Tacoma FD
Season 2

s02e01 / Payday

27th Mar '20 - 2:30am

Let's get ready to... GAMBLE! As Eddie prepares to become a Dad, the rest of the Tacoma FD crew's wagering is out of control, forcing Terry to ban all gambling from the firehouse. As a result, the crew finds creative ways to bet behind Chief's back, causing Lucy to fall into a hole of debt she can't climb out from!.

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s02e02 / Fire in Sex Town

3rd Apr '20 - 2:30am
Fire in Sex Town

When a perverted arsonist strikes Tacoma, the TPD and the TFD must put aside their rivalries to solve the case. To everyone's surprise, the two crews discover they are not as different as they think, but how long can the lovefest last?

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s02e03 / Whodunit?

10th Apr '20 - 2:30am

Councilwoman Price tells Terry to find the author of an anonymous firefighter blog from the station and shut it down. With everyone a suspect, no one can be trusted. How quickly will they turn on each other? Who will crack? And Whodunnit?

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s02e04 / Lucy Wants a Friend

17th Apr '20 - 2:30am
Lucy Wants a Friend

Longing for another female friend, Lucy convinces Chief McConky to transfer firefighter Delilah Dunn to the station. Threatened by their female force, the guys on the crew desperately attempt to find a macho match to their energy. Meanwhile, Eddie takes Councilwoman Price for a walk on the wild side.

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s02e05 / I'm Eddie Penisi... Sr.

24th Apr '20 - 2:30am
I'm Eddie Penisi... Sr.

When Fire Commissioner Eddie Penisi, Sr. shows up at the station unannounced, Eddie and Terry vie for his approval while the "commish" cunningly drives them further apart. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang embraces their inner nerd playing D&D to win the acceptance of their own illustrious dungeon master.

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s02e06 / The C-Team

1st May '20 - 2:30am
The C-Team

Station 24 is picked to make public service announcements, forcing them to work with the buff and handsome C-Team and their new transfer Delilah. Terry buys a gas-guzzling truck and Eddie can't help but take him for a ride.

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s02e07 / Fire Choir

24th Jul '20 - 2:30am
Fire Choir

Wolf Boykins returns to lead the fire station choir, the Ex-SING-guishers. Eddie teases Granny for joining the group but soon finds himself vying for a spot as the lead whistler. Lucy, meanwhile, convinces Chief to let her look for a more female-friendly uniform.

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s02e08 / The Crying Game

31st Jul '20 - 2:30am
The Crying Game

When Lucy gets injured on the job, Eddie is tasked with heading a peer counseling session that leads the crew to learn more about themselves.

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s02e09 / Ike and Mike

7th Aug '20 - 2:30am
Ike and Mike

Ike's mean twin brother Mike pays him a visit and asks for a life-changing favor. Meanwhile, the crew takes DNA tests, Granny discovers his Jewish heritage and Terry is devastated to learn that Lucy's genes are more Penisi than McConky.

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s02e10 / Firefighter's Ball Part 1

14th Aug '20 - 2:30am
Firefighter's Ball Part 1

Terry learns some sexy new dance moves to impress Vicky at the fireman's ball. Ike volunteers to be Andy's wingman, and Lucy discovers her date is more like his mother than she realized.

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s02e11 / Firefighter's Ball Part 2

21st Aug '20 - 2:30am
Firefighter's Ball Part 2

As the Firefighter's Ball rages on, things go off the rails. Terry and Eddie battle it out, Ike deals with Andy after too many drinks, Lucy struggles to get alone time with her date, and Granny finds a way to ease the tension with his date.

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s02e12 / To Nightmare Manor

28th Aug '20 - 2:30am
To Nightmare Manor

It's a spooky evening for the crew when they have to answer a call at a haunted house. While they navigate the haunted halls looking for the source of the fire, each of them must confront their greatest fears.

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s02e13 / A Christmas Story

4th Sep '20 - 2:30am
A Christmas Story

The holiday season has arrived at the firehouse and everyone is feeling jolly... except for Eddie. In order to get good year-end reviews, Lucy, Andy, Ike, and Granny try their hardest to get him in the Christmas spirit.

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