The Undateables
Season 7

s07e00 / The Undateables at Christmas

21st Dec '17 - 9:00pm
The Undateables at Christmas

The Undateables returns with some familiar faces sharing their extra special plans with loved ones for the festive season - from releasing a Christmas single, to delivering the seasonal post on time. Rock star Daniel from Brighton is busy planning the release of his latest single, while also dreaming of a girlfriend for Christmas and beyond. In Bournemouth, poet Shaine is getting in the mistletoe, in anticipation of that first ever kiss with his girlfriend Gemma. Ray, a charity worker from north London, will be spending Christmas with his new girlfriend, Christine. Ray plans a romantic date, including a festive horse and carriage ride around Richmond Park. Richard, or Lord Richard as he now prefers to be known, is planning a festive card for the new significant lady in his life - Anna. And postman Sam, from Surrey, hopes that a romantic date at Bath Christmas Market will prove the right setting for him to ask Francesca if she'll be his girlfriend.

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s07e01 / Jason & Souleyman

11th Sep '17 - 9:00pm
Jason & Souleyman

The Return of the programme following disabled people as they try to find romance, featuring fan Jason and Paralympic hopeful Souleyman.

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s07e02 / Rhys, Joshua & Kaia

18th Sep '17 - 9:00pm
Rhys, Joshua & Kaia

James Bond fanatic Rhys is from Swansea. The law graduate is autistic and struggles to read signals, meaning he is never sure whether a girl fancies him. Joshua is 22 and from Chichester. Joshua is a keen gardener. He is autistic and can sometimes find social situations difficult, but he now feels ready to find a girlfriend. Cooking enthusiast Kaia from Berkshire is profoundly deaf. Can Kaia win over the man of her dreams with her culinary skills?

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s07e03 / Sam, Donovan & Katy

25th Sep '17 - 9:00pm
Sam, Donovan & Katy

Movie fanatic Sam may be born and bred in Kent, but with a love of all things American, he sounds more Hollywood than British. Sam, who is autistic, is looking for his leading lady and hopes his collection of 44 bottles of aftershave might help. At 35, robotics engineer Donovan is the last one in his group of friends to find love. Donovan has brittle bones which has lead to over 80 fractures in his life. His condition has also affected his growth - at around 4'10', he feels his height puts women off. Can he bag his first ever second date? Katy, a careworker from Gloucester, has been single for a year and is eager to find love. Katy has Tourette's syndrome and wants to find a man who will accept her for who she is.

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s07e04 / Richard, Lizzie, Eddie & Sam

2nd Oct '17 - 9:00pm
Richard, Lizzie, Eddie & Sam

Richard is 43 and autistic and last year managed his first ever second date. Can he now build on this success with Anna? There's also postman Sam. And the show also catches up with Lizzie and Eddie.

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s07e05 / Shaine, Lily, Ray & George

9th Oct '17 - 9:00pm
Shaine, Lily, Ray & George

Poet Shaine and Gemma celebrate their first anniversary, as ghosthunter Lily and charity worker Ray go looking for love again.

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