The Cleaning Lady
Season 3

s03e01 / Arman

6th Mar '24 - 1:00am
Arman Summary

When Arman mysteriously disappears, Thony and Nadia begrudgingly team up to look for him. Meanwhile, Fiona tries to manage the aftermath of her deportation to the Philippines and reconnects with an old flame.

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s03e02 / For My Son

13th Mar '24 - 12:00am
For My Son Summary

Thony turns to Ramona to get Fiona back to the United States but finds herself indebted. Meanwhile, a secret Fiona has kept hidden for decades comes to light, creating friction between herself and family members.

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s03e03 / El Camino del Diablo

20th Mar '24 - 12:00am
El Camino del Diablo Summary

When Thony is tasked with cleaning cars for Ramona, she comes across a distressed woman in need of medical attention. Fiona attempts to return to the States and Nadia confronts Agent Russo for information about Arman's disappearance.

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s03e04 / Agua, Fuego, Tierra, Viento

27th Mar '24 - 12:00am
Agua, Fuego, Tierra, Viento Summary

As Luca's CPS interview nears, Thony focuses on getting Fiona back home with the help of Jorge. Meanwhile, Nadia continues to investigate Arman's disappearance and finds herself face-to-face with Ramona.

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s03e05 / All of Me

3rd Apr '24 - 12:00am
All of Me Summary

When Thony and Fiona are faced with a terrifying situation, they set out to fix it before it's too late. Meanwhile, Jorge throws a wrench in Ramona's plan to find Arman, and Ramona starts to question his allegiance.

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s03e06 / El Reloj

10th Apr '24 - 12:00am
El Reloj Summary

Thony gets a new lead on Arman's whereabouts. Meanwhile, Ramona tries to cut a deal with Nadia and Luca attends his first day of school.

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s03e07 / Velorio

17th Apr '24 - 12:00am
Velorio Summary

Ramona grows increasingly more apprehensive of Thony's involvement in Arman's life and suspects Thony and Nadia of jeopardizing her and Jorge's plans. Meanwhile, Jeremy volunteers to install security equipment at Fiona's house.

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s03e08 / Know Thy Enemy

1st May '24 - 12:00am
Know Thy Enemy Summary

As Thony starts to spiral, Fiona grows tired of her antics and goes to Russo for help. Meanwhile, Ramona and Jorge focus on cleaning up Arman's mess, ensuring nothing can be traced back to them.

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s03e09 / From the Ashes

8th May '24 - 12:00am
From the Ashes Summary

Ramona considers an offer from Thony that causes a shift in their dynamic. Jorge teams up with Nadia as a way to use her connections and Russo's team gets closer to breaking their case open.

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s03e10 / Smoke and Mirrors

15th May '24 - 12:00am
Smoke and Mirrors Summary

After finding hidden cameras in her home, Thony attempts to get her family's normal life back by turning down a powerful offer from Ramona. Meanwhile, Jorge proposes a new money-laundering venture to Nadia. Then, Ramona and Jorge's properties are searched by the FBI after Russo obtains a warrant against them.

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s03e11 / Fight or Flight

22nd May '24 - 12:00am
Fight or Flight Summary

As Ramona continues her attempts to recruit Thony into her business, Thony and Fiona work with the FBI to help Nadia. Meanwhile, the FBI starts organizing a plan to take down Ramona inside her own event

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s03e12 / House of Cards

22nd May '24 - 1:00am
House of Cards Summary

Russo receives a terrifying warning from Sin Cara and Jorge gets news that could alter his alliances.

708 have watched this episode
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