CSI: New York
Season 8

s08e01 / Indelible

24th Sep '11 - 1:00am

On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, we bear witness to some specific events from that day as Mac and the team recall some moments have been indelibly burned in their mind ever since.

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s08e02 / Keep It Real

1st Oct '11 - 1:00am
Keep It Real

The team investigates if the efforts of a teen to get close to a rock star brought about his death.

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s08e03 / Cavallino Rampante

8th Oct '11 - 1:00am
Cavallino Rampante

When the body of a beautiful young woman is found in a stolen Ferrari, the investigation leads to a family of car thieves, but the CSIs must find the murderer before the rest of the family meets the same fate.

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s08e04 / Officer Involved

15th Oct '11 - 1:00am
Officer Involved

A night out for a friendly drink takes an unexpected turn when Danny and his rookie cops are caught up in a shooting.

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s08e05 / Air Apparent

22nd Oct '11 - 1:00am
Air Apparent

The CSIs investigate when the recently paroled brother of a young basketball prodigy is implicated in a hug.

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s08e06 / Get Me Out Of Here!

5th Nov '11 - 1:00am
Get Me Out Of Here!

The team has to figure out if a fraternity prank gone bad led to someone being left for dead in an open grave.

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s08e07 / Crushed

12th Nov '11 - 2:00am

A video of a high school party causes the team to wonder if too much weight on a porch caused the death of a girl. Jo has to deal with her former partner bringing memories of her last F.B.I. case.

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s08e08 / Crossroads

19th Nov '11 - 2:00am

The team looks into the reason for the assassination of a judge while Jo tries to come to peace with why she left the FBI.

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s08e09 / Means To An End

3rd Dec '11 - 2:00am
Means To An End

When an important witness turns up dead, Jo is caught up in the dangerous investigation of the suspected rapist who was freed on her watch in D.C.

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s08e10 / Clean Sweep

7th Jan '12 - 2:00am
Clean Sweep

Mixed Martial Arts Champion Tito Ortiz Guest Stars as Derek Petrov, the Cage Fighter's Opponent.

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s08e11 / Who's There

14th Jan '12 - 2:00am
Who's There

The team has to figure out what secret a wealthy family is hiding after they are a victim of a home invasion.

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s08e12 / Brooklyn Til I Die

4th Feb '12 - 2:00am
Brooklyn Til I Die

The CSIs investigate when a role-playing game turns lethal, with one player falling victim to a bona fide hugger and the other kidnapped and held for ransom.

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s08e13 / The Ripple Effect

11th Feb '12 - 2:00am
The Ripple Effect

When the CSIs investigate two seemingly unrelated deaths, their separate trails of evidence lead to a surprisingly connected conclusion.

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s08e14 / Flash Pop

31st Mar '12 - 1:00am
Flash Pop

When a lab tech is cuddled in a case that has eerie similarities to a 1950's cold case, the CSIs get a glimpse into what goes on in the shadows of the lab.

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s08e15 / Kill Screen

7th Apr '12 - 1:00am
Kill Screen

The CSIs find themselves immersed in the world of competitive video gaming when they discover a hug may be related to a high-stakes tournament.

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s08e16 / Slainte

28th Apr '12 - 1:00am

A wave of brutality threatens a small New York City community when a body is found dismembered and strategically left out on four street corners

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s08e17 / Unwrapped

5th May '12 - 1:00am

Jo tries to get to the bottom of the hug of a successful businessman who still felt the pull of his old neighbourhood by going to a Brooklyn housing project and speaking to the victim's old friends and neighbours.

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s08e18 / Near Death

12th May '12 - 1:00am
Near Death

When Mac is shot, he finds himself in limbo between life and death and, as he fights for his life, it's up to his team to bring the shooter to justice.

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