The Bachelorette
Season 10

s10e01 / Week 1 (S10)

20th May '14 - 12:00am
Week 1 (S10)

Andi, an assistant district attorney from Atlanta, meets her suitors - including a former professional baseball player, a social media marketer, a farmer and an opera singer.

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s10e02 / Week 2 (S10)

27th May '14 - 12:00am
Week 2 (S10)

On the first date, Andi and Eric get lessons from snowboarder Louie Vito; 14 of the men perform routines for a charity event at an exotic male revue; This Wild Life performs for Andi and Chris.

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s10e03 / Week 3 (S10)

2nd Jun '14 - 12:00am
Week 3 (S10)

Andi heads to Santa Barbara, Cal., with her 16 remaining suitors. On a group date, the men must sing at a Boyz II Men concert; Andi and one gentleman are disguised as an elderly couple for a one-on-one date; and one bachelor receives horrible news.

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s10e04 / Week 4 (S10)

3rd Jun '14 - 12:00am
Week 4 (S10)

Andi heads to New England with the 13 remaining bachelors. Singer Jon Pardi serenades Andi and her date; the men compete against all-star WNBA players; and Andi goes on a steam-train ride with one suitor and rappels down a hotel with another.

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s10e05 / The Journey So Far

10th Jun '14 - 12:00am
The Journey So Far

A recap of what has happened so far in the season.

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s10e06 / Week 5 (S10)

17th Jun '14 - 12:00am
Week 5 (S10)

How much can you really trust a person, especially a reality show contestant searching for love on "The Bachelorette", a person you've only known for six weeks?

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s10e07 / Week 6 (S10)

24th Jun '14 - 12:00am
Week 6 (S10)

The eight remaining bachelors head to Italy. Here they have to take a lie detector test and Andi takes one of the guys for a surprise date.

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s10e08 / Week 7 (S10)

1st Jul '14 - 12:00am
Week 7 (S10)

Andi and the men make their way to Italy where Nick is concerned that he won't get the chance to explain about his bad attitude.

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s10e09 / Week 8 (S10)

8th Jul '14 - 12:00am
Week 8 (S10)

A surprising revelation is made by Marcus. Josh manages to secure a one-on-one date with Andi. Some of the men go on a playful bike ride with Andi at the ruins of a castle. The final four bachelors are chosen.

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s10e10 / Week 9 (S10)

15th Jul '14 - 12:00am
Week 9 (S10)

Emily reunites with her more memorable es paartners as she chats with Chris Harrison about some of the more interesting and dramatic moments throughout the season.

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s10e11 / The Men Tell All

22nd Jul '14 - 12:00am
The Men Tell All

The men talk about how they are feeling.

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s10e12 / The Final Rose

29th Jul '14 - 12:00am
The Final Rose

Andi has to choose between Nick Viall and Josh Murray and goes on a last date with both of them and introduces them to her family.

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