Teachers (2016)
Season 1

s01e01 / Pilot

14th Jan '16 - 3:30am

The teachers are organizing the school's mandated anti-bullying campaign. Deb offers to step up and lead the effort but, having been bullied herself as a child, she takes things a bit too far.

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s01e02 / Picture Day

21st Jan '16 - 3:30am
Picture Day

A photographer is at the school to take pictures not only of the children but also of the teachers, who are not prepared. After the school mascot pet dies, followed by an elderly grief counselor, the teachers fear there will be another death, because bad things always come in threes.

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s01e03 / Duct Duct Goose

28th Jan '16 - 3:30am
Duct Duct Goose

Principal Pearson wants everything ship-shape for an upcoming visit by the school system superintendent. On the day of the visit, however, one of AJ's students climbs into the ceiling's ductwork and refuses to come out. Meanwhile, Chelsea prepares an audition tape for The Bachelor.

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s01e04 / Hall of Shame

4th Feb '16 - 3:30am
Hall of Shame

Chelsea arrives disheveled after a night of great sex, but is ashamed to have anyone find out it was with Sam, the school janitor. Meanwhile, Mary Louise takes over Cecilia's class for a day, and causes conflict when she tells the students they don't need to learn science because you can explain everything with God.

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s01e05 / Jacob

11th Feb '16 - 3:30am

Caroline learns that her ex-boyfriend Jacob is dating again, and his new girlfriend Ginny is coming to work at the school as a substitute speech therapist. Elsewhere, Cecilia tries to get into a teachers clique, while AJ takes a cue from Deb and starts raiding the school's lost-and-found.

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s01e06 / Drunk Kiss

18th Feb '16 - 3:30am
Drunk Kiss

During a night at the bar, a drunk Chelsea kisses Mary Louise and playfully says "I love you", causing Mary Louise to panic as she thinks Chelsea may be interested in a lesbian relationship. Meanwhile, AJ learns a representative from the school board will be observing her class, due to suspicious answers that she put on her health assessment form.

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s01e07 / Bad Tweeter

25th Feb '16 - 3:30am
Bad Tweeter

After Chelsea posts a nasty Tweet during her off hours, Principal Pearson suspends her for three days. Cecilia tries to organize a protest, but no one else seems bothered enough by the suspension to join her, least of all Chelsea herself.

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s01e08 / Sex Ed

3rd Mar '16 - 3:30am
Sex Ed

A zealous administrator has determined it's a good practice to get teachers out of their comfort zones and assign them to various extra-curricular duties. He puts Cecilia and Caroline in charge of the school's Field Day, and assigns Deb and AJ to help them. Meanwhile, Chelsea is assigned to teach a gifted and talented group, and a very uncomfortable Mary Louise is forced to teach a sex ed class.

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s01e09 / Hot Lunch

10th Mar '16 - 3:30am
Hot Lunch

Deb has difficulty recruiting parent volunteers for lunch room duty, until a pornographic video surfaces with a dominatrix character that looks like her. The next day, several fathers show up to volunteer, hoping Deb will "whip" them into shape. Meanwhile, Mary Louise is preparing to do stand-up comedy for her church's talent show and tries out her material on the other teachers, who are too nice to tell her the jokes are completely unfunny.

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s01e10 / Last Day

17th Mar '16 - 2:30am
Last Day

As the school year comes to a close, Cecilia and Chelsea question the impact they have on their students. After hearing that the district plans to terminate a teaching position, the teachers try to track-down a drunken Mary Louise before it's too late. Elsewhere, Caroline is offended when she isn't invited to Deb's summer barbeque, and AJ has to deal with a handful of parent complaints when she assigns random grades to her students.

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