Voltron: Legendary Defender
Season 6

s06e01 / Omega Shield

16th Jun '18 - 3:59am
Omega Shield

An attack by Sendak prompts the Paladins to scramble to a planet's defense. Lotor calls on Allura for help in assembling a powerful ship.

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s06e02 / Razor's Edge

17th Jun '18 - 3:59am
Razor's Edge

Keith's journey to an abyss to search for a quintessence source unlocks memories about his past. Lance wallows in unrequited love.

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s06e03 / Monsters & Mana

18th Jun '18 - 3:59am
Monsters & Mana

When the team takes a break to play a magical role-playing game, their fantasy world sparks useful ideas to help them solve real-world problems.

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s06e04 / The Colony

19th Jun '18 - 3:59am
The Colony

After Lotor and Allura head off in the new ship, the remaining Paladins get a dire warning that could change everything.

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s06e05 / The Black Paladins

20th Jun '18 - 3:59am
The Black Paladins

As one Paladin takes on a dangerous mission through a wormhole, the others contend with failing controls on the castle.

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s06e06 / All Good Things

21st Jun '18 - 3:59am
All Good Things

A metaphysical encounter shines light on a Paladin's fate. Lance and Allura console each other about their past judgments. Lotor makes a plea.

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s06e07 / Defender of All Universes

22nd Jun '18 - 3:59am
Defender of All Universes

An epic battle leaves the universe in a state of chaos, threatening to destroy all life unless a sacrifice is made.

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