TV Episode Summaries for
7th December 2020

Pandora Season 2, Episode 9

All Along the Watchtower

Airs: 1:00am - 2:00am on The CW

As the Galaxy sits on the brink of war, Jax and the team must unite all the races of the Galaxy in the hopes of preventing their destruction. Meanwhile, Osborn grapples with the ghosts of his past.

The Simpsons Season 32, Episode 9

Sorry Not Sorry

Airs: 1:00am - 1:30am on FOX

Lisa calls her teacher, Ms. Hoover, a hack and refuses to apologize. Then, she learns Ms. Hoover's private pain.

Bless the Harts Season 2, Episode 8


Airs: 1:30am - 2:00am on FOX

Wayne gets a job at his favorite hardware store, but is harassed by two co-workers because of his hard-working nature. Jenny wins the lottery of $2000 on a lucky day, and Betty, Violet, and David join her in spending all of it.

The Outpost Season 3, Episode 9

She Is Not A God

Airs: 2:00am - 3:00am on The CW

Tobin's secret is revealed to Gwynn. Talon learns of a long-lost deadly power. Meanwhile, two groups hunt for Yavalla - one group in hopes to find a cure and the other trying to kill.

Euphoria Season 1, Episode 0

Trouble Don't Last Always

Airs: 2:00am - 3:00am on HBO

On Christmas Eve, following her relapse, an intoxicated Rue sits at a diner with Ali to reflect on her addiction. Rue admits that she willingly relapsed with little hesitation; Ali reminds her that addiction is a disease, and emphasizes the importance of committing to a cause greater than herself. Rue attempts to blame Jules for her relapse, but Ali points out that Rue had been saving the pills she ultimately used, suggesting that she was never serious about staying clean. He also notes that Rue never officially acknowledged her relationship with Jules. Rue eventually admits that she does not forgive herself for her treatment of her family (particularly her mother), and that she is suicidal. Ali argues that drugs fundamentally change a person; he reveals that he grew up with an abusive father for whom he harbored deep hatred, only to become violent with his own wife after developing a drug addiction, ultimately estranging his two daughters. Ali tells Rue that a refusal to forgive oneself for one's mistakes is what prevents personal change, and that he has faith in her ability to improve.

Bob's Burgers Season 11, Episode 9

Mommy Boy

Airs: 2:00am - 2:30am on FOX

When Linda joins a women's business group, Gene gets possessive of her time. Meanwhile, Louise and Tina want to learn how to fight.

Shameless (US) Season 11, Episode 1

This is Chicago!

Airs: 2:00am - 3:00am on Showtime

The Gallaghers adjust to life during the pandemic: Frank fears the loss of the South Side to gentrification, while bar closures force Kev and V to get creative at the Alibi. Sleep-deprived Lip and Tami work to make their new house a home as Carl finishes his time at the police academy. Debbie becomes her own boss and deals with the repercussions of her statutory rape conviction of 17-year-old Julia. Ian and Mickey's honeymoon phase is over as they have very different ideas about what married life would be.

Family Guy Season 19, Episode 8

Pawtucket Pat

Airs: 2:30am - 3:00am on FOX

Brian's new job as a journalist leads him to uncover that Pawtucket Pat, Quahog's hero and brewery founder, took part in racist actions against Native Americans. The town becomes divided on whether or not to remove the statue that commemorates him.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12, Episode 4

Cash Flow

Airs: 2:30am - 3:30am on CBS

The body of a murdered Navy reservist is found by thieves in the midst of a robbery and NCIS must work with the burglars to find the killer. Also, Kensi and Deeks struggle to decide if they are ready to make the leap and buy a house.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 1, Episode 6

Good vs. Evil

Airs: 3:00am - 3:50am on Starz

Tariq's hands are tied, fearing that fully letting Brayden in on their arrangement with the Tejadas has put him on a violent collision course with Cane, who demonstrates the price paid for using his name.

Your Honor Season 1, Episode 1

Part One

Airs: 3:00am - 4:00am on Showtime

When his teenage son Adam is involved in a tragic accident, New Orleans Judge Michael Desiato is faced with an impossible decision that will impact his family forever, test the bonds with his oldest friend Charlie and put a strain on Adam's secret relationship with girlfriend Frannie. Dangerous crime lord Jimmy Baxter and his wife Gina Baxter's birthday gift puts their son Rocco on a collision course with tragedy.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12, Episode 5

Raising the Dead

Airs: 3:30am - 4:30am on CBS

In order to get intel on a matter of national security, Kensi must come face-to-face with a sociopath who has been obsessed with her since she put him in jail years ago. Also, though Deeks is desperate to keep Kensi safe, he is forced to leave NCIS.

Moonbase 8 Season 1, Episode 5

Move the Base

Airs: 4:00am - 5:00am on Showtime

When Cap becomes an unwitting participant in Skip's psychological test, it leads to friction between the two of them. Rook proposes game night as a team bonding exercise, but Cap has a more extreme solution in mind.

Moonbase 8 Season 1, Episode 6


Airs: 4:30am - 5:30am on Showtime

When an angry group of ranchers threatens the team for invading their land, they must decide between abandoning the mission or stand their ground. Skip hatches a risky plan that requires all their training to pull it off. Season finale.

Big Mouth Season 4, Episode 3

Poop Madness

Airs: 4:59am - 5:29am on Netflix

On the last night of camp, bowel problems, a talent show and a hookup lead to chaos - and hurt feelings. Back home, Jay and Lola throw a pool party.

Animaniacs Season 6, Episode 17

The Cutening

Airs: 4:59am - 5:29am on Fox Kids

Dot discovers a recipe for cuteness.

Virgin River Season 2, Episode 10

Blown Away

Airs: 4:59am - 5:59am on Netflix

Mel tracks down Brady to find out more about Spencer. Hope answers Doc's question. Preacher makes a life-changing decision.

The Hardy Boys Season 1, Episode 3

Of Freedom and Pleasure

Airs: 4:59am - 5:59am on Hulu

Joe finds a strange golden idol hidden in his room, but when he accidentally breaks it, inside is a strange piece of broken stone that he stashes in his pocket. Later that day at the Bridgeport Fair Joe gets lucky, but he also draws the attention of the Tall Man. Meanwhile, Frank discovers some information about an old mining expedition that ended in tragedy and the boys start to wonder what their Mom was investigating.

Selena: The Series Season 1, Episode 3

And the Winner is...

Airs: 4:59am - 5:59am on Netflix

Selena is nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year at the Tejano Music Awards. The band travels to Matamoros, Mexico, for an important performance.

Kings of Jo'Burg Season 1, Episode 3

Rise & Fall of the Young Prince

Airs: 4:59am - 5:59am on Netflix

Tlotlo takes things into his own hands when Simon reprimands him for running illegal poker games out of the club. Mo brings Phumzi to a family dinner.

Only Connect Season 16, Episode 12

Colleagues v Sandy Shores

Airs: 8:30pm - 9:00pm on BBC TWO

Two teams who lost their first heats return for a last chance to stay in the competition. They compete to draw together the connections between things which seem utterly random at first glance.

So join Victoria if you want to know what connects a small drink in Armenia, desire in Japan, achieved victory in South Korea and a bell sound in Vietnam.

Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 1

The Warriors of Marley

Airs: 10:00pm - 10:30pm on MBS

The truth revealed through the memories of Grisha's journals shakes all of Eren's deepest beliefs. There is no rugged but free land beyond the walls. There is a whole other world, equally full of oppression and war. Suddenly, the ambitions that have animated the Survey Corps for generations seem small and naive. What is there left to fight for?
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