Teen Titans Go!
Season 1

s01e01 / Legendary Sandwich / Pie Bros

23rd Apr '13 - 11:30pm
Legendary Sandwich / Pie Bros

Raven sends the others on a quest for the ingredients for a mystical sandwich so she can have the television to herself and watch "Pretty Pretty Pegasus". Robin waits at the supermarket for his order while the others have a fierce run-in with the Sandwich Guardians, while the episode ends with Silkie eating the magical sandwich of immortality and a delicious lunch.
After Beast Boy and Cyborg's song about pie, Beast Boy takes a job at Mother Mae-Eye's pie shop to buy an expensive video game for Cyborg's birthday, but his job may cause him to miss the party and lose his best friend. The Titans also discover that Raven's theory about Mother Mae-Eye baking people into her pies is true.

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s01e02 / Driver's Ed / Raven's Daddy Dearest

30th Apr '13 - 11:30pm
Driver's Ed / Raven's Daddy Dearest

Robin takes driver's ed, and his teacher has some tricks up his sleeve.
Raven's dad cozies up to her friends in hopes of luring her over to the dark side.

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s01e03 / Double Trouble / The Date

7th May '13 - 11:30pm
Double Trouble / The Date

Cyborg and Beast Boy create clones to do their chores, but the situation quickly gets out of hand.
Robin impersonates Speedy in order to sabotage a seemingly romantic date between him and Starfire.

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s01e04 / Dude Relax! / Laundry Day

14th May '13 - 11:30pm
Dude Relax! / Laundry Day

The gang try to teach Robin to relax after his high-strung nature begins affecting the team.
Chores pile up while the team bickers, and soon their dirty uniforms go on the offensive.

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s01e05 / Ghost Boy

21st May '13 - 11:30pm
Ghost Boy

When Starfire mistakenly thinks she has killed Beast Boy, he sees it as a perfect opportunity to torment her, so he makes himself look like a ghost and goes around doing things to play on her highly emotional state, attempting to freak her out. When she figures out he's only pranking her, she and the other Titans convince Beast Boy that he's actually dead. However, Beast Boy then decides to jump into a volcano, thinking he's dead, forcing the Titans to race to keep him from becoming a ghost, but the other Titans all become ghosts (Cyborg after being mauled by a mountain lion, Robin after plummeting from the cliffs, and Raven and Starfire after being hit by random lasers). Beast Boy reveals he knew they were fooling him, but he ends up falling into the volcano, rendering all five Titans ghosts.

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s01e06 / La Larva de Amor

28th May '13 - 11:30pm
La Larva de Amor

Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven agree to take on the responsibility of babysitting Silkie (the baby mutant moth larva Starfire adopted as her pet) while Starfire is away. While making milk mustaches, Cyborg accidentally hits a button, unknowingly allowing Silkie to leave the tower. A few minutes later the Titans realize Silkie is gone and go to look for him. Silkie is meanwhile outside and ends up in a fried chicken bucket, which floats in the ocean, all the way to Mexico. He meets a Mexican woman and they hang out. This upsets her boyfriend, a Mexican gangster. The Titans cannot find Silkie and panic, trying to find a way to not let Starfire know. Silike, meanwhile, has an exciting telenovella adventure, defeating the gangster and rescuing the woman, he then ends up back in the chicken container, floating back in the ocean. Later, back at the Tower, Starfire comes back wanting to see Silkie. They try to fool her, but Robin finally admits that they lost Silkie. Starfire gets very mad that they failed her and thows starbolts at them. She keeps hurting them until Silkie comes home by himself. She is happy to see him and asks her friends if they want to see images of her journey. The four hurt Titans lie moaning on the floor in pain.

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s01e07 / Hey Pizza!

4th Jun '13 - 11:30pm
Hey Pizza!

Cyborg and Beast Boy want to get a free pizza, but the delivery boy is seemingly unstoppable. It is becoming a bit of a challenge as an all out war of wits between them erupts. Meanwhile, Robin struggles with whether to build a senior center or a pool (most likely to see Starfire in a bikini).

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s01e08 / Gorilla

11th Jun '13 - 11:30pm

Beast Boy turns into a loud, obnoxious gorilla and refuses to change back, challenging Robin's authority and driving him crazy. Gorilla Beast Boy then overthrows him and takes over the leadership of the Titans, who follow his every command due to his position as an alpha male. The team quickly strays into chaos, and Cyborg decides to teach Robin how to be an alpha male so he can take back his role as leader of the Teen Titans. With Starfire and Raven developing simian behavior themselves, Robin challenges Beast Boy and tickles him into submission.

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s01e09 / Girl's Night Out

18th Jun '13 - 11:30pm
Girl's Night Out

Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy won't let Starfire come along on their "Boys' Night Out", feeling she isn't crazy enough for the night ahead. To prove that she is and to get back at them, Starfire brings a reluctant Raven along to spring Jinx from prison. The girls have a wild night of their own that ends with all three of them being arrested. Not wanting the fun to end, the girls break out of prison and remain at large. The boys, who bought hats and ate crazy fries in comparison, dismiss the girls' antics as they are chased by the police.

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s01e10 / You're Fired

25th Jun '13 - 11:30pm
You're Fired

Following a fight with Plasmus, Beast Boy is fired from the Teen Titans due to his repeated failures. Vixen, B'wana Beast, Detective Chimp, and the Wonder Twins audition to be his replacement, with Jayna landing the job. Because she requires Zan to use her powers, he is also hired but as a receptionist. To get his old job back, Beast Boy decides to sabotage Jayna with Zan's help, as the other Titans consider him useless. After coming clean, Zan attempts to run away and is saved by Beast Boy. The Wonder Twins leave the Titans and Beast Boy is hired back on as a receptionist.

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s01e11 / Super Robin

2nd Jul '13 - 11:30pm
Super Robin

Envious of the other Titans' superpowers following their fight with the H.I.V.E. Five (consisting of Mammoth, Gizmo, Jinx, Billy Numerous, and See-More), Robin wants some of his own. After a disastrous scientific experiment goes awry that merges him with the DNA of the American Robin, he convinces Raven to use her magic to give him superpowers. The Titans warn him that such powers are cursed with pain and agony, but are surprised when Robin manages to solve all of the world's problems within three seconds, inadvertently putting the Titans out of business. Robin lives the remainder of his life alone and without any meaningful purpose. On his deathbed, Robin finally realizes that the powers were indeed a curse, prompting the other elderly Titans to suddenly appear and taunt him that they were right all along, causing him to flatline.

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s01e12 / Tower Power

9th Jul '13 - 11:30pm
Tower Power

None of the Titans are able to stay awake for a late night movie marathon except for Cyborg, who complains that their physical limitations ruin his fun. When he boasts about his superiority, Beast Boy accidentally spits soda on him, causing him to malfunction. The Titans attempt to clean and rebuild him but fail miserably. They plug his head into the Titans Tower control panel, which grants him control over the entire tower. Taking the form of a monitor, Cyborg intrudes upon the other Titans' privacy, and they conspire to remove his head from the control panel. Cyborg retaliates by attacking them with household appliances until he supposedly regains his senses, then knocks them out. The Titans awaken to find themselves merged with the appliances, and they take their new abilities in stride. A running gag has Cyborg educating the other Titans on the VCR, Webster, and The Pointer Sisters. Cats Don't Dance and The Iron Giant are referenced, both of which are also produced by Warner Bros. Animation, and Bad Girls by Donna Summer is played by Cyborg during Raven's meditation.

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s01e13 / Parasite

16th Jul '13 - 11:30pm

Starfire is collecting food in space when she is struck by an alien creature. Back on Earth, she holds the Tamaranian holiday Feast Day, but the food scares the other Titans off, leaving her feeling dejected. A bulging infection develops on her belly, a space parasite named Parry that communicates with Starfire through her mind. Everyone eventually warms up to the parasite except for Robin, who believes Starfire is out of her mind and that the parasite is out to destroy them. His efforts to convince everyone only hurts Starfire more, and Robin attempts to surgically remove it from her in her sleep. Parry then enters Robin's mind, where Robin realizes that he misunderstood both Parry and Starfire. Parry then decides to separate from Starfire and depart from the Titans. As they bid their goodbyes, Parry suddenly mutates into a giant spider alien (the Cironielian Chrysalis Eater from the original series) and warps them all across space. Seeing that he was right all along, Robin rubs it in everyone's face before Parry crushes them with her claws.

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s01e14 / Starliar

23rd Jul '13 - 11:30pm

When Starfire is the only Titan invited to the Titans East Annual Dance Party, Beast Boy teaches her how to lie so that she can spare the other Titans feelings, but her lies turn all of the Titans against each other.

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s01e15 / Meatball Party

30th Jul '13 - 11:30pm
Meatball Party

While trying to entice Raven into joining a meatball party, Cyborg fires a half-meat, half-robot mystery meatball into her mouth, cracking her tooth and releasing the demon octopus that lives in her mouth.

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s01e16 / Staff Meeting

13th Aug '13 - 11:30pm
Staff Meeting

When Robin's short, silvery beloved bo-staff weapon is accidentally broken by the other four Titans, he seeks a new and even stronger one at the legendary, mystical Universe Tree. His newly acquired bo-staff weapon is far much stronger and much more effective with magical properties of its very own. When Robin's original bo-staff is finally restored, the Universe Tree part is used by Beast Boy as a plunger component.

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s01e17 / Terra-ized

20th Aug '13 - 11:30pm

When Beast Boy happily believes that Terra is his new beloved sweetheart and girlfriend, Raven is suspicious of her true motives which is to tricking Beast Boy into giving out the Titan's weaknesses. At the end, it is revealed that Raven really might harbor unknown feelings for Beast Boy.

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s01e18 / Artful Dodgers

27th Aug '13 - 11:30pm
Artful Dodgers

The Titans believe they will win an upcoming dodgeball championship (despite the only thing they've practiced is their victory dance), but things get serious when their opponents turn out to be the H.I.V.E. Five.

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s01e19 / Burger vs. Burrito

3rd Sep '13 - 11:30pm
Burger vs. Burrito

Cyborg and Beast Boy are in perfect sync, except when it comes to their taste in food. What’s the best food ever created, burgers or burritos? The two friends have an all-out competition to settle things once and for all.

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s01e20 / Matched

11th Sep '13 - 11:30pm

When a computer dating program matches Beast Boy to Raven, he tries wooing her to disastrous effect.

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s01e21 / Colors of Raven

18th Sep '13 - 11:30pm
Colors of Raven

A magical prism causes Raven to fragment into five distinct personalities which wreak havoc around town until the other Titans can figure out how to rejoin her.

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s01e22 / The Left Leg

25th Sep '13 - 11:30pm
The Left Leg

When the gang bands together to form a giant robot, Robin is relegated to the left leg- but he makes the left leg count!

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s01e23 / Books

2nd Oct '13 - 11:30pm

The Titans discover the wonders of reading, but after opening a book that brings their thoughts to life, they must fight their own imaginations! When Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire read one of Raven's books, it ends up creating antagonistic versions of Benjamin Franklin, Pinocchio, the Invisible Man, and a flock of pelicans as a result of having these imaginations in their mind. Raven tells her teammates that they must shut out their imagination to defeat them.

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s01e24 / Lazy Sunday

9th Oct '13 - 11:30pm
Lazy Sunday

Cyborg and Beast Boy love lazy Sundays sitting on the couch... even when it's a Tuesday! But when Robin replaces the couch with a treadmill, the two lazy teens must embrace the new active lifestyle.

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s01e25 / Starfire the Terrible

16th Oct '13 - 11:30pm
Starfire the Terrible

When Robin needs an archenemy, Starfire generously offers to fill in the role and she far exceeds Robin's expectations.

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s01e26 / Power Moves

23rd Oct '13 - 11:30pm
Power Moves

When Robin starts doing power moves with Cyborg, Beast Boy gets very jealous.

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s01e27 / Staring at the Future

30th Oct '13 - 11:30pm
Staring at the Future

Cyborg and Beast Boy have a staring contest that lasts thirty years, bringing them face-to-face with a future of adulthood and responsibility... and they hate it.

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s01e28 / No Power

7th Nov '13 - 12:30am
No Power

Feeling the other Titans depend too much on their superpowers, Robin challenges them to go twenty-four hours without using their special abilities. To his distress, they all succeed, leading him to question his own value to the team.

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s01e29 / Sidekick

14th Nov '13 - 12:30am

Robin gets called back to the Batcave but only as a house-sitter while Batman's away, and the other Titans show up and tease Robin about his sidekick status.

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s01e30 / Caged Tiger

21st Nov '13 - 12:30am
Caged Tiger

After their "bro-cation" - a vacation just for the bros - Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Robin return closer than ever... but their bro-mentum is interrupted by Dr. Light. Teen Titans Bro!

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s01e31 / Second Christmas

5th Dec '13 - 12:30am
Second Christmas

Upset that Christmas is over, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy trick Starfire into believing that there is such a thing as "second Christmas" with a "second Santa".

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s01e32 / Nose Mouth

9th Jan '14 - 12:30am
Nose Mouth

Raven succumbs to pressure to use her magic to solve problems around the Tower, but becomes more and more evil with each spell, leading her to change not only the Titans, but the entire world.

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s01e33 / Legs

16th Jan '14 - 12:30am

After Robin swipes her cloak, Raven's leggy figure is revealed and she transforms into Lady Legasus. Meanwhile, Cyborg gets stuck in the discarded cloak, revealing a dark side of his personality.

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s01e34 / Breakfast Cheese

23rd Jan '14 - 12:30am
Breakfast Cheese

Starfire convinces the other reluctant Titans to try defeating their enemies with compassion rather than violence.

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s01e35 / Waffles

6th Feb '14 - 12:30am

When Cyborg and Beast Boy somehow can only say "waffles", the other Titans get really upset when they can't understand what they're saying. As a result, the two are benched as the other Titans investigate a distress signal resulting in them falling into a trap by Brother Blood. And he is annoyed that they can't say anything else, especially as he wants the vocal recognition codes for the Titans weapons arsenal.

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s01e36 / Be Mine

13th Feb '14 - 12:30am
Be Mine

It's Valentine's Day, and the Titans are throwing a dance. Beast Boy knows who he wants to go with, and thing is... he wants to go with Terra, his ex-girlfriend, who already made a crack at eliminating the Titans.

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s01e37 / Opposites

20th Feb '14 - 12:30am

Cyborg and Jinx fall for each other and carry on an illicit good/evil romance, even though the Teen Titans and H.I.V.E. Five disapprove.

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s01e38 / Birds

27th Feb '14 - 12:30am

Robin tries to destroy some pesky mockingbirds, but they come back bigger, stronger, and ready to mock.

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s01e39 / Brain Food

6th Mar '14 - 12:30am
Brain Food

Beast Boy is tired of being the least intelligent of the Titans. When all his efforts to get smart fail, he uses Raven's spell book to cast a spell – not to make himself smarter, but to make all the other Titans dumber.

267 have watched this episode

s01e40 / In and Out

12th Mar '14 - 11:30pm
In and Out

Beast Boy destroys the H.I.V.E on his own, he gets a reward but it's Chicken, Beast Boy is begging for Seafood he never tells the other Titans he's a vegetarian (expect for Cyborg) later on Cyborg gets him Fish and Shrimp and The Titans realize he is a vegetarian.

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s01e41 / Little Buddies

19th Mar '14 - 11:30pm
Little Buddies

Cyborg wants Pain Bot (from "Waffles") to be his new sidekick leading to Beast Boy's jealousy.

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s01e42 / Missing

26th Mar '14 - 11:30pm

Silkie gets offered a reward from Killer Moth if he comes back with him. But will he stay with the Titans?

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s01e43 / Uncle Jokes

9th Apr '14 - 11:30pm
Uncle Jokes

Starfire is allowed to join Beast Boy and Cyborg's revelry, if she avoids uncle jokes.

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s01e44 / Mas Y Menos

16th Apr '14 - 11:30pm
Mas Y Menos

Robin tries to teach Spanish-speaking brothers his superhero ways.

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s01e45 / Dreams

23rd Apr '14 - 11:30pm

The dream worlds of the Titans.

270 have watched this episode

s01e46 / Grandma Voice

30th Apr '14 - 11:30pm
Grandma Voice

Cyborg is possessed by a "Grandma Voice", which irritates the other Titans.

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s01e47 / Real Magic

14th May '14 - 11:30pm
Real Magic

Robin dabbles with magic, ignoring Raven's warning that he will anger the magic god.

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s01e48 / Puppets, Whaaaaat?

5th Jun '14 - 11:30pm
Puppets, Whaaaaat?

Robin accidentally has himself and the Titans turned into puppets after making a deal with the evil Puppet Wizard.

270 have watched this episode
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