Tacoma FD
Season 3

s03e01 / Quarantine

17th Sep '21 - 2:30am

The gang is quarantined at the station after being exposed to a potentially infected Capuchin monkey on an emergency call. Everyone deals in their own way.

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s03e02 / Hell Week

24th Sep '21 - 2:30am
Hell Week

Lucy graduates to official Firefighter if she can survive the gang's pranks. She insists they don't go easy just because she's Chief's daughter.

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s03e03 / The Big Chill

1st Oct '21 - 2:30am
The Big Chill

It's time for the annual firehouse chili cook-off, and everyone is excited to impress the chief, but judge Terry is affected by his wisdom teeth surgery and the drugs that go along with it.

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s03e04 / How I Met Your Mother

8th Oct '21 - 2:30am
How I Met Your Mother

A flashback to how Terry and Vicky met and were set up by Eddie as a prank years ago. Terry, Eddie and Vicky all have very different memories of the event, but all involve Terry eating.

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s03e05 / Carpet Diem

15th Oct '21 - 2:30am
Carpet Diem

Coming Soon...

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s03e06 / Rise of the Machines

22nd Oct '21 - 2:30am
Premium Upgrade
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