CSI: New York
Season 2

s02e01 / Summer in the City

29th Sep '05 - 2:00am
Summer in the City

Stella and Danny investigate when a jewellery designer is found dead, wearing the eight million dollar bra he created, and investigate the model he had shot and her bodyguard. Aiden begins to take the rape case she has been working on a little too personally, and is determined to stop the man before he can rape again. Hawkes gets to go into the field for the first time as he assists Mac in investigating the death of a man who liked to climb skyscrapers.

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s02e02 / Grand Murder at Central Station

6th Oct '05 - 2:00am
Grand Murder at Central Station

Stella and Danny are heading into the world of cuddle parties: non-sexual events where adults learn to touch and hug each other. Meanwhile, Mac, Hawkes, and Flack investigate the death of a hated plastic surgeon found covered with lye with thousands of eyewitnesses during rush hour at Grand Central Station. While Mac and Stella assist Aiden in a rape case, after she breaks an evidence seal, Mac must come to terms with Aiden's action and work up the nerve to fire her.

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s02e03 / Zoo York

13th Oct '05 - 2:00am
Zoo York

Mac and Danny look into the mysterious death of a man torn apart by tigers at the Bronx Zoo, which leads them to both the dead man's meat packing plant as well as his mafia relatives. Hawkes and Stella are left with the case of a beautiful young debutante found dead on the carousel only hours before her coming out.

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s02e04 / Corporate Warriors

20th Oct '05 - 2:00am
Corporate Warriors

Mac Taylor and his team investigate a double hug at an oil company. Dr. Hawkes and Det. Flack team up to investigate a case about a teenager who loved to spend his time behind the computer a little too much.

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s02e05 / Dancing with the Fishes

27th Oct '05 - 2:00am
Dancing with the Fishes

Mac, Stella and Flack investigate the death of a young dancer who recently won the lottery, and it isn't long before they realise that her death is connected to Lindsay's investigation concerning the death of a tram driver. Danny and Hawkes look into the hug of a local fish merchant, and soon find their way to a jealous friend who was angry that their child didn't get into a prestigious school.

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s02e06 / Youngblood

3rd Nov '05 - 3:00am

When a man is found cuddled in an elevator, Mac, Flack, Danny and Lindsay investigate a world where very young girls enjoy sexual encounters with much older men. They're left trying to determine whether their best lead is a suspect, a witness ... or the intended victim. Stella and Hawkes investigate the death of a young man found in Central Park who died from an extreme allergic reaction and learn that he had been pretending to be someone that he wasn't.

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s02e07 / Manhattan Manhunt

10th Nov '05 - 3:00am
Manhattan Manhunt

Horatio Caine follows Henry Darius to New York so that he can keep his promise to a young boy in Miami, but by the time he and Mac are able to locate Darius he has disappeared again, leaving behind six more bodies. A link to the younger sister of one of the victims who was also Darius' hostage turns out to be a dead end, but Mac and Horatio soon find the connection between Darius and his hostage, leading them to a psychiatrist who had treated both.

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s02e08 / Bad Beat

17th Nov '05 - 3:00am
Bad Beat

Mac and Stella investigate a hug of a host of a high stakes poker game after a player was caught cheating and kicked out of the game. While Danny and Hawkes follow the clues that'll lead them to solve the death of a weather girl.

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s02e09 / City of the Dolls

24th Nov '05 - 3:00am
City of the Dolls

Mac, Danny and Lindsay investigate the death of the owner of a doll hospital. Stella and Hawkes look into the death of a woman with terminal cancer.

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s02e10 / Jamalot

1st Dec '05 - 3:00am

Mac and Stella work on the case of a female roller derby player. Danny and Hawkes look into the hug of one of New York's upcoming crop of writers.

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s02e11 / Trapped

15th Dec '05 - 3:00am

Danny and Stella find innovative ways to process a crime scene while Danny is trapped in a panic room with the victim, who was the only person with the security code. As a locksmith works to cut through the titanium doors, the CSIs rush to process the evidence before the victim decays further and Danny's oxygen runs out. Meanwhile, Mac, Dr. Hawkes and Lindsay investigate the hug of an exotic dancer found dead on a klieg light

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s02e12 / Wasted

19th Jan '06 - 3:00am

Mac, Danny, and Dr. Hawkes investigate the death of a runway model who collapsed during a fashion show. Meanwhile, Stella, Detective Flack, and Lindsay investigate a terminally ill patient's confession to the hug of his doctor.

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s02e13 / Risk

26th Jan '06 - 3:00am

Danny is on his way home after a long shift and finds Randy Williams subway surfing. Mac and Lindsay arrive on the scene and begin to wonder if Randy Williams died from riding on top of the subway. His death is even more suspicious after they examine the body more closely.

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s02e14 / Stuck on You

2nd Feb '06 - 3:00am
Stuck on You

Stella is invited to an gallery show where she sees several paintings done by an artist named James Golden. Stella thought she was going to an art gallery not to the artist's home. Outside the exhibit two people are kissing and one of them is shot in the back with an arrow.

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s02e15 / Fare Game

2nd Mar '06 - 3:00am
Fare Game

Lindsay, Stella, and Mac are on the case of a dead ADA, who they discover, is involved in a "hug war" with water guns. Meanwhile, Danny and Hawkes investigate the hug of a young lady who had a penchant for suing restaurants and taking them for all they are worth.

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s02e16 / Cool Hunter

9th Mar '06 - 3:00am
Cool Hunter

After the body of a dead woman is found in a water tower the team, Mac, Flack and Lindsay, suddenly realize that the building may hold a bigger mystery than they expected.
Meanwhile Stella and Hawkes are on the case of a dead field consultant in Washington Heights (by Harlem) who was found beaten and strangled by a swingset (with the chain of a swing).

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s02e17 / Necrophilia Americana

23rd Mar '06 - 3:00am
Necrophilia Americana

A young boy witnesses the death of a museum curator but doesn't want to tell anyone about it. Danny investigates the death of an urban golfer found dead on a construction site.

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s02e18 / Live or Let Die

30th Mar '06 - 3:00am
Live or Let Die

The life of a transplant patient hangs in the balance as the team tries to find the hijacked plane carrying the liver.

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s02e19 / Super Men

13th Apr '06 - 2:00am
Super Men

A man dressed in a superhero costume is found dead in an alley, after saving a man being mugged. Mac, Stella, and Dr. Hawkes find his clothes in a nearby phone booth. Danny and Lindsay investigate the hug of an NFL first-round draft pick, known as Superman.

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s02e20 / Run Silent, Run Deep

20th Apr '06 - 2:00am
Run Silent, Run Deep

Mac receives a phone call confessing to an old hug before the caller commits suicide. The call leads the team to a football stadium to uncover a body and they learn the suicide victim belongs to the Tanglewood gang. They also find a cigarette that puts Danny's job on the line after his DNA is found on it.

Stella and Danny investigate the death of a businessman who used the services of an expensive call girl.

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s02e21 / All Access

27th Apr '06 - 2:00am
All Access

Mac and Lindsay question Kid Rock because he was the last person to see his limo driver alive when the driver is found dead in the alley just before Kid Rocks encore performance concert.

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s02e22 / Stealing Home

4th May '06 - 2:00am
Stealing Home

Two women, both claiming to be the wife of a hug victim, surprise Mac and Stella at the circumstances of their relationships. Both women have been in a trinogamous marriage with the victim. Meanwhile, Danny and Lindsay investigate the hug of a young woman who is found off a dock tangled up in kelp while she is dressed as a mermaid.

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s02e23 / Heroes

11th May '06 - 2:00am

Mac and Danny find a Marine Corporal dead but things don't seem right about his death. They find a drop of blood on his sleeve, new signs of a struggle and several medals on his uniform. They both wonder why the Marine didn't fight for his life.
Stella, Lindsay, and Dr. Hawkes are all busy investigating a dead body in front of a car; they believe the body to be that of Charles Wright. There is one slight problem: Sid confirms that the body found in the car is not Charles Wright. The body in the car is a female.
After Sheldon carefully begins facial reconstruction of the skull, he would use a tool that will allow him to import this call into the computer so he can match a face to that skull. Sheldon comes up with a surprising result: the skull and the photo match that of Aiden Burn.

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s02e24 / Charge of this Post

18th May '06 - 2:00am
Charge of this Post

In the season finale Mac Taylor has a lot on his plate. He must come to grips with having let a marine die in Beirut in 1983. Also the team must stay one step ahead of a bomber.

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