The Amazing Race
Season 35

s35e01 / The Amazing Race Is Back!

28th Sep '23 - 12:00am
The Amazing Race Is Back! Summary

The season begins at the iconic Hollywood Sign, celebrating the famous landmark's 100th anniversary. For the first time, a former team surprises racers as judges at the first Roadblock, where one team member must traverse a perilous tightrope stretched from one rooftop to another at the historic Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, before heading to their first location, Thailand.

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s35e02 / You Don't See That at Home

5th Oct '23 - 12:00am
You Don't See That at Home Summary

Teams dive deeper into the countryside of Thailand for the second leg of the race, encountering catfish-infested waters and pomelo-filled rivers.

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s35e03 / No Sleep and a Million Dollar Dream

12th Oct '23 - 12:00am
No Sleep and a Million Dollar Dream Summary

The teams feel the strain of commercial travel and float their way through the Mekong Delta as they are challenged between making rice paper or customizing a scooter by wrapping it in vinyl in Vietnam.

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s35e04 / The Day Keeps Rockin' Here in Vietnam

19th Oct '23 - 12:00am
The Day Keeps Rockin' Here in Vietnam Summary

Teams continue racing in Vietnam and face the hustle and bustle of a congested Vietnamese market, where they must properly set up a fish stand and deliver mattresses to a local hotel.

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s35e05 / Yessir, the Pink City

26th Oct '23 - 12:00am
Yessir, the Pink City Summary

Teams travel more than 2,000 miles from Vietnam to India where they must balance traditional pots on their heads while performing a folk dance and assemble a life-size, three-dimensional mural.

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s35e06 / Driving Head On Into Scooters

2nd Nov '23 - 12:00am
Driving Head On Into Scooters Summary

For the first time, the votes for the mandatory U-turn are in and one team must complete both detours in India, bundling up flowers and transporting building materials on rickshaws in the bustling streets of Jaipur.

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s35e07 / Like Two Cats Fighting in a Car

9th Nov '23 - 1:00am
Like Two Cats Fighting in a Car Summary

Having experienced the U-turn in India, relationships are tested as teams take on their first self-drive leg in Germany. Also, teams rappel down a castle wall and use their taste buds to identify different mustards.

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s35e08 / A Planes, Trains and Automobiles Day

16th Nov '23 - 1:00am
A Planes, Trains and Automobiles Day Summary

For the first time, teams visit the country of Slovenia. Racers soar to new heights in glider planes, experience roadblock surprises, and battle to remain in the race.

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s35e09 / In the Belly of the Earth

23rd Nov '23 - 1:00am
In the Belly of the Earth Summary

Teams continue racing in Slovenia, carefully traveling on foot carrying wooden pieces on their back, descending deep into a cave to assemble a giant dragon, and scraping off mussels and barnacles in the waters.

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s35e10 / Everyone Loves a Comeback Story

30th Nov '23 - 1:00am
Everyone Loves a Comeback Story Summary

Teams travel 1,000 miles from Slovenia to Sweden where they must face their fears and skydive from 10,000 feet over the Baltic sea, recreate a midsummer tradition, and sort through recyclable items.

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s35e11 / We're Finding Our Pot of Gold

7th Dec '23 - 1:00am
We're Finding Our Pot of Gold Summary

Teams travel to Dublin, Ireland, where they must complete four challenges in the penultimate leg, including swimming in the Irish Sea, dancing with the legendary Riverdance troupe, scoring a point with the hurling team, and reciting quotes from a famed Irish novelist.

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s35e12 / A Sunset, Seattle Scramble

14th Dec '23 - 1:00am
A Sunset, Seattle Scramble Summary

The final three teams travel to Seattle, where they must complete three challenges in the first ever scramble leg. The challenges are inspired by Seattle's art scene and include swinging from a high trapeze, glassblowing, and being a roadie for a grunge band. The team that successfully completes these challenges and arrives first will win the million prize.

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