The Bachelorette
Season 20

s20e01 / Week 1: Season Premiere

27th Jun '23 - 12:00am
Week 1: Season Premiere Summary

Twenty-five men travel across the country searching for love and hoping to find it with bachelorette Charity Lawson.

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s20e02 / Week 2

4th Jul '23 - 12:00am
Week 2 Summary

Charity kicks off her journey in Los Angeles with a concert from Lauren Alaina; Charity attempts to break a Bachelor Nation record with the help of Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey.

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s20e03 / Week 3

11th Jul '23 - 12:00am
Week 3 Summary

A high-stakes week on the road includes two one-on-one dates and a group date inspired by the film "Barbie".

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s20e04 / Week 4

18th Jul '23 - 12:00am
Week 4 Summary

Charity and the remaining men venture to Stevenson, Wash., for a week full of scenic dates that take their love to new heights and test their survival skills; drama erupts when a surprise guest crashes the cocktail party.

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s20e05 / Week 5

25th Jul '23 - 12:00am
Week 5 Summary

With hometowns on the line and Charity's last chance at clarity before meeting families, she and the bachelors spend a crucial week in New Orleans filled with unexpected dates and shocking twists.

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s20e06 / Week 6: Hometowns

1st Aug '23 - 12:00am
Week 6: Hometowns Summary

The stakes are higher than ever as Charity travels across the country to meet the families of her remaining men, hopeful the visits will offer clarity.

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s20e07 / Week 7: Fantasy Suites

8th Aug '23 - 12:00am
Week 7: Fantasy Suites Summary

Charity and her final three men travel to Fiji where adventures include Fijian pre-marriage rituals, a jungle ATV adventure and jet skiing; an unforeseen visitor crashes the trip.

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s20e08 / The Men Tell All

15th Aug '23 - 12:00am
The Men Tell All Summary

In a night full of confrontations, apologies and emotions, Charity reunites with 13 memorable men to address the season's most unforgettable moments; finale sneak peek; an appearance from the Golden Bachelor.

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s20e09 / Week 8: Season Finale

22nd Aug '23 - 12:00am
Week 8: Season Finale Summary

It's a crucial week in Fiji as Charity navigates the surprise of Aaron's return and introduces two men to her family; Jesse Palmer sits down with Charity and her final three men to watch the conclusion of her journey.

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s20e10 / After the Final Rose

22nd Aug '23 - 2:00am
After the Final Rose Summary

Coming Soon...

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