Teen Titans Go!
Season 2

s02e01 / Mr. Butt

12th Jun '14 - 10:00pm
Mr. Butt

Blackfire pays a surprise visit to her sister Starfire, saying she wants to spend some quality time with her. The other Titans think that Blackfire is playing another trick, but Starfire is sure that this time Blackfire is serious about reviving their sisterly love

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s02e02 / Man Person

19th Jun '14 - 10:00pm
Man Person

Despite the Titans' protests, Beast Boy becomes convinced that replacing his body parts with robotic limbs makes him more manly.

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s02e03 / Pirates

26th Jun '14 - 10:00pm

Aqualad asks Raven out on a date, which makes Beast Boy jealous. Cyborg tries to prove that Aqualad is really a pirate.

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s02e04 / Money Grandma

3rd Jul '14 - 10:00pm
Money Grandma

When Robin starts a smear campaign against all of the other Titans so that he can be re-elected Team Leader, Raven uses a time machine to bring a great leader from the past to teach Robin how to lead.

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s02e05 / I See You

24th Jul '14 - 10:00pm
I See You

Robin brings Starfire on a fake stakeout in an attempt to get a kiss, while Cyborg and Beast Boy hold their own stakeout to discover Raven's dark secret.

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s02e06 / Brian

31st Jul '14 - 10:00pm

When the Brain captures the Titans to fuel Project B.R.I.A.N., the Titans' little buddies are the only heroes who can save them.

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s02e07 / Nature

7th Aug '14 - 10:00pm

When Beast Boy loses his ability to change into animals, he realizes that he's lost touch with his wild side. He goes to the forest to reconnect with his inner beast, but Mother Nature isn't as great as he had hoped.

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s02e08 / Salty Codgers

14th Aug '14 - 10:00pm
Salty Codgers

Raven is delighted when the other Titans are magically turned into old people during a battle.

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s02e09 / Knowledge

21st Aug '14 - 10:00pm

Starfire wants to learn more, but will knowledge make her a bummer?

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s02e10 / Slumber Party

28th Aug '14 - 10:00pm
Slumber Party

When the other Titans find out that Cyborg is afraid of the dark, they have a slumber party to help him face his fears.

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s02e11 / Love Monsters

4th Sep '14 - 10:00pm
Love Monsters

Raven warns the Titans not to go near a box containing the Twin Destroyers of Azarath. Starfire can't help it and opens the box, giving hugs and snuggles to the tiny and adorable destroyers... but love only makes the destroyers stronger. Now, the Titans must find a way to get the monsters back in the box before Raven finds out that they were released.

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s02e12 / Baby Hands

11th Sep '14 - 10:00pm
Baby Hands

After Brother Blood erases the memories of Cyborg, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy, Robin uses the opportunity to retrain the team his way.

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s02e13 / Caramel Apples

18th Sep '14 - 10:00pm
Caramel Apples

When Raven does not get Trigon a gift for Father's Day, he arrives to wreck Earth, but ends up spending time with Starfire.

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s02e14 / Sandwich Thief

25th Sep '14 - 10:00pm
Sandwich Thief

When someone steals Robin's perfect sandwich, he sets out to discover the culprit.

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s02e15 / Friendship

2nd Oct '14 - 10:00pm

When Control Freak imprisons the Titans in a Pretty Pretty Pegasus world, the Titans decide to use violence to escape, while Raven decides to use friendship and happiness.

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s02e16 / Vegetables

9th Oct '14 - 10:00pm

When the team tries to live a vegetarian lifestyle, they learn that living that way is not for everyone.

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s02e17 / The Mask

16th Oct '14 - 10:00pm
The Mask

Robin's mask hides both his secret identity and a horrible secret.

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s02e18 / Serious Business

23rd Oct '14 - 10:00pm
Serious Business

The Titans find out what a bathroom is really for.

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s02e19 / Halloween

30th Oct '14 - 10:00pm

Raven wants to put the spirit of Halloween back into the event.

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s02e20 / Boys vs Girls

6th Nov '14 - 11:00pm
Boys vs Girls

The Titans compete against each other to prove who is the better gender.

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s02e21 / Body Adventure

13th Nov '14 - 11:00pm
Body Adventure

When Cyborg becomes ill, Robin insists on shrinking himself to fight the infection on his own.

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s02e22 / Road Trip

20th Nov '14 - 11:00pm
Road Trip

Cyborg completely rebuilt the T-Car and takes it out on a road trip.

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s02e23 / Thanksgiving

26th Nov '14 - 11:00pm

When Raven's father Trigon shows up for Thanksgiving dinner, Robin's seating plan isn't the only thing that gets ruined.

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s02e24 / The Best Robin

4th Dec '14 - 11:00pm
The Best Robin

Due to the Titans' laziness, Robin creates another team of himself to battle Brother Blood.

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s02e25 / Mouth Hole

8th Jan '15 - 11:00pm
Mouth Hole

Robin wants to gain the power of whistling.

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s02e26 / Hot Garbage

15th Jan '15 - 11:00pm
Hot Garbage

The Titans try to convince Beast Boy to clean his room, but they learn that there is more to garbage than just trash.

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s02e27 / Robin Backwards

22nd Jan '15 - 11:00pm
Robin Backwards

When Nibor, Bizzaro World's Robin, arrives in Jump City, the team decides that they should watch him.

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s02e28 / Crazy Day

29th Jan '15 - 11:00pm
Crazy Day

When Crazy Day arrives, Raven tries to avoid being driven crazy by her fellow teammates.

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s02e29 / Smile Bones

5th Feb '15 - 11:00pm
Smile Bones

When Cyborg and Beast Boy teach the others to wolf down their food, the group must battle their own obesity.

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s02e30 / Real Boy Adventures

12th Feb '15 - 11:00pm
Real Boy Adventures

After transforming himself into 'Fleshy Guy', Cyborg discovers the delight and agony of being human.

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s02e31 / Hose Water

19th Feb '15 - 11:00pm
Hose Water

The discovery of a baby bird fuels Starfire and Cyborg to discover their inner children have been awakened.

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s02e32 / Let's Get Serious

26th Feb '15 - 11:00pm
Let's Get Serious

When Cyborg and Beast Boy teach the others to wolf down their food, the group must battle their own obesity; after transforming into "Fleshy Guy", Cyborg discovers the ups and downs of being human.

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s02e33 / Tamaranian Vacation

5th Mar '15 - 11:00pm
Tamaranian Vacation

The Titans visit Starfire's home world of Tamaran to try and learn what makes her so sweet and loving.

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s02e34 / Rocks and Water

12th Mar '15 - 10:00pm
Rocks and Water

Raven and Beast Boy are surprised to discover that their exes, Terra and Aqualad, are dating each other.

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s02e35 / Multiple Trick Pony

19th Mar '15 - 10:00pm
Multiple Trick Pony

Robin insists that he is a "multiple trick pony".

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s02e36 / Truth, Justice and What?

26th Mar '15 - 10:00pm
Truth, Justice and What?

We finally learn the true source of the Titans' goofy humor: pizza!.

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s02e37 / Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp

2nd Apr '15 - 10:00pm
Two Bumble Bees and a Wasp

When Robin tries to teach the others to have more respect for money, he ends up learning a lesson.

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s02e38 / Oil Drums

9th Apr '15 - 10:00pm
Oil Drums

Cyborg is looking forward to watching a marathon of '80s television shows, but he can't find the remote control.

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s02e39 / Video Game References

16th Apr '15 - 10:00pm
Video Game References

The Titans immerse themselves into a variety of video game worlds.

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s02e40 / Cool School

23rd Apr '15 - 10:00pm
Cool School

Raven decides to hang out with Rose Wilson because she is cool; the others believe they are lame by comparison so they attend Cool School.

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s02e41 / Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt

30th Apr '15 - 10:00pm
Kicking a Ball and Pretending to Be Hurt

The Titans find out everything there is to know about soccer.

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s02e42 / Head Fruit

7th May '15 - 10:00pm
Head Fruit

When Beast Boy's head starts to rattle, Robin suggests that he should find a hobby so that his brain will stop shrinking.

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s02e43 / Yearbook Madness

14th May '15 - 10:00pm
Yearbook Madness

Beast Boy and Cyborg make a yearbook for the Titans; Cyborg discovers what it's like to be human.

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s02e44 / Beast Man

29th Jun '15 - 10:00pm
Beast Man

Beast Boy discovers he can transform into an adult man.

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s02e45 / Operation Tin Man

30th Jun '15 - 10:00pm
Operation Tin Man

Gizmo convinces the Titans that he has kidnapped Cyborg, who, in reality, is just hanging out with Jinx.

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s02e46 / Nean

1st Jul '15 - 10:00pm

Raven is cursed to be nice; Starfire prepares to marry a pot of chili.

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s02e47 / Campfire Stories

2nd Jul '15 - 10:00pm
Campfire Stories

In order to improve their time on a horrible camping trip, the Titans each tell a scary campfire story.

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s02e48 / 100th Episode: And the Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob

3rd Jul '15 - 10:00pm
100th Episode: And the Award for Sound Design Goes to Rob

Raven just wants some piece and quiet for once, and accidentally makes a magical deal that eliminates all sounds.

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s02e49 / The Hive Five

27th Jul '15 - 10:00pm
The Hive Five

The Hive decides to take the day off so that they can avoid engaging with the Titans, if it is possible.

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s02e50 / The Return of Slade

28th Jul '15 - 10:00pm
The Return of Slade

After defeating Slade in an epic battle not seen, Beast Boy and Cyborg want a clown for the celebration, only to find it boring.

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s02e51 / More of the Same

29th Jul '15 - 10:00pm
More of the Same

The Titans go over the basics for New Year's Eve parties to ensure a perfect one.

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s02e52 / Some of Their Parts

30th Jul '15 - 10:00pm
Some of Their Parts

Robin uses the prism to split the Titans into five parts so he can pick out the best ones for the team.

203 have watched this episode
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