Teachers (2016)
Season 3

s03e01 / Hello, Goodbye

6th Jun '18 - 2:30am
Hello, Goodbye

Back from summer break, Mrs. Adler discovers an unwanted visitor in her trailer. Ms. Watson finds herself newly poor, putting the Back to School Mixer in jeopardy.

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s03e02 / All by Myselfie

13th Jun '18 - 2:30am
All by Myselfie

Toby Pearson learns how hard it is to be a teacher again. Ms. Snap launches a campaign to ban selfies. A pregnant Mrs. Adler garners attention from a doting student.

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s03e03 / Of Lice and Men

20th Jun '18 - 2:30am
Of Lice and Men

Ms. Bennigan wrestles with how far she is willing to go sexually with Hot Dad. Ms. Cannon learns how to drive in the midst of an apocalyptic lice outbreak at Fillmore.

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s03e04 / Leggo My Preggo

27th Jun '18 - 2:30am
Leggo My Preggo

Mrs. Adler has had it with everyone who has an opinion about her pregnancy. Ms. Watson joins a makeup pyramid scheme; Ms. Bennigan gets caught in the middle of disputing custody parents.

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s03e05 / Gender Bender

11th Jul '18 - 2:30am
Gender Bender

The field trip is delayed when a student goes missing. Ms. Cannon helps Mrs. Adler cope with the gender of her baby. Ms. Watson deals with a student's imaginary friend.

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s03e06 / Wake and Blake

18th Jul '18 - 2:30am
Wake and Blake

Ms. Bennigan tries to win over Blake on a camping trip. Ms. Snap decides to give back to the community.

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s03e07 / The Book Challenge

25th Jul '18 - 2:30am
The Book Challenge

The Book Fair comes to Fillmore and Ms. Snap is inspired to be an author. Ms. Bennigan, Ms. Watson and Mrs. Adler enjoy gawking when they hire a moving company called Moving Hunks.

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s03e08 / For Poorer or Poorer

1st Aug '18 - 2:30am
For Poorer or Poorer

Ms. Watson gets evicted and Toby lets her move in to his place. Ms. Snap joins a dating website for well-to-do older men. Ms. Bennigan deals with the awkwardness of seeing a student outside of school.

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s03e09 / Step by Stepsister

8th Aug '18 - 2:30am
Step by Stepsister

Ms. Snap is surprised when her mother, Tanya, shows up at a parent-teacher conference. Ms. Watson and Toby prepare a tap dance routine for the talent show. Ms. Cannon forces students to perform a song that will save Mother Earth.

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s03e10 / Hot Deadly Dad

15th Aug '18 - 2:30am
Hot Deadly Dad

Ms. Snap convinces Ms. Bennigan that Hot Dad is a serial hugger who is still at large in Chicago. Ms. Watson attempts to teach her dirtbag student to be upper class. Ms. Cannon wears leggings that leave little to the imagination.

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s03e11 / Thoughts and Bears

16th Jan '19 - 3:30am
Thoughts and Bears

Fillmore Elementary School's new neighbor owns something dangerous that alarms the teachers. Ms. Watson finally has to face Toby.

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s03e12 / Operation Egg Drop

23rd Jan '19 - 3:30am
Operation Egg Drop

Ms. Snap contemplates motherhood and the possibility of freezing her eggs. Ms. Bennigan battles technology in the classroom. Ms. Watson pressures her students to win the science fair.

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s03e13 / Playing the Partum

30th Jan '19 - 3:30am
Playing the Partum

Mrs. Adler, struggling to juggle work and being a mom, accepts help from Ms. Cannon, which she quickly regrets. Ms. Snap leads a group of Wilderness Gals through the "urban jungle" to teach them what it means to be a modern woman.

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s03e14 / Sidelined

6th Feb '19 - 3:30am

Hot Dad surprises Ms. Bennigan with a visit from her parents, only to realize there is much she hasn't told them. The Teachers of Fillmore vie to be champions of Fillmore Fantasy School.

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s03e15 / Face Your Peers

13th Feb '19 - 3:30am
Face Your Peers

Mrs. Adler joins a children's music group and is too ashamed to tell the other teachers. Ms. Watson and Ms. Bennigan find their classes passing notes, which causes a rift in their friendship.

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s03e16 / Relationslut

20th Feb '19 - 3:30am

Ms. Snap helps Ms. Watson find her inner floozy while simultaneously getting into a relationship of her own. Mrs. Adler and Toby try to teach their students about the effects of bullying.

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s03e17 / The Final Robe

27th Feb '19 - 3:30am
The Final Robe

Ms. Bennigan has two spots left in her bridal party and the three remaining teachers compete to see who will get the final robe. Ms. Watson gets an unfortunate diagnosis.

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s03e18 / The Tell-Tale Cart

6th Mar '19 - 3:30am
The Tell-Tale Cart

It's Valentine's Day at Fillmore Elementary School. Ms. Snap and Kyle have trouble communicating. The school is falling apart, and Mrs. Adler makes the repairs herself; Ms. Bennigan deals with a pesky TV cart salesman.

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s03e19 / Teacher Depreciation Week

13th Mar '19 - 2:30am
Teacher Depreciation Week

Stricter mandates are required of the teachers. Ms. Bennigan attempts to balance being a teacher and a future stepmother. With no funding, Mrs. Adler, Ms. Watson and Ms. Cannon go to extreme lengths to raise funds for their classrooms.

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s03e20 / Wedded Miss

20th Mar '19 - 2:30am
Wedded Miss

It's Ms. Bennigan's wedding day, and everything that can go wrong does. The teachers scramble to save this hot mess of a day without Ms. Bennigan finding out.

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