TV Episode Summaries for
31st May 2020

Ramy Season 2, Episode 2

Can You Hear Me Now?

Airs: 3:59am - 4:29am on Hulu

Hey i'm starting to think those guys at Verizon had a point.

Space Force Season 1, Episode 2

Save Epsilon 6!

Airs: 3:59am - 4:29am on Netflix

With his beloved satellite severely hobbled, General Naird must decide between a well-reasoned scientific solution and a chimp-led rescue operation.

Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series Season 2, Episode 9

The F**ket List

Airs: 3:59am - 4:29am on Netflix

Bubbles drags Julian to the fair to cheer him up. After a fortuneteller delivers the bad news, the guys end up in a cult. Time to start drinking.

Transformers: Cyberverse Season 3, Episode 23

Rack N' Ruin N' Ratchet

Airs: 11:00am - 11:15am on Cartoon Network

A rescue mission to save Jetfire reveals a secret Decepticon operation.

Transformers: Cyberverse Season 3, Episode 24

Dweller In The Depths

Airs: 11:15am - 11:30am on Cartoon Network

Bumblebee and Chromia's search for Windblade takes them into Cybertron's gaseous Argon Sea.

MasterChef Australia Season 12, Episode 35

Ice cream Elimination Challenge

Airs: 11:30am - 12:30pm on Network Ten

Contestants must make a dish that has two different flavoured ice-creams that only work when they are eaten together. In round two, they must make a dish using one of five unusual flavour pairings.

Operation Buffalo Season 1, Episode 1

Season 1, Episode 1

Airs: 12:30pm - 1:30pm on ABC

In 1956, highly decorated military engineer Major Leo Carmichael is tasked with supervising construction of the British atomic test towers at Maralinga, in the South Australian desert.
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