The Cleaning Lady
Season 2

s02e01 / Sins of the Father

20th Sep '22 - 1:00am
Sins of the Father Summary

Season Two picks up with Thony desperately trying to find her son, Luca, after he was kidnapped by his father Marco. With nowhere else to turn, she enlists the help of FBI Agent Garrett Miller to track him down before they leave the country. Meanwhile, an incident involving Chris forces Fiona to shield her son by any means necessary.

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s02e02 / Lolo and Lola

27th Sep '22 - 1:00am
Lolo and Lola Summary

Thony's in-laws (Fiona's loving-yet-overbearing father and reserved-yet-strong mother) come to Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Thony must help Arman by meeting with Robert Kamdar, Nadia's gregarious and charming ex-lover.

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s02e03 / El Diablo Que Conoces

4th Oct '22 - 1:00am
El Diablo Que Conoces Summary

Thony must team up with Arman and Nadia in a new money-making venture to save Luca's life. Meanwhile, Fiona works to keep Chris out of trouble when the threat of evidence arises.

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s02e04 / Bahala Na

11th Oct '22 - 1:00am
Bahala Na Summary

After Fiona puts herself in a dangerous situation, Thony resorts to calling Arman for help, which continues to drive a wedge between Arman and Nadia. Meanwhile, Garrett works to get put back on the Cortez case, and Chris struggles with the emotional aftermath of recent events.

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s02e05 / The Brit

18th Oct '22 - 1:00am
The Brit Summary

Arman and Nadia attempt to take control of their drug-selling venture when they realize Thony's ethical methods aren't making them enough money. Meanwhile, Fiona takes the lead on starting her and Thony's new cleaning business and Garrett is one step closer to solving the Cortés case.

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s02e06 / Oasis

25th Oct '22 - 1:00am
Oasis Summary

An unexpected trio emerges in the mission to take down Cortés, as Arman and Nadia's relationship hits a breaking point. Meanwhile, Fiona attempts to keep her family safe as Chris continues to grieve.

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s02e07 / Truth or Consequences

8th Nov '22 - 2:00am
Truth or Consequences Summary

Detective Flores digs deeper into the cause of Marco's passing. Meanwhile, Thony, Arman and Garrett team up to bring down Kamdar.

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s02e08 / Spousal Privilege

15th Nov '22 - 2:00am
Spousal Privilege Summary

JD temporarily takes in Fiona and the kids during a time of need. Meanwhile, Garrett changes strategies in his attempt to stop Kamdar.

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s02e09 / The Ask

29th Nov '22 - 2:00am
The Ask Summary

As Luca grows sicker, Thony will do anything to get him a new medication, including asking Kamdar for help. Meanwhile, Arman confronts Nadia about her secret.

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s02e10 / Trust

6th Dec '22 - 2:00am
Trust Summary

As Arman and Nadia plan their most dangerous scheme yet, Thony questions her alliances, especially with Luca's health deteriorating. Meanwhile, Garrett zeroes in on a suspect in Maya's passing.

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s02e11 / Sanctuary

13th Dec '22 - 2:00am
Sanctuary Summary

Thony is confronted by Garrett regarding the truth behind Maya's passing as Nadia tries to stay on Kamdar's good side. Meanwhile, Fiona helps Luca celebrate his birthday.

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s02e12 / At Long Last

13th Dec '22 - 3:00am
At Long Last Summary

After Thony, Arman and Garrett work together to come up with a plan to take down Kamdar once and for all, Thony decides to take things into her own hands to ensure the safety of Fiona and Luca.

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