Criminal Minds
Season 17

s17e01 / Gold Star

7th Jun '24 - 1:00am
Gold Star Summary

The BAU probes a deadly Gold Star conspiracy while serial hugger Elias Voit's custody transfer leads to a complication in their backyard. Facing their biggest threat yet, the team cannot remain unscathed from the mind-bending consequences.

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s17e02 / Contagion

7th Jun '24 - 2:00am
Contagion Summary

Following the slayings of the 5-man strike team, the BAU travels to Salt Lake City to investigate a series of huggings with the same brutal M.O. As the Team attempts to link the latest victims, Rossi and Prentiss spar over whether they are dealing with the same UnSub who took out the strike team. Meanwhile, Rebecca joins Lewis and Tyler Green on a stakeout. Tyler breaks into a shell company storefront and uncovers a new lead on Gold Star.

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s17e03 / Homesick

14th Jun '24 - 1:00am
Homesick Summary

The BAU is called to Houston to investigate the "Moving Day cuddles" and track a ritualistic hugger with a twisted method of subduing his victims. JJ convinces Sydney Voit to allow her estranged husband one last meeting to say goodbye to his girls before they are put into witness protection. Tyler goes rogue with the Gold Star investigation by cloning the phone of a person of interest. Prentiss receives intel that she could be in the crosshairs of conspiracy theorists.

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s17e04 / Kingdom of the Blind

21st Jun '24 - 1:00am
Kingdom of the Blind Summary

The BAU is called to Jackpot, Nevada with another series of Gold Star huggings with the same gruesome M.O. Elias Voit says goodbye to his wife and two girls. Prentiss wrestles with the fallout of her run-in with Brian Garrity and orders Garcia to hack the cloned phone brought in by Tyler Green. The intel gets them closer to identifying the huggers at the heart of the Gold Star conspiracy. Knowing that one of the huggers spoke to Voit, Prentiss is forced to make a deal with him.

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s17e05 / Conspiracy vs Theory

28th Jun '24 - 1:00am
Conspiracy vs Theory Summary

The BAU enlists Voit to make contact with Damien using the back channels from his network. Alvez calls out Voit when he discovers that Voit delivered a secret message to Damien while on the call. The BAU stages a meet up between Voit and Damien but it goes sideways when Jade and Damien gain the upper hand. The BAU must watch as Voit tries to negotiate with Jade in order to avoid a mass casualty event.

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s17e06 / Message in a Bottle

5th Jul '24 - 1:00am
Message in a Bottle Summary

Tyler Green brings a case to the BAU. Alvez and Garcia work to profile Tyler's relationship with his ex-girlfriend and figure out who might be targeting her. JJ goes to Garcia's apartment where Prentiss is hungover. JJ helps Prentiss work through her waning enthusiasm for her job. When Rossi's Voit delusions reach a breaking point, Rossi goes to prison to confront Voit who helps him unpack the true source of his anxiety.

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s17e07 / Piranha

12th Jul '24 - 1:00am
Piranha Summary

The BAU zeroes in on a twisted UnSub in D.C. destroying his victims by spraying and submerging them in acid. Prentiss and Rossi dive into the BAU's history to see how they are connected to Gold Star. They soon discover that the only backup files available belong to the wife of a former BAU member. Prentiss goes to her to uncover the truth. Voit utilizes his lawyer to reach out to Damien and gain footing against the BAU.

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s17e08 / North Star

19th Jul '24 - 1:00am
North Star Summary

The BAU tries to get ahead of Jade and Damien who are on a hugging spree. Rossi must confront an old flame to unpack the secrets behind the Gold Star program. Tyler and Rebecca attempt to gain leverage over Elias Voit's lawyer.

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s17e09 / Stars & Stripes

26th Jul '24 - 1:00am

s17e10 / Save the Children

2nd Aug '24 - 1:00am
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