Never

5th Apr '16 - 12:00am
Better Late Than Never

Troy answers the code of the swamp and helps out an old-timer with his lines. Jacob's brother, Chase, is a no-show, putting the Landry's behind. Ron's puppy, Gunnar, finally gets his chance to prove himself and Dorien faces his biggest challenge yet.

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s07e10 / Cannibal Country

12th Apr '16 - 12:00am
Cannibal Country

Troy faces off with a cannibal gator that threatens to ruin his season. In Houma, Jay Paul edges closer to taking over the Molinere gator-hunting operation. Over in Pierre Part, Chase struggles to redeem himself and in Gonzales, Glenn Guist does battle with "the leaning house of Louisiana".

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s07e11 / Big Claw

19th Apr '16 - 12:00am
Big Claw

Troy and Guy hunt what could turn out to be the season's biggest gator; Jay Paul's bad call could cost him and his father big money; Daniel Edgar's obsession gets the better of him; and Glen Guist pulls a swamp trick to get his boat to a prime fishing spot.

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s07e12 / Home Stretch

26th Apr '16 - 12:00am
Home Stretch

Troy and Guy hustle to fill tags near the season's end; Jacob and Chase get a surprise while fishing their backyard; the Edgars catch a cold spell as lines come up empty; and Bruce and Ron put their puppy to the ultimate test.

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s07e13 / End of the Line

3rd May '16 - 12:00am
End of the Line

The Landrys scramble to tag out on the season's final day, as R.J. and Jay Paul invade their territory. Also, the Edgars try to catch their final gator haul with help from friends.

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