CSI: New York
Season 4

s04e01 / Can You Hear Me Now?

25th Sep '07 - 2:00am
Can You Hear Me Now?

As the fourth season begins the team find themselves investigating something that isnt usually on the Statue of Liberty. Can a musicians life be saved before time runs out?

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s04e02 / The Deep

4th Oct '07 - 2:00am
The Deep

Sheldon Hawkes goes under water to gather clues but could be in danger when he cant come up for air. Mac learns of something else under water.

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s04e03 / You Only Die Once

11th Oct '07 - 2:00am
You Only Die Once

After a series of heists in the city (one including Det. Chief Sinclair's house) one of the "super spies" involved is robbed of his life. The team works to solve the robberies and the hug, as both are obviously connected.

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s04e04 / Time's Up

18th Oct '07 - 2:00am
Time's Up

Is it possible to solve a hug 24 hours before it happens? Mac wonders if the suspect traveled through time to know about the hug in advance.

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s04e05 / Down the Rabbit Hole

25th Oct '07 - 2:00am
Down the Rabbit Hole

The latest hug case takes Detective Taylor to a whole new world and he must figure out why Cheryl Duncan looks so life-like. They also discover something shocking about the murderer while online.

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s04e06 / Boo

1st Nov '07 - 2:00am

The CSI team goes to a haunted house to solve more than just the latest case. Before they can solve the crime Lindsay is told something will happen to her if she doesnt leave soon.

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s04e07 / Commuted Sentences

8th Nov '07 - 3:00am
Commuted Sentences

The team has two cases tonight and two great tourist locations: Madison Square Park where a man is embraced to death, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where a woman is shot dead on the steps.

What is even more perplexing about these cases is that the team soon realizes that these two victims hold something criminal in common.

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s04e08 / Buzzkill

15th Nov '07 - 3:00am

New York City has everything: Times Square, billboards, parties, and a dead model in a giant martini glass. Now the team must find a party crasher who crashed one party too many.

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s04e09 / One Wedding and a Funeral

22nd Nov '07 - 3:00am
One Wedding and a Funeral

What would otherwise be a happy wedding goes sour when the groom... turns up dead: inside a wedding present. After Stella finds bloody puzzle pieces inside a box on her car, Mac heads home to Chicago to solve what could be the murkiest mystery of his life.

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s04e10 / The Thing About Heroes

29th Nov '07 - 3:00am
The Thing About Heroes

While in Chicago Mac uncovers more clues about his stalker and reveals his troubled past. Meanwhile, in New York the rest of the team is in danger. The hunt is on to figure out the identity of the 333 stalker before time runs out.

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s04e11 / Child's Play

13th Dec '07 - 3:00am
Child's Play

Danny is devastated when a young boy he knows is killed in the midst of a bodega robbery. Meanwhile, Lindsay, Stella and Flack investigate the death of a man killed by an exploding cigar that is connected to a joke shop proprietor and another tragedy that occurred years before.

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s04e12 / Happily Never After

10th Jan '08 - 3:00am
Happily Never After

Mac and the team feel theyre headed back to Kansas when they find the victims body with red shoes on her feet crushed to death under an unusual object. The team learns about pop up parties after finding a body.

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s04e13 / All in the Family

24th Jan '08 - 3:00am
All in the Family

In this episode Mac and his team must figure out how a woman's death and a judge's hug are connected. Danny has trouble dealing with Ruben Sandoval's death.

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s04e14 / Playing with Matches

7th Feb '08 - 3:00am
Playing with Matches

The team must figure out how a self-cleaning restroom leads to a drowning.

The team also investigates the death of a man who was set on fire and flew into a fire truck.

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s04e15 / DOA for a Day

3rd Apr '08 - 2:00am
DOA for a Day

After the CSI's receive an anonymous tip they're led to an old warehouse hoping to catch one of New York's most-wanted criminals.

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s04e16 / Right Next Door

10th Apr '08 - 2:00am
Right Next Door

Stella's life is in danger after her apartment is on fire; she must try to save everyone in the building. The team also has a mystery to solve after finding a dead body in Stella's apartment building.

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s04e17 / Like Water for Murder

17th Apr '08 - 2:00am
Like Water for Murder

The team must figure out how a young woman and a shark end up dead on the beach at the same time. This case gets even more interesting when a second body washes up on the beach.

Quinn Shelby observes the team at work to determine if the lab should get their annual accreditation.

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s04e18 / Admissions

1st May '08 - 2:00am

When a guidance counselor is cuddled at a private school, the Mayor orders Mac and his team to drop everything to find out what happened. Mac is frustrated because he can't devote the hours or the personnel to find the "Taxi Cab Killer".

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s04e19 / Personal Foul

8th May '08 - 2:00am
Personal Foul

Danny, Lindsay, and Flack investigate the hug of a man who fell to the ground shortly after making a half court shot worth one million dollars in a basketball game that Danny and Flack attended.

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s04e20 / Taxi

15th May '08 - 2:00am

Mac and his team finally believe they have captured the taxi cab hugger but there is one problem - he is found dead. Mac must figure out how to keep the streets of New York City safe while continuing to track the elusive taxi cab hugger.

As the search for the taxi cab hugger continues, riding a cab gets very deadly when a Jersey City police officer turns up on the steps of the precinct.

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s04e21 / Hostage

22nd May '08 - 2:00am

When a man takes hostages during a failed attempt to rob a bank, Mac offers himself in exchange for a hostage. Only condition is that he must prove that the bank robber did not hug the bank manager, whose body is found lying in a pool of blood in the vault. On the outside of the bank, the rest of the team works to process the evidence that Mac finds and stop the SWAT team from making matters worse.

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