Voltron: Legendary Defender
Season 8

s08e01 / Launch Date

15th Dec '18 - 4:59am
Launch Date Summary

The Paladins spend one last night on Earth in preparation for the launch of the Atlas. Lance works up the courage to ask Allura an important question.

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s08e02 / Shadows

16th Dec '18 - 4:59am
Shadows Summary

Flashbacks shine a light on Honerva's past with Lotor and Zarkon, revealing the motivation for her recent actions.

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s08e03 / The Prisoner's Dilemma

17th Dec '18 - 4:59am
The Prisoner's Dilemma Summary

After taking control of a Galra base on a dark planet, the Paladins follow a distress signal from a missing fleet and make an unsettling discovery.

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s08e04 / Battle Scars

18th Dec '18 - 4:59am
Battle Scars Summary

While floating through the universe searching for signs of a Robeast, the Paladins head toward Olkarion and realize they aren't alone on their journey.

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s08e05 / The Grudge

19th Dec '18 - 4:59am
The Grudge Summary

The Paladins make plans to meet with the Atlas, but the reunion is interrupted when the Lions are ambushed by a mysterious adversary.

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s08e06 / Genesis

20th Dec '18 - 4:59am
Genesis Summary

Voltron heads to Oriande to confront Honerva after the team discovers she's using wormholes to harvest massive amounts of Quintessence.

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s08e07 / Day Forty-Seven

21st Dec '18 - 4:59am
Day Forty-Seven Summary

Pilots Kinkade and Rizavi provide a documentary-style look at both the lighthearted and stressful moments of day-to-day life on the Atlas.

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s08e08 / Clear Day

22nd Dec '18 - 4:59am
Clear Day Summary

The crew heads to the planet Drazan to participate in the festivities of Clear Day, but Allura is plagued by nightmares when she stays behind to rest.

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s08e09 / Knights of Light, Part 1

23rd Dec '18 - 4:59am
Knights of Light, Part 1 Summary

The Paladins travel into an expansive void accessed through Allura's mind, where they encounter frightening spirits and cursed souls.

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s08e10 / Knights of Light, Part 2

24th Dec '18 - 4:59am
Knights of Light, Part 2 Summary

Traveling further into an abyss of memories, the Paladins make shocking discoveries that could alter their reality forever.

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s08e11 / Uncharted Regions

25th Dec '18 - 4:59am
Uncharted Regions Summary

As Honerva gets closer to creating a catastrophic rift in reality, the Atlas crew races against time to figure out how to locate and stop her.

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s08e12 / The Zenith

26th Dec '18 - 4:59am
The Zenith Summary

Confronted by a dark energy like nothing they've faced before, the Paladins must draw on their everlasting bond - and a few Balmera - to forge ahead.

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s08e13 / The End Is the Beginning

27th Dec '18 - 4:59am
The End Is the Beginning Summary

Voltron and Honerva come together at the source of all realities in the ultimate battle between good and evil for the survival of the universe.

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