Criminal Minds
Season 16

s16e01 / Just Getting Started

25th Nov '22 - 2:00am
Just Getting Started Summary

When a family annihilator abducts a teen girl, the Behavioral Analysis Unit works the case on either side of the country to save her. But an unlikely connection to a mysterious kit leads to a bigger investigation and at the center of it is Penelope Garcia.

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s16e02 / Sicarius

25th Nov '22 - 3:00am
Sicarius Summary

As the team hunts an UnSub who severs spinal cords, they uncover a clue from their last case that points to a serial hugging network. To figure out how big this network is, Rossi has to convince a reluctant Garcia to do the one thing she doesn't want: come back to the BAU.

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s16e03 / Moose

2nd Dec '22 - 2:00am
Moose Summary

At the heart of the serial hugging network is Elias Voit. Dangerous psychopath. Manipulative narcissist. Loving father and husband. In order to find him, the team must find all of hishug kits. But one is missing, and the path leads to a bomb in the middle of Washington, D.C.

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s16e04 / Pay-Per-View

9th Dec '22 - 2:00am
Pay-Per-View Summary

The BAU hunts for the next connection to the serial hugger network when they pursue a home invasion team. Alvez and Garcia convince Tyler Green to submit a cognitive interview to unlock his memories of Sicarius.

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s16e05 / Oedipus Wrecks

16th Dec '22 - 2:00am
Oedipus Wrecks Summary

A surprising connection forces Deputy Director Bailey to ask the BAU to take a case involving young D.C. socialites who are bitten by a sadistic UnSub. But when the case turns political, the BAU finds themselves in the crosshairs from a high-powered senator. The team is led to a second shipping container that's rigged to blow.

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s16e06 / True Conviction

13th Jan '23 - 2:00am
True Conviction Summary

The explosion looks to have exposed the true mastermind behind Sicarius, but all is not what it seems. The BAU is determined to seek the truth.

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s16e07 / What Doesn't Kill Us

20th Jan '23 - 2:00am
What Doesn't Kill Us Summary

With the fate of the Sicarius investigation hanging in the balance, the BAU takes a case in West Virginia, where an UnSub practices his own twisted form of Old Testament vengeance.

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s16e08 / Forget Me Knots

27th Jan '23 - 2:00am
Forget Me Knots Summary

Voit's internal struggles with himself lead him to a desperate kidnapping. But Rossi's obsession brings the BAU closer to the truth than they've ever been.

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s16e09 / Memento Mori

3rd Feb '23 - 2:00am
Memento Mori Summary

Rossi will go to any lengths to prove that Elias Voit is Sicarius. But Voit turns Rossi into his own worst enemy, putting his future at the BAU in jeopardy.

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s16e10 / Dead End

10th Feb '23 - 2:00am
Dead End Summary

With Rossi in Voit's clutches, he grapples with the limits of his technical know-how and mental strength. As the BAU tightens their grip on Voit, he reveals just how far he's willing to take his deadly crusade.

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